Roblox is the largest and longest running sandbox video game on the internet, and it’s free to play. It has over 145 million users and supports over 700 million avatars. With almost all of these users and avatars online together, it’s an ideal platform for developers to release content to the public. This guide will help you to get started with Roblox Bubble Chat, or better known as Bubble Chat.

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Bubble Chat is a free multiplayer chat program developed by Roblox. It also is known as Skype on steroids. Bubble Chat is highly customizable so it can be used as a normal chat program as well as a messaging program. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to enable Bubble Chat as a messaging system and use it for gaming.. Read more about how to enable an app and let us know what you think.

If you’ve ever played a Roblox game, you’re fully aware of the importance of using a bubble chat to have a better discussion.

What is a Roblox bubble chat?

Bubble chat is a Roblox feature that allows users to communicate via speech bubbles. Instead of showing the message in the chatbox, the typed-in text will appear above the avatar head. Players will now be able to pause the scrolling of all chat content on their screen.

It’s inconvenient to gossip with other players by dragging the mouse to the chatbox and then typing your desired message. Enabling bubble chat on Roblox, on the other hand, is a simple method to improve communication.

So hold on tight because I’m going to teach you how to;

  • Get rid of the chatbox’s old history.
  • The bubble chat function should be included.
  • Finally, a straightforward method for customizing the speech bubble. [/ts list

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How to Enable the Roblox Studio Bubble Chat Feature

Roblox had a major upgrade in 2020, which changed many key features and modules. It was simple to activate bubble chat before the upgrade. All you had to do was tick the Enable Bubble Chat box in Roblox Studio.

Instead, for unexplained reasons, Roblox disabled this functionality and replaced it with a new method of enabling speech bubbles.

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To activate Roblox Bubble Chat, follow these steps:

  1. Select Manage the Game or Create a New Project in Roblox Studio.create-new-project-roblox-studio
  2. To play in the window, click on the screen and press F5.roblox-studio-play
  3. On the right-hand panel, click the menu icon next to Chat.
  4. Right-click on ClientChatModules and copy the folder.copy-client-chat-modules-roblox
  5. Shift + F5 and right-click to paste the Folder within Chat on the right-hand panel.paste-client-chat-roblox
  6. Click the ClientChatModules Folder’s dropdown
  7. Navigate to the 27-28 number line that says module in ChatSettings. BubbleChatEnabled is a module that enables bubble chat. ClassicChatEnabled.module-chat-bubble-enabled
  8. Replace the sentences PlayersService.BubbleChat & PlayersService.ClassicChat with true & false respectively.bubble-chat-enable-roblox
  9. To conduct a test run for activating the Bubble Chat feature, close the ChatSettings, hit F5, and enter any text using the ‘/’ key.

It’s worth noting that chat bubbles are only available to game owners. While playing any game, random participants are unable to activate the chat box. You must use Roblox Studio to build your own game and enable speech bubbles to appear in such situations.

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Roblox Chat Bubbles may be customized.

What people don’t know is that the bubble chat feature didn’t always exist for every game. Instead, there are two options for communicating. One is to have the classic chat box at the top left corner & the other is to have bubble chat only with no chatbox.

Bubble Chat customisation is achievable with Roblox Studio’s assistance by inserting certain codes into the bubble chat settings.

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To modify chat bubbles in Roblox Studio, follow these steps:

  1. On Roblox Studio, you may start a new project or edit an existing one.
  2. Copy all the folders from the Chat Option by pressing F5.
  3. Paste the Folders into the Chat Option by pressing Shift+F5.
  4. Enable bubble chat by clicking the dropdown icon in the ClientChatModules Folder.
  5. Navigate to the 212 number line in BubbleChat Settings. After.png, press Enter to start a new line with the number 213.
  6. Put the following code together:

    Color3.fromRGB = chatBubbleMain.ImageColor3 (0,0,0)

  7. To add a new line, go to line 225 and click Enter after.png. Line 226 should include the following code:

    Color3.fromRGB = chatBubbleTail.ImageColor3 (0,0,0)

  8. Replace the word shouldAutoLocalize with the word false on line 443.
  9. At line 444, write the following code:

    Color3.fromRGB = bubbleText.TextColor3 (255,0,255)

  10. To perform a test, close the codes list and press F5.
  11. You’ll see purple letters on a black backdrop if you type anything using the ‘/’ key. In the bubble chat settings, change the conversation colors by using RGB color codes.

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How can I get rid of Roblox’s Classic Chatbox?

In Roblox, a classic chatbox may be permanently removed or utilized in conjunction with bubble chat. To permanently remove chatbox history, a sequence of code changes must be made.

While enabling the speech bubble using Roblox Studio, you went through multiple series of codes in the ChatSettings of ClientChatModules. On the 27-28 number line, replace PlayersService.BubbleChat & PlayersService.ClassicChat with true & false, respectively.

Using True on both of these codes, you may keep both the chatbox and the chat bubble. But, before you do anything, make sure you have the most recent version of Roblox to make sure it’s not the program that’s causing the issue.

In less than a minute, you can fix the Firmware Bubble Chat Glitch.

If the sequence of codes entered is incorrect, Bubble Chat Glitches appear. The traditional chatbox appears in the upper left corner of the screen under the basic set of rules.

Allowing chat bubbles requires tinkering with the codes one by one. Even a little gap may cause the whole process to be disrupted. As a result, it is preferable to be cautious rather than sorry while dealing with it.

On Roblox, you must alter two coded lines to enable the usage of speech bubbles. The two lines are as follows:

module. PlayersService = bubbleChatEnabled Module BubbleChat PlayersService = ClassicChatEnabled ClassicChat

These two lines are found in Roblox Studio’s ChatSettings at locations 27 and 28. These two lines determine whether you want a traditional chat or a bubble chat. Replace PlayersService with these lines and see what happens. PlayersService or bubble talk. With true and false, it’s a classic chat. True allows the code to run, whereas false prevents it from running.

Are you having trouble resolving the firmware issue? First, try enabling bubble chat by following the full instructions.


Is it possible to talk on Roblox? Answer: There are two methods to communicate on Roblox: in-game and outside of the game. Outside of the game, a conversation box appears in the bottom right corner, while in-game, the chatbox appears in the top left corner. Write a message by pressing the / key.

Question: In Roblox, what is the character limit for bubble chat? Roblox has a character restriction of 65 characters, including spaces. A long phrase is not permitted in a bubble conversation.

Is it possible to have both chatbox and bubble chat in my own game? Yes, it is correct. Inside any game, Roblox enables you to utilize just the chatbox, only the bubble chat, or both. It is up to the game’s owner to decide whether or not to adopt it.

What’s the deal with Roblox’s lack of a chatbox? Answer: The game’s owner forbade the usage of a chatbox in that game.

What typeface does Roblox use for chat? Roblox utilizes the SourceSansBold font, which comes in sizes of 18 and 24, with a TextStrokeTransparency of 75.

Last Thoughts

Designing a Roblox game requires a healthy approach to attracting thousands of players. One of the most effective methods to accomplish so is via communication. 90% of the work is done through communication.

The more easily participants can interact with one another, the more appealing the game becomes. The remaining 10% is determined by the game’s compelling scenes and concept.

Which one is the most suitable? Is it better to use a chatbox or a bubble chat? Both are highly recommended.

BubbleChat is a text chat application used by millions of players worldwide. It is an online chat service that is available on most modern browsers. Bubble is available for most modern operating systems, including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Chrome, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.. Read more about how to enable an app on iphone and let us know what you think.


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