How to fill in Minecraft is a complete guide for PS4, Xbox, and PE. This guide will show you how to fill in your Minecraft game so you can have the best experience possible.

What is fill in Minecraft?

The ‘fill’ command in Minecraft is a very powerful tool for editing the world around you. With a single command, gamers may fill in blocks, liquids, and other elements in square, cuboid, or spherical forms. This tool may be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from constructing buildings to filling up enormous sections of land. This article will explain you how to utilize the ‘fill’ command in Minecraft for PS4, Xbox, and PE Pocket Edition.

First, decide what kind of material you want to fill with. You may fill it with grass blocks, sandstone blocks, or even diamond blocks; liquids like water or lava; and other things like railways or spawn eggs.

You must also determine whether you wish to fill in a square form with two points, a cuboid shape with three points, or a spherical shape with one point.

After you’ve chosen your material and desired form, use the ‘fill’ command. Simply open the chat window on PS4 and Xbox versions of Minecraft by hitting T on PC/Mac or Y on console versions and enter /fill followed by all of the essential information, including: Material name; coordinates for where you want it to go; and either square/cuboid/sphere depending on the form you want. As an example: /fill cobblestone 0 5 0 3 10 3 square would generate a cobblestone cube between the two set positions. On Minecraft PE, hit P, then enter /fill followed by all of your information into the command block that shows at the bottom of your screen. That’s all there is to it; now press enter.

How to fill in Minecraft

Filling in Minecraft is a terrific method to strengthen your foundation, remove risks, and make your worlds appear gorgeous. Filling in Minecraft is straightforward and just takes a few steps. To begin, you must acquire the necessary tools and supplies.

To mine bricks for filling up your world in Minecraft on PS4, Xbox One, or Windows 10 Edition, you’ll need either a Pickaxe or an Excavator. A Pickaxe or Touch Screen Drill is required for the Pocket Edition PE. You may start filling up your environment after obtaining the appropriate materials.

To fill up any region of the map with blocks, use your Pickaxe or Excavator to break existing blocks and then replace them with any blocks you have in your inventory. This might be bricks made of stone, obsidian, or cobblestone. You have an option.

When all of the holes have been filled and everything appears okay, it’s time to seal off the area so that it may be explored safely. You may do this by using Redstone powered door locks or by constructing fences around key locations, whatever works best for your specific project.

If you follow these methods, you should be able to fill up their Minecraft environments like a pro.

Supported Platforms of fill in Minecraft

Fill in Minecraft is a gaming feature that enables players to fill up a vast area with blocks in an instant. This function may be used to build massive buildings, elaborate routes, and a number of other construction activities. It’s a fantastic tool for anybody who needs to do massive constructions quickly.

Fill in Minecraft may be found on a variety of platforms. It is compatible with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Bedrock/Pocket Edition versions of the game. Fill in has not been officially enabled for the Java version of Minecraft, however it may be accessed via modifications or other apps. Fill in may save you time and energy while building your huge ideas, regardless of the platform you play on.

How to fill command in Minecraft Pocket Edition

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, the fill command allows users to fill an area with blocks. This command may be used to create realistic buildings, change the landscape, and even fill in incomplete projects. To use the fill command, you must first give certain parameters, such as the start and end coordinates of the region to be filled. You must also indicate what sort of block or object should be utilized to fill up this location.

After you’ve specified these settings, you can use the fill command by typing /fill followed by all of these parameters. For example, if you wanted to build a wall out of wooden planks, you might use the command /fill minecraft:planks 1.

The fill command is useful for builders in Minecraft Pocket Edition and may be used in both creative and survival mode.

How To Use /Fill Command In Minecraft Ps4/Xbox

The Fill command in Minecraft is a powerful tool that enables users to swiftly and simply make substantial changes to the environment. It may be used to replace buildings, fill a region with a certain kind of block, or swap one type of block for another. The Fill command is accessible in all Minecraft console and PC versions, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions.

To use the Fill command on a PS4 or Xbox, you must first open a command prompt or console window. You may specify any number of parameters in the command box, such as:

  • What sort of block to fill with, such as stone.
  • How big an area to fill, such as 5 blocks wide, 3 blocks high.
  • What coordinates should designate the center of the filling region, such as x=50 y=60 z=70.

For example, typing “/fill x=50 y=60 z=70 5 3 stone” would fill a 5×3 area with stone blocks around those coordinates.

The Fill command is particularly helpful for swiftly creating prototypes or making large-scale alterations to landscape across vast distances. It may be utilized in new and intriguing ways to save time while creating complicated structures and landscapes in your Minecraft world with practice and understanding of its accessible arguments.

What should do if gamers dont know the appropriate coordinates

If you’re new to Minecraft, you may be curious about coordinates and how to utilize them. In Minecraft, coordinates are integers that show the precise position of a place. These may be used to assist you navigate the game environment or to locate a certain item or place.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what your coordinates are. Most versions of Minecraft provide an in-game feature that enables you to quickly determine your location. For the PC version of Minecraft, hit the F3 button on your keyboard, or the Options button on your controller for console versions such as PS4 and Xbox One. This will open the coordinates window, which will show you your two-dimensional horizontal and three-dimensional vertical coordinates at that point in the game.

How to fill in Minecraft Java Edition

Filling in Minecraft on Java Edition necessitates a creative approach, since the game is meant to enable players to construct anything they want. The procedure starts with the selection of a block type. This may be accomplished by using the mouse’s scroll wheel or by pushing the right trigger button on a controller.

After selecting the correct block type, it may be put in the environment by left-clicking or pushing the right stick of a gamepad. To fill them with blocks of that sort, they must be put within three connected blocks. Some gamers choose to position numerous blocks side by side while holding down the left mouse button or right trigger to save time. This will enable them to rapidly populate greater regions with a single kind of block.

Players may begin filling their Minecraft world with innovative constructions and patterns by following these basic steps:

  • Select a block type.
  • Left-click or push the right stick of a gamepad to put the block in the environment.
  • Position numerous blocks side by side while holding down the left mouse button or right trigger to save time.
  • Fill greater regions with a single kind of block.


This article should have supplied you with all of the information you need to begin playing Minecraft on PS4, Xbox, and PE. We’ve covered everything from creating a character and joining servers to crafting buildings, tools, and weaponry.

Now that you’ve moved over this last section, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to use. Explore dungeons, construct tools and armor, battle bosses, and gain achievements to make something one-of-a-kind. Create your own server or join an existing one to find the right world for you.

Have fun with your new gaming journey.

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