Looking for a jungle biome or temple in Minecraft? Here’s a quick guide on how to find them in all versions of the game!

What are jungles in Minecraft?

Jungles are a Minecraft biome where players may discover rich materials and beautiful scenery. Cocoa beans, melons, ocelots, parrots, vines, and even jungle temples are some of the riches found in rainforests. Large trees with dark green leaves are common in jungles, which are frequently heavily inhabited by vegetation, making movement difficult for players. The ground may be covered with grass, dirt blocks, or sand or gravel patches.

Because to the number of hostile critters like as creepers, spiders, and Endermen, jungle biomes are often more challenging than other biomes. Surviving long enough in a jungle habitat may result in the discovery of a rare Jungle Temple with wealth such as diamond blocks and magical books.

Types of trees in Minecraft

Because of their low spawn rate, jungles are often among the most difficult biomes to locate in Minecraft. The Jungle Tree, which may spawn with Vines and Cocoa Pods, is found only in the jungle. They also have Ponds and Ocelots that may be seen running about on occasion. There is also the possibility of discovering a Jungle Temple, which may give huge treasures such as music CDs and gemstones. These temples have numerous traps, so be cautious while exploring them.

Finding a jungle biome or temple in Minecraft requires going deep into the game world and utilizing commands. The /locatebiome command is one handy tool that may be used to particularly find jungles or temples. Furthermore, because of the enhanced visibility in gloomy locations such as woods or deserts, gamers may choose to explore at night. It is crucial to remember, however, that hostile monsters such as skeletons will spawn during this period.

Types of Jungle in Minecraft

Jungle biomes are a sort of biome in Minecraft that is distinguished by dense vegetation such as towering trees, dense foliage, and a variety of flowers. They also have a lot of water, which has resulted in the emergence of numerous unique mobs such as ocelots and parrots. Aside from these mobs, they are an excellent supply of melons, cocoa beans, and many sorts of saplings.

They can be found in all versions and editions of the game, however they may be difficult to discover.

While jungle biomes may spawn anywhere along the margins of typical land plains, etc., Jungle Temples spawn in certain spots inside them. Four dark oak wood logs protrude from the middle of these constructions, with an offering plate on top holding various items of treasure for players to gather. Finding a Jungle Temple might be difficult since they don’t display on your map until you get near enough to see its construction.

The easiest approach to discover one may be to explore various sections of jungle biomes until you come across one:

  • Explore various sections of jungle biomes.
  • Look for four dark oak wood logs protruding from the middle of a construction.
  • Look for an offering plate on top of the construction.

How to find a jungle in Minecraft

It is not always simple to locate a Jungle biome or a temple in Minecraft. Fortunately, there are several shortcuts you may use to make things simpler. The secret is to know where to search and how to find them fast.

The first goal is to locate a flat tract of land that may contain a jungle. Traveling through the area until you see big differences in the environment or trees that appear different will help you identify the biome. You should also ensure that your map was produced around blocks with a temperate biome type, since this greatly boosts your chances of discovering a Jungle.

Once you’ve found a location that seems to have a Jungle, you must investigate deeper to discover whether or not it is a Jungle. When trees are found in jungles, they are often bigger and denser, with brighter foliage than other neighboring trees. Looking for brilliant green grass blocks and vines growing over walls might also indicate that you’ve arrived into a Jungle environment. If so, continue exploring until you come upon the temple construction or any additional structures that may have formed randomly inside the environment.

What is a jungle temple in Minecraft?

Jungle temples are among the most exciting constructions seen in Minecraft. This temple is concealed among the vast and lush forest habitat, and finding it is always an adventure. The position of the temple will be randomly created each time you enter a jungle biome, thus no two temple sites will ever be the same.

Once you know what to look for, finding a jungle temple is pretty easy and uncomplicated. Once you’ve found a Jungle biome, start searching for prominent grass mounds, since some will include a stairway leading to the buried temple. Look for turquoise stained-clay blocks to build walkways leading to the Jungle Temple; these tiles and roads were introduced in subsequent versions of Minecraft 1.8+.

Finding a Jungle Temple should not take too long, depending on how much investigation you do; but it might be rather simple to miss if you are not paying careful attention or investigating properly.

How to find the jungle temple in Minecraft

Finding a jungle temple in Minecraft might be difficult, but with a few easy steps, you can find one.

To locate the temple, search for a vast expanse of green blocks that represents the jungle environment. Once you’ve found a sufficient number of green blocks, begin looking for the Jungle Temple, also known as Pyramids, inside the biome. The temple itself has an unusual design and is made of mossy cobblestone with vines covering a portion of it.

It is crucial to note that the Jungle Temple does not always spawn nearby, thus it may take some time and patience to discover one. Furthermore, take in aware that there are both hostile mobs+ traps within the Jungle Temple, so make sure you’re ready before entering.

How to find a jungle in Minecraft bedrockHow to find a jungle in Minecraft ps4

It might be difficult to find a jungle in Minecraft since they only spawn in particular biomes and are frequently crowded together. The good news is that jungles can be found in any version of Minecraft, including Bedrock and PS4 variants, with some basic understanding.

Several traits describe jungles:

  • Their trees have huge leaves and larger voxel counts than average;
  • Their landscape is covered with grass and vines, with mushrooms and flowers blooming under the trees; even melon plants may be found in the undergrowth;
  • Villages will sometimes sprout inside the jungle biome as well, making it simple to recognize the biome from afar.

You must carefully examine your surroundings in order to locate a jungle biome. The simplest method to do this is to fly about until you discover an area with trees that matches these requirements. When you find a sufficient area of land, you know it’s likely to be a jungle biome. Furthermore, if you have access to hacks or modifications, spawning immediately into one of these biomes will make it much simpler to discover them.

How to find a jungle in Minecraft command

“/locatebiome jungle is the Minecraft command for locating a jungle biome or temple”. This command will search your globe for nearby jungles and indicate the closest jungle biome with a green flag. You may use /execute in minecraft:locatebiome[position] to get the precise coordinates of the jungle which will tell you where that biome is.

If you’re searching for a regular jungle temple, keep in mind that they might be tough to spot since they’re produced at random and can spawn in any legitimate area where natural blocks and trees occur. To locate a temple, look in locations with great elevation, such as mountains, plateaus, or hills. The ideal method to do this is to use a map editor, such as MCEdit or WorldEdit, which allows you to quickly locate towns, fortresses, and other buildings in your globe.

How to find a jungle in Minecraft Xbox one

It might be difficult to locate a jungle in Minecraft Xbox One. To find a jungle biome or temple in the game, look for a place with two or more dark oak trees. These trees are synonymous with jungles since they are the only form of tree that thrives there.

After you’ve found two or more dark oak trees, search for shrubby vegetation, cobblestone rocks, mushrooms, and vines. You may also see parrots, ocelots, and pandas appearing at random, since these species only spawn in Jungle Biomes. You may also come across a jungle temple, which is rather prevalent in the game. This edifice is made up of multiple chambers that hold precious treasure such as diamonds, emeralds, and gold ingots, which may enhance your game experience significantly.

To ensure you’re exploring a real Jungle Habitat in the game, seek for grass blocks that release grayish-green spores when destroyed with your hands or tools. This is another clear indicator that you’ve discovered a legitimate jungle biome.

How to find a jungle in Minecraft PE

Finding a jungle in Minecraft PE might be difficult, but with little investigation and experience, you’ll be able to discover all the materials you need for your next project.

To discover a Jungle in Minecraft PE, start by exploring the environment around you and searching for patches of Oak or Birch Trees, which are often found near jungle biomes. You may also hear parrots chirping, which indicates the presence of a jungle environment.

Once you’ve found one, go to it and check for cobweb-covered vines on the jungle walls and mossy cobblestone stones on the ground. These two characteristics indicate that you are in a Jungle biome. There will very certainly be ocelots wandering about, as well as cocoa beans blooming on their own vines.

Now that you’ve discovered your jungle, you may begin exploring and collecting resources.


Finding a temple or a jungle habitat in Minecraft is ultimately doable with patience and the appropriate skills. It’s better to utilize the cheats and instructions that come with the game’s various versions for temples. Jungle biomes are found natively in all versions of Minecraft; however, if it is not accessible near you or you are having difficulty identifying one, you may always create one yourself using an external source such as Minecraft City Builder or WorldPainter.

Whatever version of Minecraft you play, the strategies provided here should help you identify Jungle biomes and temples quickly. Then you may enjoy the fantastic exploring possibilities that come with these two popular regions in-game.

The FAQs about how to find a jungle in Minecraft

Finding a jungle biome in Minecraft is a difficult task. You may, however, discover one with a little perseverance and persistence.

To discover a jungle biome in Minecraft, you’ll need to look for a low-lying location with plenty of natural water bodies. You should also look for large trees, dense greenery, and lots of creatures and mobs wandering the terrain.

Once you’ve located the correct location, begin looking for the biome-related temple or settlement. Look for telltale indicators such as vines growing on blocks or real buildings built of Jungle Wood blocks to identify these constructions. In addition, barriers built of cobblestone or mossy cobblestone blocks are sometimes used to defend communities, so keep a look out for them as well.

Finally, after you’ve found your ideal biome’s temple or hamlet, use your equipment to delve into its depths and unearth many of its secrets, including rare artifacts such as enchanted books and even diamonds.

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