If you’re looking for a treasure chest in Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you how to find a treasure chest in Minecraft for all versions.

What is a treasure chest in Minecraft?

A treasure chest in Minecraft is a sort of chest that appears naturally in some constructions, the most notable of which being the Buried Treasure “episode. Treasure chests hold a variety of riches, including weapons, armor, food, and objects that may help you advance in the game. These chests are often discovered as part of a hidden treasure “map, or as part of a subterranean stronghold attack.

The treasure contained inside them may vary substantially based on its origin and location%. For example, certain chests may contain uncommon things available only in particular places or crafting components required for a specific recipe. As a result, they are very important to players and should be obtained whenever feasible.

How to find a treasure chest in Minecraft from a treasure map

Finding a treasure box in Minecraft is an interesting way to explore the game’s universe. Treasure maps may be used to locate treasure chests buried across the globe. A treasure map is an item that may be discovered in random chests or bought for emeralds from villagers or other players. Once you get a map, you must follow its instructions and clues to find the chest.

Follow these steps to locate the treasure:

  1. Find a compass on your game’s global map and equip it as a hot-bar tool. This will allow you to maintain track of where you are while looking for the treasure. The compass will be your guide; it will direct you to the treasure’s location by pointing north as you gaze about in the game’s 3rd person perspective.
  2. You’ll ultimately locate it when you get closer to where it’s buried.
  3. Keep notice of crucial facts such as landmarks or instructions provided on the map; this will help you avoid getting lost on your travel.
  4. Once you’ve discovered the chest, use any instrument, such as an axe, to open it and get its contents.

How to find buried treasure chest map in Minecraft

Minecraft is full with hidden treasure boxes and surprises. In this article, we’ll go through how to find and collect a hidden treasure box in Minecraft.

The map is the first step in locating a hidden treasure trove. These maps may be found inside shipwreck treasure boxes or as an item dropped by drowned monsters in the PC version of Minecraft. Explore near shipwrecks and beaches, or venture deep into seas and rivers, to boost your chances of discovering a map.

Once you’ve got your map, carefully check it for any indications that might point to the location of a hidden treasure. These regions are often denoted by a “X” or other symbol and may include written indications such as “beneath the beach” or “beyond the mountains.” Follow these hints till you reach your goal. Then, dig straight down until your shovel hits something substantial, most likely metal, signifying that you’ve discovered a treasure box. Open it to find what treasures are inside: diamonds, emeralds, gold ingots, and other unique objects might be yours.

Advantages of finding buried treasure in Minecraft

Discovering hidden wealth in Minecraft is a thrilling and gratifying experience. You may locate not only a chest with great treasure, but also uncommon blocks and stuff. You may further your travels in the game by locating these unusual treasure boxes and constructing new contraptions and machinery. As a consequence, discovering buried wealth provides players actual benefits that aid in their advancement.

The advantages of discovering hidden wealth in Minecraft include:

  • Gaining access to strong blocks and objects that may be used to create powerful weapons and armor,
  • Unlocking secret achievements or unique content like as new monsters or locations,
  • Obtaining valuables often necessitates solving riddles or completing missions, so players will get a great deal of joy from finishing the job at hand,
  • Finding treasure boxes also keeps players engaged by providing them something to strive for as they explore the realm.

How to find a treasure chest in Minecraft education edition

Finding a treasure box in Minecraft Education Edition might be difficult, but the rewards can be enormous if you know where to seek and have patience. Exploring underwater ruins is the most usual approach to locate a treasure trove. These are usually concealed underwater and contain a variety of commodities such as diamonds, gold ingots, emeralds, and other valuables. Additionally, chests may be found in shipwrecks.

Shipwrecks may hold expensive goods such as diamonds and golden apples.

Once you’ve identified a few probable treasure box sites, use your fishing rod to search for them. If you notice anything that seems like a floating object on the surface of the water or on the ground, such as a diamond or an emerald, it might be part of a treasure box. To guarantee that there is a chest buried there, throw an Ender Pearl into the sea and watch it float back up to the surface. If it returns with anything inside, that’s your indication to start excavating since there might be goodies lying just below.

How to find a treasure chest in Minecraft pocket edition

In Minecraft, finding treasure chests is an excellent method to get uncommon artifacts and precious minerals. Fortunately, treasure chests are simple to discover in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft for both iOS and Android smartphones. To discover a Chest in your environment, you must go underground and investigate caverns and mineshafts.

You may come across many chests with variable treasure within each mine. When exploring subterranean places, always wear armor and bring weapons with you to boost your chances of discovering wealth. Explore each cave extensively since there may be many chest placements in the same region.

You may also seek for evidence that a chest is nearby, such as:

  • Running water
  • Glittering spots on the ground caused by gold ore veins
  • Creatures like zombie miners, who often carry pickaxes and buckets; these things may have been grabbed from a nearby Chest

How to find a treasure chest in Minecraft java

Treasure chests containing uncommon and expensive things may be found in Minecraft: Java Edition. There are various techniques for finding these chests in Minecraft, however some are more effective than others.

The player should begin by searching for natural buildings such as dungeons, mineshafts, temples, and communities, all of which may hold one or more treasure boxes. Aside from these natural buildings, players may dig underground until they discover a cave; some caves may contain treasure boxes. Alternatively, if you’re playing version 1.17+ of the game, or “Caves& Cliffs Update,” you may travel across mountain ranges that have big mineral veins. They may be able to locate tunnels leading to regions with hidden treasure chests here. Finally, particular mob spawners such as pillagers and jungles may create loot-filled chests in their neighborhood when slain neighboring mobs or endangered mobs such as cats or parrots spawn in the biome.

Knowing these techniques should help gamers quickly find the locations of rich treasure boxes.

How to find the treasure chest in Minecraft bedrock

Finding a treasure box in Minecraft Bedrock Edition might be challenging, but it’s a necessary step in the game’s progression. If you want to travel the globe and have fascinating experiences, you’ll need to know where to look for one. Fortunately, there are various ways to find treasure boxes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Using an explorer map is one of the most typical methods. Explorer maps may be obtained in settlements, desert temples, fortresses, dungeons, and other locations across the globe. They will appear at random and will lead you to hidden treasure chests containing valuable things such as gold blocks, magical books, saddles, armor, and weapons.

Another technique is to search for treasure boxes by investigating abandoned mining shafts or ravines. You may discover a number of equipment here, like gems and iron picks; but they may not always show as a chest, so be cautious. Ender Pearls and Eyes of Ender, which arise when a player kills an Enderman, may also be used to discover hidden treasures scattered across the game area.

You should have no problem finding your first treasure box in Minecraft Bedrock Edition if you follow these easy procedures.


To summarize, discovering treasure chests in Minecraft is a terrific method to gain valuable loot and stuff that you would not otherwise be able to access. You should have no issue discovering them in vanilla or modified versions of Minecraft if you follow the instructions provided below. Always keep an eye out for potential chests and explore other places; chances are you’ll find one if you seek hard enough.

Finding treasure chests in Minecraft should be simple if you have the correct equipment and a little patience.

The FAQ about Treasure in Minecraft

Treasure is a hidden object in the Minecraft universe that rewards you greatly. Items of varied worth and rarity may be found in the chest. Coins, emeralds, enchanted books, charmed tools and armor, and even rare goods like diamond blocks are regular items discovered in chests. So, how do you go about finding treasure in Minecraft? To answer that question, you must first understand the many sorts of riches and where they may be found.

There are four types of treasure in Minecraft: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Common treasure may be discovered everywhere in the Overworld or Nether, although it is most often found in communities or at the foot of mountains. Uncommon to Legendary loot is most typically discovered in the End biome, where it is concealed under endermen and other creatures. Furthermore, these treasures might spawn underwater or near strongholds, requiring mining to obtain.

Players may use a map or a marketplace add-on to discover these chests quicker. Players must then hunt for indicators suggesting a probable location for wealth, such as glowing particles on creatures or blocks that may be concealing it below ground. Once the search area has been narrowed down, players must dig carefully until the chest is discovered. Finally, before opening a chest, make sure all nearby mobs are destroyed since some may attack if not dealt with first.

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