Coal is an important resource in Minecraft, and finding it can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll share three of the best places to look for coal deposits. With a little effort, you should be able to find the coal you need to keep your Minecraft game going.

What Does Coal Do In Minecraft?

Coal is one of the most important materials in Minecraft since it supplies fuel for furnaces and smelting processes. Coal may be used to fuel a furnace, which can be used to melt down ores and create new tools, armor, and even jewelry. Coal, in addition to supplying fuel, may be manufactured into Charcoal blocks or charcoal blocks, which offer extra fuel when burnt in furnaces. Coal may also be used to power lanterns, which give illumination during gloomy evenings or underwater excursions.

Players may smelt coal by mining coal ore, which is a common resource found across the globe of Minecraft at varying degrees of depth. Caves, subterranean ravines, abandoned mineshafts, and destroyed portals are the finest sites to locate coal ore. Other methods of obtaining coal include trading with villagers or fishing for uncommon prize items such as “enchanted golden apples,” which may be crafted into blocks of charcoal if players do not choose to seek for the ore themselves.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft? (3 Simple Ways)

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking for coal in Minecraft. This tutorial will teach you precisely where to look and what to do in the famous sandbox game in order to mine coal. Coal is a necessary material for crafting products and constructing various constructions. This precious substance, however, might be difficult to locate. Fortunately, anybody can learn how to readily obtain coal for their own usage with a few tips and tactics.

Players should begin by exploring caverns and ravines. These subterranean locations are rich in many minerals and resources, including coal. Levels with a high possibility of spawning subterranean mineshafts or dungeons should also be avoided since they often contain a large quantity of coal deposits. Finally, players should think about mining around lava pools since they create a lot of heat, which causes neighboring blocks like coal ore beds to sprout in big quantities over time.

What is the Best Level/Height to Find Coal Ore?

Coal ore is required for a variety of recipes in Minecraft, ranging from torches to crafting bricks and more. When hunting for coal ore, it is critical to note that the ideal level/height to discover coal ore varies from country to country. The finest levels/heights to seek for coal ore are often between levels 1-16 and between sea level and 128 blocks high.

When first entering a new planet or biome, explore about at various elevations and heights to gain a sense of where the most dense concentrations of coal ore are found. While it may take some time, accumulating enough coal to get your projects started is well worthwhile. Look for accessible surface reserves of coal ore that may be readily gathered with little effort:

  • Explore at various elevations and heights.
  • Look for dense concentrations of coal ore.
  • Gather accessible surface reserves of coal ore.

How to Use Coal in Minecraft?

Coal is a valuable resource in Minecraft that can be used to make torches, process objects, and even construct coal blocks for use as furniture or building materials. In order to find coal in the game, you must collect it from the ground in various biomes. If you explore tunnels and abandoned mineshafts, you may come upon some of this valuable mineral.

Once you’ve obtained some coal, there are a few things you should know about how it’s utilized in the game:

  • With the use of a single piece of coal, you may use a furnace to process ore into metal ingots, wood into charcoal for fuel, or clay into bricks.
  • You may make eight torches out of one piece of coal, and each torch can last up to 15 minutes until it burns out.
  • If you have enough coal, you may merge them into a single block called Coal Block, which can then be used in your projects.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft Pocket Edition?

When playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, the first location to seek for coal is in caverns. Caves are excellent areas to look for coal since they contain more ore than ordinary tiny biomes or subterranean constructions. Simply wander about and look at the ground until you notice a hole in the earth that leads down into darkness to seek for caves.

If you descend into the hole and investigate a little, you could uncover some coal ore blocks.

Abandoned mine shafts are another fantastic spot to look for coal. Although not as abundant as caverns, these buildings may nonetheless house a large amount of coal ore for you to recover. Simply seek for enormous dark holes in the ground with wooden ladders or stairs extending downhill into them to identify abandoned mine shafts. When carefully examining these mineshafts, you may come across some precious materials such as iron ore and gold ore, as well as lots of coal.

Finally, creating your own mine shafts using your pickaxe and block-breaking talents is the third best area to seek for coal. While you build your own shaft, you have total control over where it goes and how huge or small it is, which is not available when exploring existing structures such as caverns or abandoned mineshafts. Torches may be used to illuminate your route as you dig below until you come upon some lucrative ores.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft Xbox?

Once you know where to search, finding coal in Minecraft on Xbox is simple. Coal is an essential resource for creating tools, torches, smelting ores, and crafting fire charges. To make things simpler for you, here are three great areas to look: caverns, abandoned mineshafts, and ravines.

Coal is easy to locate in caves. Most caverns include pockets or veins of coal ore that may be mined readily with a pickaxe. They may, however, contain other minerals such as iron ore, gold ore, and lapis lazuli ore. Keep an eye out for lava pits.

Abandoned mineshafts are another excellent source of coal. These subterranean structures may be found all over the globe and often contain abundant coal ore veins that can be recovered with a pickaxe. However, keep an eye out for dangerous groups or traps.

Last but not least are ravines, which are deep valleys that often have exposed waterfall systems that make mining significantly simpler owing to their accessibility from the surface. Ravine walls often contain pockets of coal ore, as well as other minerals such as iron and diamonds. They’re also perilous since they have steep drop-offs and lava lakes at their bases.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft Survival Mode?

Finding coal in Minecraft Survival mode might be challenging, particularly if you want to create a major project. Fortunately, there are a few tried and proven ways for swiftly and effectively finding coal.

The first place to hunt for coal is in caverns or abandoned mines, which frequently include pockets of coal ore spread throughout. Another excellent method is to search above ground around lava flows, since the heat from the lava affects the surrounding blocks, resulting in additional ore spawning nearby. If these two possibilities are exhausted, players should explore under the ocean or near exposed blocks of cobblestone, since both have the ability to spawn coal ore.

Players should have no issue collecting enough coal ore in Minecraft Survival Mode if they use these three strategies:

  • Search in caverns or abandoned mines.
  • Search around lava flows.
  • Explore under the ocean or near exposed blocks of cobblestone.

How To Find Coal In Minecraft Ps4?

Mining coal in Minecraft on the PlayStation 4 might be difficult for newcomers, but it doesn’t have to be. You can rapidly discover Coal Ore and utilize it for crafting or smelting with the correct equipment and a little help.

You should look for coal in abandoned mines or cave systems. Many chambers in Abandoned Mines are filled with massive quantities of coal ore. Coal Ore may also be found in Cave Systems; generally, these are tiny veins of ore distributed throughout the subterranean network.

As with other resources, pack lots of supplies while hunting for ore veins since you may come across hostile creatures. Bring some torches so you can readily notice the black veins against the walls and floors – this will help you avoid missing any resources. Mining a coal vein will give around four units of ore, so keep going until you’ve gathered enough for your purposes.

How To Find Coal On Minecraft PC?

If you’re playing Minecraft on your PC, you’ll need to gather coal to proceed. Coal is a significant resource that is used to process Iron Ore into Iron Bars and to create torches. Fortunately, there are a few simple methods for finding coal in Minecraft PC.

The three greatest spots to seek for coal are:

  • Underground, near lava, and
  • in the forest biome.

When mining underground, you may come across coal ore chunks embedded in cave walls and other formations. Coal may also be found among lava flows and in natural fissures or gaps in cave or ravine walls. Finally, if you go exploring in your world’s woods, you will most likely come across locations with exposed coal veins just begging to be mined. Keep a watch out for these locations since they are often ideal sites to replenish your stocks of this vital resource.

Minecraft: How To Find Coal For A Torch?

Finding coal in Minecraft might be difficult since it is not always in the same location. Fortunately, there are three key locations to look:

  • The first is underground; coal, which is located near bedrock and may be mined with a pickaxe.
  • The second best spot to obtain coal is in caves and ravines; these regions offer a lot of resources, but they also have a lot of violent mobs that you must avoid.
  • Finally, coal may be found above earth at lava lakes as well as in the air near waterfalls. Because these resources are adjacent to hazardous blocks and creatures, mining them needs considerable care.

Whatever technique you choose to collect your coal, having enough to create torches is vital for surviving the night in Minecraft. Best wishes.

How To Find Coal Blocks In Minecraft?

It might be tough to discover coal in Minecraft, but with the appropriate strategies, you can quickly find coal blocks and other minerals.

Caves are the greatest spot to start searching. Caves are teeming with minerals, including an abundance of coal chunks. When exploring a cave, use your pickaxe to break down any obstacles that may be there, since this will enable you to go further into the cave and look for coal.

Furthermore, delving through mountains may frequently disclose enormous reserves of coal, however these hidden riches may need some digging to find.

Finally, minor quantities of coal may be found on the surface near lava or trees; be sure to properly investigate these regions for hidden gems.

Once you’ve located your preferred coal blocks, be sure to harvest them safely using your equipment – never attempt to dig up a coal block without first having the required instruments on available.


Our investigation into the best spots to get coal in Minecraft has concluded. We discovered that coal may be obtained by digging underground, looking for abandoned mineshafts, or investigating cave systems. While torches may be made without coal, having a consistent supply of this resource will make your life much simpler. You’ll be able to discover enough of coal for your requirements with a little luck and investigation.

You could also want to think about utilizing other resources, such as charcoal, which is produced by burning wood in a furnace. Charcoal acts similarly to regular coal, but it has the extra benefit of being made into a Block of Charcoal, which offers players 11000 ticks or 550 seconds of light duration when put on the ground.

Whatever technique you choose, we wish you success on your quest and hope that this information was helpful in locating Coal in Minecraft.


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