Looking for cocoa beans in Minecraft can be a tough task, especially if you don’t have a jungle biome nearby. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide on how to find cocoa beans in Minecraft without a jungle, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

What Are Cocoa Beans In The Minecraft Game?

Cocoa Beans are tiny, brown, oval-shaped things that may be discovered in Minecraft. They may be obtained from the biomes of the jungle and bamboo forest, or cultivated on a cocoa plant farm. Cocoa beans have a variety of applications in the game, such as healing people, creating cookies and other food items, and improving mining speed.

When cocoa pods are built using wood planks of any sort or color, they will drop three beans when harvested. Cocoa beans may also be used to dye some blocks, such as wool, to create a distinctive color pattern for constructing constructions. When coupled with milk buckets, you get an edible chocolate drink that offers you a buff of increased health regeneration in return for some hunger levels.

How To Find Cocoa Beans In Minecraft?

Cocoa beans are an important item in Minecraft since they are used to manufacture books and potions. However, discovering them might be challenging at times. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to creating a jungle ecosystem to obtain cocoa beans:

  • The first method is to locate a dungeon. There are many various sorts of treasure boxes in dungeons, and one of them will always contain cocoa beans.
  • Another method is to use Resource Packs, which provide custom spawners for cocoa beans distributed over the environment.
  • Furthermore, some mod packs may drop cocoa beans at random in other biomes without having the player to go to a jungle biome.
  • Finally, if you have access to the Nether Realm, you may locate mules that, when slaughtered, carry chests full of cocoa beans.

All of these approaches make obtaining cocoa beans much simpler than trying to construct a whole rainforest environment.

Where To Find Cocoa Beans In Minecraft?

Cocoa beans are an important material in Minecraft because they are utilized in creating recipes, coloring things, and making potions. Although they are most usually discovered in the jungle habitat, there is another method to get cocoa beans without going into the jungle. Players may collect cocoa beans at any moment by utilizing villagers, regardless of where they are in the game.

Villagers may be located in every town on the map, and trading with them allows you to get cocoa beans. Emeralds may be traded with villagers for a variety of commodities such as thread or saplings, but one sort of commodity that nearly always occurs is cocoa beans. The sole exception might be if a player has already bought the maximum amount of things from a certain villager.

Cocoa beans may also be discovered on rare occasions within shipwreck loot boxes or treasure chests scattered around the game’s biomes. With this information, players will no longer have to risk their lives by venturing into perilous jungles in search of their valuable cocoa bean supply.

How To Grow Cocoa Beans In Minecraft?

Growing cocoa beans in Minecraft allows users to enjoy the delicious delicacy without needing to go to a jungle environment. Cocoa beans need a particular amount of warmth and humidity to develop, thus they must be cultivated in a warm environment, such as the tropics or swimming pools.

To begin, players must:

  • Gather some dirt bricks and place them around an intersection in their universe.
  • Plant seedlings of each tree species capable of producing cocoa beans, such as acacia and black oak, on top of each soil block.
  • Wait until cocoa pods develop on the tree’s trunk before harvesting them to get cocoa beans.

Players may learn how to produce cocoa beans in Minecraft and then utilize them to make a range of sweet delicacies with patience and effort.

How To Get Cocoa Beans In Minecraft Without A Jungle?

In Minecraft, cocoa beans are a frequent item. They grow on the trunks of jungle trees and may be utilized to make a number of products. However, if you find yourself in a biome that lacks jungles, it may be tough to get cocoa beans. Fortunately, you can still get cocoa beans without going to a jungle area.

Here are three ways to get cocoa beans:

  1. Harvesting” previously established cocoa plants from tree trunks and structures in desert or savanna biomes.
  2. Look for buildings made of sandstone, cobblestone, and/or oak wood planks, such as towns or temples; these structures often contain cocoa bean pods.
  3. Look for pre-existing cocoa bean plants in the desert or savanna biomes. This approach is less dependable since it takes many days of mining before they drop their abundance of delectable cocoa beans.
  4. Finally, you might try trading with locals for the stuff you need – just make sure you give them something in exchange.

How To Make Cocoa Beans In Minecraft?

Making cocoa beans in Minecraft is a crucial stage in the game’s creation of numerous products and decorations. Cocoa beans provide color to your things and assist them to seem polished. Fortunately, unlike many other materials in Minecraft, cocoa beans are rather simple to locate. Cocoa beans may be obtained by trading with villagers or discovering them naturally formed in jungle biomes.

If you don’t want to go into the woods, you may create your own cocoa beans using one of two ways:

  • Constructing a brewing stand and mixing two Cocoa Bean seeds with two Nether Warts;
  • Constructing a crafting table and smelting cooked Chicken with four Cocoa Bean Seeds.

Either technique will provide one cocoa bean, which may be utilized in numerous recipes throughout the game.

How To Get Cocoa Beans In Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition?

In Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, cocoa beans are a key source of dye. To collect them, players must first find a jungle tree and then explore the ground for the fruit of the jungle tree, the cocoa bean. Players may also search the jungle tree for cocoa bean fragments that have fallen off the tree.

It is crucial to note that, although cocoa beans cannot be discovered in desert biomes, they may be found in other biomes such as jungles and swamps. To mine for cocoa beans, players must have a pickaxe, like with any other item in Minecraft, as well as patience, since it may take some time to find one.

Congratulations you successfully gathering some cocoa beans. You may use them to make or trade with the locals.

How To Get Cocoa Beans In Minecraft PE?

Cocoa beans are a popular commodity in Minecraft PE, but they may be tough to get if you don’t know how. A jungle ecosystem is the greatest place to collect cocoa beans. Cocoa trees in this biome release cocoa beans when their leaves are broken.

If you don’t live near a rainforest, there are still ways to get these beans. You may employ the fishing technique, in which you have a slight possibility of capturing a treasure trove containing cocoa beans by fishing in the ocean. Killing some mobs, such as cats and ocelots, has a slight possibility of dropping them as well. Finally, if your world has an ender chest, you may utilize it to store goods like cocoa beans for later use.

Anyone should be able to discover and grow cocoa beans in Minecraft PE using these techniques:

  • Find a jungle ecosystem.
  • Break the leaves of cocoa trees to obtain the beans.
  • Try fishing in the ocean.
  • Kill cats and ocelots.
  • Make use of an ender chest.

How To Get Cocoa Beans In Minecraft Bedrock?

Cocoa beans may be obtained in Minecraft Bedrock if no jungle biomes are present. Cocoa beans are used to make a variety of products, including cakes, biscuits, brown dye, and more. Finding the cocoa beans without a jungle may seem tough, but there are two methods to get them in this version of the game; through searching subterranean cave networks or trading with villages.

Cocoa beans may be discovered in subterranean cave systems with dark oak trees growing inside them, allowing you to get cocoa beans without having to go to a jungle biome. If an underground cave system has dark oak trees growing inside it, you may mine around the tree trunks until you collect some cocoa beans. Trading with locals is another option to get cocoa beans, since some may provide other types of food items in exchange for cocoa.


The easiest method to get cocoa beans in Minecraft without going to a jungle biome is to trade with a villager. Villagers may engage in a variety of transactions, including the sale of cocoa beans. Alternatively, you may make an item called the Empty Map, which will enable you to find the closest settlement that could be selling cocoa beans. Finally, if everything else fails, go for rainforests and look for Cocoa bean plants growing on tree trunks.

Using villager trade, craftable objects, and exploration, you can discover and collect Cocoa Beans in Minecraft without a jungle, whatever manner you like. You should be able to locate what you need if you use your imagination, patience, and determination.


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