This step-by-step guide will show you how to find coordinates in Minecraft so that you can teleport, set waypoints, or spawn mobs and items.

What Are Coordinates In The Minecraft Game?

To precisely determine your position in relation to the 0,0 coordinate in the Minecraft game, coordinates are employed. Three digits – X, Y, and Z – may be used to represent the coordinates. How far east or west you have gone from the starting location is shown by the X coordinate. You can see how far you have moved from the starting position by looking at the Y coordinate. Last but not least, the Z coordinate indicates the distance traveled north or south from the initial position.

Press F3 or fn+F3 on a Mac while playing Minecraft to determine your coordinates. Your current coordinates in reference to the 0,0 origin point in the bottom left corner of your globe will be shown on a debug screen that will appear once you click it. Knowing these coordinates may help you swiftly navigate big locations and provide other players with your precise position in multiplayer games.

How To Find Coordinates In Minecraft? (2-Steps)

Minecraft is a very popular game that players of all ages may enjoy. This tutorial is meant to assist you if you’re new to the game and are having trouble locating coordinates in Minecraft. Coordinates are a method of identifying where in the game world you are. Knowing your coordinates may be really handy, particularly if you’re out exploring and want to know exactly where you are.

The following is a step-by-step tutorial for finding coordinates in Minecraft:

  1. To begin, launch the chat window by using the “T” key on your keyboard. A pane at the bottom of your screen will emerge, displaying conversation messages from other players. Enter “/tp p 0 0 0” without quotation marks. This command will transport you to your current location’s coordinates.
  2. Second, after running this command, glance at the bottom-left corner of your screen to see your current position in X, Y, and Z coordinates. The “X” coordinate represents your east/west location, whereas the “Z” coordinate represents how far north or south you are in relation to the beginning point. The “Y” coordinate indicates how high or low you are in the air based on blocks, each one meter tall. These three integers form a coordinate triplet, which informs you precisely where you are in Minecraft’s vast universe.

How To Find Coordinates In Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)?

In Minecraft PE, hit the chat button in the upper left corner of your screen to obtain coordinates. This will bring up an empty chat area where you may type instructions. To get your coordinates, enter ‘/tp’ followed by your character name or 0 for yourself, and then enter any x, y, or z digits to which you wish to teleport. Your current coordinate block will then be seen below. Select another block to teleport to in order to adjust the coordinates, and you will be given a new set of coordinate values.

How To Find Coordinates In Minecraft PS4?

This article is for you if you are one of the numerous Minecraft players who has a PlayStation 4 console and want to know how to discover coordinates in the game. You can figure out where you are and where you need to go by finding coordinates in your universe. It will also make navigating the game much simpler.

Press the mini-map button on your controller’s right analog stick to discover coordinates in Minecraft PS4. Then, on the PlayStation 4, press L2+ R2 simultaneously to activate Map Mode and show your coordinates at the top of the screen. Your current position in that planet is represented by the three numerical values x, y, and z. Your character’s x coordinate tells you how far east or west they are, your y coordinate tells you how high or low they are, and your z coordinate tells you how much north or south they are relative to their origin point.

How To Find Coordinates In Minecraft Mac?

Finding your coordinates in Minecraft on a Mac is as simple as a few keystrokes. Once you have the coordinates, you may input them into a search engine to get your specific location.

In Minecraft Mac, pressing F3 will launch the game and let you discover your coordinates. This will bring up the debug screen, which will display all of your game information, including your current location’s coordinates. At the top of this page, the coordinates will be shown.

  • In terms of distance from spawn point (0, 0), the first pair of digits adjacent to “x” denotes east/west position, while the one next to “z” represents north/south position.
  • You may also determine the way you’re facing by noting the last number, which is represented as “y” and varies depending on which direction you’re gazing.

Once your coordinates have been captured, you may use them in any search engine or website to determine your precise location in-game.

How To Find Coordinates In Minecraft Xbox One?

The Xbox One version of Minecraft offers a unique feature that enables users to find themselves and other players in the game world by showing their coordinates information onscreen. To activate this function, please go to the game settings menu. Your coordinates will always be shown onscreen if you choose the ‘Show Coordinates’ option. Players may utilize this function to easily go to certain regions in their world or locate other players. Players may also open a map and manually input coordinates in the Xbox One version of the game to locate a precise location.

Minecraft for Xbox One is an exceptionally adaptable game that allows players to have fun and explore its vastness in a variety of ways. Finding coordinates in Minecraft is simply one more technique for players to enhance their gameplay experience.

How To Find Coordinates In Minecraft Bedrock?

It’s not as tough as it seems to find coordinates in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players may simply discover their precise position in the game environment by following a few easy procedures.

  1. To begin, use the escape key to access the game’s settings menu.
  2. After opening the settings menu, players should pick “Select Resource Pack” from the list of available choices. This will provide a list of available resource packs for download and installation on your machine.
  3. To install this resource pack, scroll down to “Coordinates and Locations” and click enter or set a checkbox next to it.
  4. Players may now access their coordinates at any moment by pressing F3 on PC or selecting the “Show Coordinates F3” option on mobile devices running Android or iOS once this resource pack has been loaded.

How To Find Death Coordinates Minecraft?

In the Minecraft universe, death coordinates are a collection of three integers that identify the precise position of something. To find the player or targets on the ground or in the air, utilize the coordinates in conjunction with a variety of instructions. Open a chat window and enter “/death” to get your current coordinates.

You may also use a command block or other tools such as WorldEdit to find yourself in-game or provide specific coordinates. Your death coordinates, as well as extra information such as your current world seed and biome type, will be required when utilizing external applications. You’ll find it simpler to navigate Minecraft and locate precisely what you’re searching for using these tools:

  • Command Block
  • WorldEdit


This post has given you a thorough explanation of how to get coordinates in the famous game Minecraft. Coordinates may be used for a variety of purposes, including providing location information to friends and identifying certain biomes or constructions.

When you access the game’s settings, you can retrieve your coordinates by pressing F3 on a PC or “Edit” on a console. Your coordinates will appear in the upper-left corner of your screen when you have completed these steps. You can quickly see your coordinate information and keep track of your progress across each new world/game with a few clicks and some memorizing of numbers and keystrokes.


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