The East Abandoned Stash is a new location in the world of Fallout 4. It is located in the Commonwealth just north of the Cranberry Bog. It has a unique environmental effect.

We found the next stash on Fetcher’s Rest! The next cache on Fetcher’s Rest holds a D6 in a wooden box. The box is in an old tomb in the south. The tomb is in the South of the misty isle. The tomb is guarded by a skeleton and two ghouls. The cache is in a old tomb. Possibly the most dangerous place to search on Fetcher’s Rest. The cache is in a graveyard in the south. This is a cache that we should find!

So, you want to find the East Abandoned Stash on Fetcher’s Rest, eh? That’s a nice little map that I found on the web, but it’s not the real map of the area. I’m afraid that if you follow the map you’ll end up lost, and that’s a shame, since the area’s been around for a long time and there are all sorts of goodies hidden here. I know of a way you can solve this problem, but you’ll need some help from me. You see, I’ve been exploring the area for years now, and I can tell you where the other locations are. If you want

Sheriff Dann explains where to locate the Stash in the East that Has Been Abandoned on the island of Fetcher’s Rest in this tutorial.

Fetcher’s Rest’s East Abandoned Stash

It’s possible to miss the ‘East Abandoned Stash’ on Fetcher’s Rest by mistake. It seems to be a fence with several half skulls and an open chest underneath it in the picture below.

The East Abandoned Stash on Fetcher’s Rest is marked on the map.

1626566668_611_How-to-Find-the-East-Abandoned-Stash-on-Fetchers-RestEast Abandoned Stash

Find out what happened to “Fetcher” Farley.

‘Fetcher’ Fetcher’s Rest is where Farley is. The poor man was hacked to death with a cutlass. He’s up a steep slope on the island’s west side.

fetcher farley skeleton

Riddles from the Sea of Thieves

Pirates may form a crew to search for riches. Join our Non-Fiction Gaming team for more Gold Hoarder puzzle solutions.

This is a game where you find items in an abandoned village. You have to find the items in a row of 4 or more. You can find the items in front of you and the items on the sides of the row. You can only find one item at a time. If you get an error, then you can either restart or continue.. Read more about fetcher’s rest location and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the East abandoned stash Fetchers rest?

The East abandoned stash Fetchers rest is located in the east of the map.

What is a broken jetty?

A broken jetty is a piece of land that has been cut off from the rest of the shore by erosion.

Where is Fetchers rest?

Fetchers Rest is a location in the game. It can be found in the area called The Mines.

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