If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time on your computer. One of the biggest reasons to spend time on your computer is to game on the internet. Most game pads are designed for game play on a flat surface, so gamers get used to playing on the flat surface of the pad. When you get a mouse pad for your computer, however, it is designed to work on a smooth, flat surface. If you get the wrong mouse pad, it will not work.

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After years of using a mousepad, you probably don’t notice its thickness or width, but its shape can make or break your gaming experience. Sure, you can use a surface that’s thicker and larger, but that’s not always an option. So, how can you flatten a mousepad to match the other surfaces in your gaming setup? It’s not as hard as you think!

Do you have trouble hovering your cursor over your mousepad?

Then you should probably flatten your Mousepad.

You may inquire:

What is the best way to flatten a mousepad?

The most efficient method to flatten your mousepad is to roll it in the other direction. You may also apply moderate pressure on it while ironing it with a towel on top of it. It also helps to heat up the bumps using a hairdryer.

I understand how aggravating it is to have a mousepad that curls up in no time, which is why I created this tutorial to assist you flatten your mousepad.

So put your reading glasses on and read the whole article.

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Mousepad with instructions on how to flatten a curl

A wavy or curly mouse pad is of little use to you. It doesn’t look nice, and it isn’t comfortable to use. You don’t want to aim with a mouse if you’re pushing it around barriers.

There isn’t anything wrong with your mouse. A sticky mousepad or a curled-up one, on the other hand, might be the source of your shaky aim.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Hey, I’ll get rid of my old mousepad and replace it with a hard mousepad.”

No, you don’t have to do that because I’ll show you how to accomplish it step by step so you can find a solution and move your mouse around freely.

We sometimes run across this issue as a result of the manufacturer’s poor packing. It arrives with a tiny box wrapped inside of it; as a result, when we first pull it out of the box, it is uneven.

Also, if you have bumps in your Mousepad, follow the instructions to flatten it. Also, see which is the best corsair casing for your setup.

To flatten a mousepad, follow these steps:

1. Use an iron to flatten the mousepad.

I personally use this technique whenever my Mousepad curls up. To cover your Mousepad, you’ll need an iron and a piece of fabric.

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  1. Placing your Mousepad on a level surface is a good idea.
  2. Use the cloth to cover your mousepad.
  3. Preheat your iron to a medium setting.
  4. Start ironing the Mousepad by covering it with a wet towel. Always begin ironing the mouse pad from the corner and work your way to the center.
  5. Rep the procedure two or three times more.
  6. After ironing, let it aside to cool.

Keep in mind that you should never allow your Iron come into direct touch with the Mousepad while utilizing this technique.

2. Rotate the mousepad in the other direction.

This is one of the most straightforward and practical options. It worked for a lot of others, and it should work for you as well.

  1. Roll your mouse in the other direction.
  2. Place it in the same box it came in for two to three days. If you don’t have a box, a rubber band or anything with a strong enough grip would do.
  3. After two/three days, unwrap/unbox it.

Then you’re done. You now have a flattened mousepad to show for it.

3. Apply little pressure on the mouse pad.

This technique is time-consuming as well, but it is effective.apply-gentle-pressure-to-mousepad

  1. Placing your Mousepad on a level surface is a good idea.
  2. Put an exact amount of weight on your mouse. You may utilize books to gain weight.
  3. For bumps, use your hairdryer in a particular region.
  4. Allow two to three days for the pressure to build up.

This technique is often used by people. This technique was used by several people to find their answer.

4. Make use of a hair dryer

This technique is similar to the Iron method, but we’ll be using a Hairdryer instead of Iron.

If you don’t have access to an iron, you may use this technique as a substitute.hair-dry-your-mousepad

  1. Placing your Mousepad on a level surface is a good idea.
  2. Use the cloth to cover your mousepad.
  3. If you don’t want to use the cloth, set your hairdryer to maximum heat. If you don’t want to use the cloth, set it to medium heat.
  4. Brush the rough regions with your hairdryer. Always start from the corner and work your way to the center of the Mousepad while using the Hairdryer.
  5. Rep the procedure two or three times more.
  6. Allow it to cool.

This technique is simple, and you will be able to repair your Mousepad in no time.

Flattening an RGB Mousepad

Hey, isn’t everything centered around RGB simply incredible?

Until you come across a mousepad that is curled up and rough in places.

You can’t do the above because the RGB mousepad won’t stand up to the pressure or heat if you aren’t careful. Also, for your corsair construction, look at the finest corsair fans.

Don’t worry; I’ll provide the answer.

The majority of RGB mousepads are thick and unbending. Only a handful of them have the ability to be bent and rolled. Check out this year’s most efficient and cost-effective corsair power supply.

To flatten your RGB Mousepad, follow these steps:

  1. Cover your Mousepad with a thick cloth and place it on a flat surface. Caution: Do not use anything with a GSM of less than 500.
  2. Preheat your iron to a medium setting. Begin ironing the Mousepad once it has been covered. Always begin ironing at the corner and work your way to the center of the Mousepad.
  3. Rep the procedure two or three times more.

Always remember not to allow your Iron come into direct touch with the Mousepad while utilizing this technique.

Even if this technique is advantageous and allows you to remain hassle-free for a long time, RGB should be approached with caution.

If you don’t want to utilize heat, roll it in the other way. But keep in mind that if you want to flatten your Mousepad, you’ll have to apply this technique often.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Mousepad?

You will have difficulty using your Mousepad if it is sticky. You can’t get a good grip on your mouse, and so forth.

Your Mousepad should be cleaned three to four times each year. It’s also ideal if you avoid eating or drinking near your computer. Please use caution if you do so.

First and foremost, you’ll need shampoo or shower gel. You can also use soap, but it’s better if you don’t.

The following are the steps for cleaning a mouse pad:

  1. Scrub the Mousepad gently with the shower gel or shampoo. You may use a brush, but use it carefully.
  2. Remove the shampoo or gel from the Mousepad by rinsing it off.
  3. Soak up any excess water with a towel. Allow it to dry in front of a ceiling fan.

That’s all there is to cleaning your Mousepad.

If you want to clean your Mousepad, don’t use hot water. If your Mousepad is uneven after cleaning, apply the techniques listed above to flatten it.

Last Thoughts

An uneven Mousepad takes away the pleasure of using a buttery smooth PC, and if it’s rough, it’s much worse. Then it’s almost certainly game over for you.

However, if you follow the steps I’ve shown above, you’ll be able to flatten your Mousepad in no time.

You may always contact us if you have any more questions.

If you own an Xbox One X, you probably own a pretty big mousepad. It’s not unusual to see one-piece pads that are 2 feet or more in diameter. While these giant pads are great for gaming, they can be a pain when you’re trying to watch a movie, use a keyboard, or do other things on your computer. The issue with the big pads is the natural problem you get with big things: they’re heavy. If you want to flatten the pad without removing the adhesive, you can save yourself some elbow grease, and do it in just 5 minutes.. Read more about cool mouse pads and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you flatten a new mouse pad?

You can use a hairdryer to flatten the mouse pad.

How do you flatten a LED mouse pad?

You can use a hair dryer to heat the mouse pad and then use a rolling pin to flatten it.

How do you flatten desk mats?

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