Looking to get a trident fast in Minecraft? Here are 3 of the best methods to get one quickly!

What is Trident in Minecraft?

In the Minecraft game, Trident is a strong weapon. It is one of the most powerful weapons available, inflicting 3–6 hearts of damage in a single strike. It has unique enchantment powers and can be thrown up to 8 blocks away. The Trident was introduced in Minecraft 1.13 and may be discovered in treasure boxes, fish dropped by drowned opponents, or by trading with a villager.

Tridents are powerful weapons that may be used to combat creatures both on land and in the sea. They can also mine blocks, making them handy for fast breaking obsidian and getting precious materials like Ancient Debris or Netherite Scraps. Tridents become very strong when charmed with Loyalty and Riptide, and may be tossed up to 30 blocks away.

How To Get a Trident in Minecraft? (3 Method)

Tridents are a lethal melee and ranged weapon in Minecraft. Obtaining a trident may seem challenging, but there are a few strategies you may utilize to effortlessly get one.

The first method is to go fishing, which requires you to equip a fishing rod and throw it into the water. If you’re fortunate, you may be able to pull a magical trident from the sea.

The second method is to fight Drowned foes – these hostile mobs often carry tridents in their hands, so if you manage to take one down, the weapon may drop as prize.

Finally, trade with villagers is an option – if you have enough emeralds, you may buy enchanted tridents from various villager vocations such as armorers or fishermen.

Whatever technique you select, with a little luck and perseverance, anybody can get their hands on a trident in no time.

Possibility of Getting Trident in Various Editions?

Tridents are one of the most powerful weapons that players can earn in Minecraft. This weapon is very difficult to get and requires some unique approaches. Tridents may be collected in all versions of Minecraft, however the objects and techniques for obtaining them may alter from one version to the next.

Tridents are discovered in buried treasure boxes on Java Edition, whereas they may be collected from a drowned mob on Bedrock Edition. Tridents are made in Minecraft’s Education Edition using an anvil and an enchanted book, as well as additional components like gunpowder and nautilus shells.

Tridents may be obtained in stronghold libraries, by defeating Drowned mobs near water, or by diving around submerged ruins in the PlayStation 4 Edition.

Players will now have a better knowledge of their possibilities of obtaining Tridents on various versions of Minecraft thanks to this information.

Tips for Getting a Trident

A trident is a Minecraft object that may be used for a multitude of functions such as attacking, fishing, and more. While obtaining a trident is very simple, locating one fast might be difficult. Fortunately, there are various quick methods to get one.

The most typical method of obtaining a trident is via scavenging shipwrecks or underwater ruins. Both of these buildings are not tough to discover if you know where to look, and if you’re fortunate, they can give you with a trident quite soon. Furthermore, fishing prizes may yield tridents, albeit they may take longer in certain situations.

Another excellent method is to use channels found inside Bubble Columns – these strong underwater torrents spew up materials from the depths of the ocean that may hold a trident for you. Finally, defeating Drowned mobs has a very high probability of dropping a trident upon death, so if you’ve ever wanted to farm for these weapons, this may be your best shot.

How To Make Trident Farm

A Trident Farm is an excellent technique to get a large number of Tridents rapidly in the Minecraft game. The primary concept is to establish an undersea habitat that promotes natural spawning of Drowned, which contain Tridents. You can swiftly harvest enough Tridents for your intended usage with the appropriate arrangement.

To create a Trident Farm, first locate an ocean biome and then construct an enclosed space with a water supply, such as a pool filled with magma blocks. Then, fill mob spawner blocks with Drowned and surround them with blocks that prevent torches or other light sources from entering the area. Finally, place nether portals around your farm to transport extra creatures into your underwater cage as required.

With this arrangement, you should be able to effortlessly continue the Trident farming process and get as many Tridents as you want:

  • Locate an ocean biome.
  • Construct an enclosed space with a water supply, such as a pool filled with magma blocks.
  • Fill mob spawner blocks with Drowned and surround them with blocks that prevent torches or other light sources from entering the area.
  • Place nether portals around your farm to transport extra creatures into your underwater cage as required.

How To Make an Enchanted Trident

Making an enchanted trident in Minecraft is a challenging but doable undertaking. The first step is to locate prismarine shards, which may be discovered in submerged ruins. Once you’ve collected enough of these shards, you may use a crafting table to turn them into a trident. The trident, however, will remain unenchanted at this point.

To enchant it, you must bring it with you when traveling underwater and hunt for blue treasure boxes full of treasures, including enchanted books that may enchant your trident with the necessary strength. You must right-click the chest and pick the book with the desired enchantment. Finally, combine your trident and book in a crafting grid to boost your trident’s power, such as lightning strikes or picking up foes.

How To Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, repairing a trident might be one of the most difficult components of the game. Fortunately, there are various fast and easy methods for gamers to restore their tridents.

  • The first method involves using an anvil to join two damaged tridents. This combines the durability of both tridents, enabling players to repair them both at the same time.
  • Alternatively, a trident may be repaired by trading with villagers and using grindstones to lower the amount of damage on weapons or items.
  • Finally, players may collect and utilize enchanted books to repair their Trident without the need for iron or diamonds.

With these ways, any player may swiftly fix their trident and continue playing without worrying about breaking or losing their beloved weapon.

Points After Attacking With Trident

When you use a trident to attack in Minecraft, you will earn 1-3 points each time. These points will be added to your overall score. The greater your score, the more likely you are to earn a trident sooner. For example, if you had a score of 200, using a trident would boost it by 1-3. The more points you acquire by attacking with the trident, the quicker you may get one – as long as your overall score is more than the current level minimum of 500 points.

There are three basic ways to get a trident quickly in Minecraft:

  • Mine obsidian to obtain enchanted books, which have a high chance of yielding a trident when crafted with an anvil.
  • Fish for enchanted items, which also have a high chance of yielding a trident when crafted.
  • Trade with villagers to get them to drop their weapons, which can occasionally yield a trident when crafted with an anvil.

Trident Minecraft Mod

The Trident Minecraft Mod is a well-liked mod for the game that enables players to get a trident swiftly and effortlessly. This mod has been around since 2017 and has grown in popularity since then. Players may use the mod to make tridents out of diamond blocks, get access to unique trident enchantments, locate trident loot from monsters, and even find indestructible tridents in Nether castles.

The most common use of this mod is to create very strong tridents with specific enchantments that transform them into extremely powerful weapons with catastrophic consequences. Furthermore, the Trident Minecraft Mod enables players to discover impenetrable tridents in Nether strongholds. Unbreakable tridents are significantly uncommon than mod-crafted tridents, but they are immensely strong owing to their unbreaking enchantment.

Overall, the Trident Minecraft Mod is a very helpful tool for anybody searching for a simple method to quickly and simply add a strong weapon or enchanting tool to their game. The range of methods to get a trident makes it an excellent alternative for individuals looking for something more powerful and distinctive than what they can regularly construct in-game.


There are three great strategies for quickly obtaining a Trident in Minecraft:

  • Discover one in a Water Temple
  • Use a Fishing Rod and the Luck of the Sea enchantment
  • Combine an Infinity enchantment with an enchanted trident to create indestructible tridents

It is ultimately up to you how you get your trident. If you want a quick way out, the Fishing Rod and Luck of the Sea enchantments are your best choice. However, if you prefer the difficulty and thrill of exploring a Water Temple or enchanting an indestructible trident, such options may be more ideal for you. Best wishes on your endeavor, and have fun.

The FAQs About Trident

The FAQs About Trident is a detailed guide to assisting Minecraft players in fast obtaining the coveted trident. A trident may be obtained by one of three methods: making, finding, or trade.

  • Making: Combining three pieces of prongedrod, one nether star, and one enchanted stick in any combination is required for crafting.
  • Finding: To locate a trident, the player must be near an ocean monument and then loot the box inside it for a chance to get a trident.
  • Trading: Trading with one of the traveling merchants will provide players the option to get a trident.

Other options include fishing for them, getting them as raid rewards, or using commands; but this article concentrates primarily on the three primary methods described above.


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