While AFK is a simple gameplay mechanic that should be fun and engaging, it can be frustrating for those who don’t know how to effectively AFK. In this article, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to help you heal and AFK better!

There is no better feeling in the world than to be AFK in Forager while you see your pet run out and start attacking monsters. The best part is, you can heal your pet without missing a beat. The below is a step by step guide on how to heal your pet in Forager.

Forager is a game that’s all about exploring the environment and gathering materials to create tools and weapons to help you fight against the monsters. Your goal is to survive as long as possible.. Read more about forager puzzles and let us know what you think.

It’s all about gathering resources in Forager. With that in mind, there may be occasions when you need to replenish your resources when you’re not at your computer. Fortunately, there is a mechanism in place that works.

In Forager, how to AFK Farm

AFK farming may be done in a variety of ways, depending on the resources the player is trying to gather. You will be farming money in this instance.

Here’s what you’ll need.

Item Description
Scepter of Magic The magical scepter artifact will provide you unlimited charges for your Death Rod, making it essential for this approach.
Necro Rod You may use this rod to generate skeletons. Killing these animals will pay off financially.
Droid x4 To make this work, you’ll need at least four droids.
Renewal Ability When you kill a monster, this ability will enable you to reclaim all of your expended energy.

The rejuvenation skill is the first thing you should master. Find the necro rod and the Magical Scepter next. Create four or more droids to fight the skeletons you’ll be spawning.

Then, in a circle, construct the droids around you. The droids will serve as a kind of cage for the skeletons. Next, conjure skeletons for your droids to kill with your necro rod. This procedure will be sustained thanks to the rejuvenation skill and magical scepter. You’ll be able to harvest bones from the skeletons, which you can sell for a lot of money.

To make this a successful AFK farming technique, all you have to do is constantly apply pressure to your mouse with a rubber band or a heavy item, and the skeletons will be summoned. You should now be able to leave your keyboard and go about your business. When you return, there should be a large amount of bones for you to sell.

In Forager, How to Heal


Now that you know how to AFK farm in Forager, you may find yourself returning to your keyboard to discover that your character has been damaged. Don’t be concerned. Here’s a short overview of how to heal in Forager.

The only way to lose health is to starve to death unless you take harm from an opponent. As a result, you’ll need to stock up on food. Cooked food provides the greatest energy, while berries and other basic components provide just a little amount of energy.

However, if you’ve run out of hearts, you’ll want to start utilizing some healing potions. Healing potions may be made in a cauldron in the Wizard’s Tower.

The recipe may be found below.

Recipe for a Healing Potion
ten flowers
x10 Citrus
Wheat x10
x5 Bottled Torchbug

The Fairy Aura item, as seen in the picture above, is another excellent healing aid. The item offers substantial passive healing and energy restoration when equipped. You must finish the “Fairy Mother Fountain” quest in the Grass Biome in order to acquire the Fairy Aura.

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When you play games, you get some points to spend on abilities, equips and potions. But if you have low hp, you are AFK and not able to use the potions. So how to heal when you are AFK and have low hp?. Read more about forager fairy farm and let us know what you think.

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