In FPS games, such as CS:GO and Overwatch, you’ll need to be able to track your aim accurately. This is especially important when playing competitively or in a team setting.

Competitively playing first-person shooter games may be very gratifying or quite irritating.

The majority of this experience is dependent on your ability to shoot correctly and quickly. The first-person shooter experience becomes immensely more satisfying if you learn the skill of aiming. Nothing compares to absolutely dominating a first-person shooter and feeling utterly unstoppable.

Nothing, on the other hand, is worse than getting totally annihilated in a first-person shooter and being forced to respawn at your same respawn spot over and over again. So, how can you improve your gaming skills and start winning more first-person shooter games?

This post will show you how to improve your tracking aim in FPS games in order to become a better player. This is an important kind of targeting, and mastering it will make you a much better player.

What is Aim Tracking?

In first-person shooter games, tracking aim is a kind of aim. Tracking aim is the kind of aiming employed when you’ve already locked on to your target and want to maintain track of him with your crosshair in order to anticipate and react to his future moves.

It’s particularly helpful in first-person shooter games when killing an opponent requires several bullets. In games like APEX Legends, Gears of War, Halo, Destiny, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and PUBG, tracking aim is crucial. The more TTK (Time to Kill) is extended, the more essential tracking becomes.

Tracking aim is essential in games like Valorant, but not as much as it is in lengthier TTK games like Halo and Overwatch. Tracking aim is important in any first-person shooter, and it’s something you’ll want to perfect if you want to be the greatest player you can be. In competitive FPS games, having a strong tracking aim may offer you a significant edge.

You’ll win a lot more gunfights if you can better anticipate your opponent’s moves and hit your bullets at a higher proportion.

Tracking aim is a skill that pro players excel at. Especially Overwatch pro players, who have a lengthy TTK. To compete at the top level in eSports, these professional players spend years honing their tracking aim. Increasing your tracking aim is one of the main talents you’ll need to master if you want to start gaming at a higher level and improve your game.

IDDQD, a former Overwatch pro player and current twitch broadcaster who’s tracking aim and (aim in general) is regarded one of the finest in the industry, has put up a comprehensive aim tutorial. If you’re serious about improving your tracking aim, watch the video before moving on to the next section of the essay. It’s mostly aimed towards overwatch players, but the advice can be applied to any competitive game.


How Can You Improve Your Aim Tracking?

To begin, you must first identify any issues with your existing aim methods. You’ll want to get rid of any negative habits you’ve picked up through years of gaming if you’re heading in the wrong direction.

The easiest method to find out whether you have a problem with your aim is to practice and keep track of every shot you miss. Consider why you missed that opportunity. Is it because you miscalculated the enemy’s movement? Is it possible that you misplaced your crosshair? Is it difficult for you to follow the adversary due to your heightened sensitivity? Is it too low, or is it too high?

Make a recording of your games and take a closer look at it to evaluate your aiming methods. You’ll notice things you didn’t see while playing if you slow it down, and you’ll rapidly discover your poor habits and errors if you don’t. 

Identifying the issues can greatly accelerate your progress in improving your tracking aim. Once you’ve determined which regions to concentrate your efforts on, you can begin training your goal appropriately.

And, of course, you must devote the necessary time. You must practice if you want to improve at anything, and the more you practice, the better you will become. But, as you’ll see towards the conclusion of the piece, there’s more on that. Let’s look at some of the things you can do right now to improve your performance.

Invest in yourself to improve your situation.

To play at a high level, you must have excellent hardware. If you want to get the most out of your tracking aim, make sure you have the finest hardware for your game.


First and first, you should assess your mouse, particularly its weight. If you have a clunky, heavy mouse, this may be the cause of your poor tracking aim. A sleek, lightweight gaming mouse is required for optimum gaming performance. Check out our list of the lightest gaming mouse for more information.

Xtrfy M4

(Photo courtesy of

If your current mouse does not appear on this list, you should consider switching to a light gaming mouse. The mouse is arguably the most important component of your tracking aim, and it may have a significant effect on your gaming performance. If your mouse is uncomfortable, it will slow down your tracking aim. Stick with a lightweight gaming mouse that best suits your play style.

Mouse Pad

You should also invest in a high-quality mouse pad. Slipping, sliding, and sticky mouse pads are all common issues with a bad mouse pad. This may seriously impair your tracking aim, since tracking aim requires a steady movement across your mouse pad.

When it comes to increasing your tracking aim in FPS games, investing in the proper mouse pad may be a game changer. When switching mouse pads, keep in mind that it may take some time to become used to the new one. When you first replace your mouse pad, don’t expect your aim to be flawless. Allow yourself some time to adapt, and with little experience, you should notice an improvement in your tracking aim if your previous mouse pad was sticky or slid about.


Your display is another piece of gear that is critical to your tracking goal. You’ll want to select a monitor that best suits your playing style. Although curved wide screen displays are excellent for viewing movies and playing games other than competitive first-person shooters, they are not ideal for gaming. A 24-inch display is used by the majority of professional gamers.

This is because a smaller screen allows you to orient yourself better, quickly catch the whole action on your screen, and therefore respond and shoot more accurately. A 24-inch display is an excellent size for competitive gaming. If you want to learn more about how to choose the right screen size for your new gaming monitor, check out our comprehensive guide.

You should also buy a monitor with a refresh rate of at least 144 Hz.

When compared to 60hz, 144hz refresh rate is a night and day difference. The display is silky smooth, giving you a clear picture of what’s going on in the game. When you’re attempting to track down your opponent and maintain your crosshair on them, precision is crucial. If you’re using a 60Hz display, it’s possible that this is one of the reasons your tracking aim isn’t as good as it might be.

Mouse, wired or wireless

Keep in mind the kind of mouse you’re using as well. Some gamers prefer to use a wired mouse, while others prefer to use a wireless mouse. Due to the wireless capabilities, an older wireless mouse will have some latency. For certain players, this may be a concern, and it might be the cause of aim tracking issues.

If you believe your tracking is deteriorating as a result of using a wireless mouse, try switching to a corded mouse and see if it helps. If you’re using a wired mouse, one of the most frequent issues is figuring out how to effectively organize your connections. A bungee is a fantastic method to organize your wires and allow yourself more space to move your mouse.

A high-quality bungee will minimize cable drag and give your mouse the sensation of being wireless without sacrificing speed or performance. Both mice are suitable for gaming; it is just a matter of personal taste. Try both and see which one suits you best.

Chair and Desk

Your workstation and chair are two pieces of equipment that are often neglected while attempting to enhance your aim. While gaming, you want to be as comfortable as possible and in a position to perform the greatest mouse motions possible.

If you aren’t comfortable on your chair, you may find it difficult to concentrate and perform at your best. Make an investment in a good chair and workstation. Your mouse pad and mouse should have a smooth surface. Find a chair with enough back support if you don’t want to be bent over. There are several excellent gaming chair choices on the market, so choose one that is right for you. You may also be interested in our list of the best gaming seats under $200. 

Other Useful Software and Trainers with a goal

There is a variety of software available that may assist you in improving your tracking aim. For starters, there are aim trainers intended to help you improve your aim in first-person shooter games.


Aim Trainers

These aim trainers are small games that enable you to practice your aim on targets over and over again. You may also complete challenges and practice particular kinds of shots. Some of these goal trainers are paid, while others are available for free. If you want to download one of these free aim trainers, have a look at our list of the Best Free Aim Trainers of 2021 to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Aim trainers may help you improve your aim, particularly your tracking aim. Putting hours through these trainers may enhance your overall gameplay significantly. Most professional gamers nowadays spend a significant amount of time honing their aim in aim trainers. You should download an aim trainer and begin training regularly if you wish to have the tracking aim of the professionals.

FPS (first-person shooter) (Frames Per Second)

Another consideration in your tracking goal is the frames per second delivered by your present machine. You may add an FPS counter to your in-game HUD in most contemporary games nowadays. If you haven’t already done so, activate this FPS counter so you can keep track of your frames per second at all times.

It may be almost difficult to follow your opponents properly if your frames per second are low. In order to aim properly in any contemporary FPS, you’ll need at least 60 frames per second. If you’re not receiving this many frames per second, your computer’s components may need to be upgraded.

The number of frames per second matters a lot in tracking since it provides you the most precise picture of where your opponent is on the map. You won’t be able to strike your opponent if you’re tracking an adversary and your frames are low. Ascertain that your FPS is as high as possible.

There are a couple things you can do if you’re having trouble with your frames per second. You may reduce the resolution and graphical quality in-game. The visuals will be less detailed as a result, but your frames per second will increase. This will provide you with the best performance options for improving your aim tracking. Only do this if you really have to.

Mindset and Skills

You may utilize a variety of talents to enhance your tracking aim.

Grip on the Mouse

Mouse Grips

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Many gamers believe that strengthening your mouse grip is the greatest method to enhance your tracking aim. When it comes to holding your mouse, there are three options: claw, fingertip, or palm grip. All of these grips are excellent in their own right, but which one to choose is completely a matter of personal taste.

It is suggested that you use either a claw or a palm grip while monitoring aim.

Players who use the claw grip, on the other hand, are believed to track somewhat better than those who utilize the palm grip. The claw grip is superior for aim tracking, while the palm grip is better for flick shots.

The primary reason for this is because the claw improves finger control, allowing for more accurate movement. For flick shots that originate from your arm rather than your wrist, the palm provides a more secure hold.

If you’re having trouble monitoring your targets with your palm grip, switching to a claw grip may assist. Keep in mind that this modification may result in a reduction in your flick shots.

Wrist and arm movements

You should also work on your arm and wrist motions to enhance your aim tracking. Many amateur players utilize very high sensitivity and change their aim only with their palms and fingertips. Many of the professionals and greatest aimers, on the other hand, utilize lower sensitivity and rely more on their arm and wrist.

By incorporating this kind of movement into your play style, you’ll be able to improve your tracking aim. You restrict your body control of the mouse when you just use your hand and fingers to aim. When you utilize your arm and wrist, you begin to develop a genuine muscle memory action that you can repeat again and over.


It’s also important to keep in mind that developing your tracking aim takes time. It’s critical not to lose interest in improving your aim when you’re just getting started. You must have a positive and concentrated attitude. You must accept that your tracking aim may deteriorate before improving.

Changing your mouse grip will most likely make your aim worse at first. However, if you continue to practice your tracking aim, your aim will gradually improve. It will eventually be better to use a claw grasp rather than a palm grip, but it will take time.

It’s also crucial to stick to your game plan. If you intend on using an aim trainer for a couple of hours each day, you must adhere to your schedule. Putting in a light workout once in a while isn’t going to help you much. You will most likely get far greater outcomes from your training if you approach it as if it were your job.

It’s also worth noting that your tracking aim is heavily influenced by the game’s characters’ movements. The more you play a game and study the maps, the more you’ll be able to anticipate opponent moves.

Many FPS games include heatmaps that show where players are most likely to be on the map. Studying them may help you better anticipate your opponent’s moves, which is another useful skill to have.


Improving your tracking aim in first-person shooter games is a fantastic method to enhance your ability. Before you begin training, make sure you understand all of the components that go into monitoring aim.

It’s critical to identify the main issue with your tracking aim before attempting to fix it haphazardly. You don’t want to waste time on the aim trainer just to discover that the issue is with your mouse. To become the greatest player you can be, make sure you have all of the necessary gear and software.

Apart from tracking aim, there are many other kinds of aim, however tracking aim is one of the most essential. If you play any game with a lengthy time to kill, monitoring aim should be your first focus if you want to develop as a player. Always remember to remain focused and persistent. Allow nothing to stand in the way of your progress.

You may have to take a vacation from gaming for a time to concentrate on an aim trainer, but it will be well worth it in the end.

I really hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments area below and I will do my best to answer them.


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