Assassin’s Creed Unity is here and it’s got everything the fans of the series have been waiting for, including the return of the acclaimed cooperative mode.  The game features a rich single player campaign that will take you all over in the new and improved Paris, where you’ll encounter a new enemy in the form of the Red Cross. To make your way through the game, you’ll have to master the new combat system, taking advantage of the new weapons and the new abilities that the game offers.

If you wish to level up fast, but you do not want to spend a single drop of Creed points, then this guide is for you. In this guide we will explain the easiest way to earn Creed points and level up fast which will also help you to be able to afford the most expensive avatars.

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Do you want to get Points for Creed quickly? Take a look at the following guide.

If you want to advance quickly in Assassin’s Creed Unity, you’ll need to collect Points for Creed as quickly as possible. Before you can start earning Creed Points, you must go far enough in the game’s narrative to join the assassin’s guild. There are a few methods to acquire these points after that, so we’ve broken down each and every action you can do to rapidly grow this fictitious money.

Taking use of specific fighting skills throughout the game is the greatest method to increase your Creed Points. Completing these activities numerous times will give you Creed Points. However, between prizes, there is a short cooldown of a few minutes. However, both in single-player and co-op, you may take advantage of a variety of various activities to earn Creed Points. Take a look at them below.

Actions for a single player

Name Description Creed Points
Legendary Assassination In a short period of time, kill four opponents in a row. 250
a snap shot Kill an opponent with a fast shot from a ranged weapon. 50
Head Shot With a headshot from a ranged weapon, you can take out an opponent. 100
Finisher A melee signature move may be used to kill someone. 100
Expert in Parrying Three flawless parries in a row must be completed in rapid succession. 100
Expert in Staggering Strikes Within 10 seconds, complete three staggered strikes. 100
Survivor of the Fight While possessing critical health, you can win a battle. 100
Breakfall After a fall of 20 meters or more, grab a ledge. 100
Descent Under Control Perform three downward vaults in a succession while free running. 50
Descent with Expert Guidance Do five downward vaults in a succession while free jogging. 250
Fast Lift Climb onto a rooftop with a lift rope. 100
Lift Kill A falling lift may be used to kill an opponent. 200
Survivor vanishes Vanish when in serious condition. 100
Killer of Bell Ringers Dismantle an alarm clock. 50
Alarm has been turned off. Destroy an alarm clock. 100
Assassination in the Air Assassinate an opponent from the air. 150
Assassination on the Ledge Kill an opponent while standing on a ledge. 150
Assassination under the Table Assassinate an adversary while hiding under cover. 50
Assassination in a Hidden Location Assassinate an opponent while hiding in a safe place. 150
Assassination in a Blend Assassinate an adversary while blending into the throng. 50
Vanish Vanish after a Last Known Position. 50
Kill with a stun grenade Use a stun grenade to temporarily disable an opponent before killing them. 50
Group Stun With a stun bomb, you can stun four opponents at once. 150
Smoke Bomb Disappear After tossing a smoke bomb, return to your Last Known Position. 50
Lure of the Cherry Bomb A cherry bomb may be used to distract an opponent. 50
Money Pouch Mixture By combining your money bag with others, you may form a group. 50
Poison Gas Causes Death A poison gas bomb may be used to kill an opponent. 100
Poison Gas Group is a company that produces poison gas. A poison gas bomb may be used to harm four opponents at once. 150
Kill with the Phantom Blade With a phantom sword, you can take out an opponent. 50
Berserk Assault Force an opponent to kill another enemy with a berserk sword. 100

Cooperative Actions

Name Description Creed Points
Revive Another player may be revived. 100
Heal Critically Apply group healing to a player who is in danger. 100
Group in Disguise Change your appearance to that of another gamer. 150
Group of Resupply On another player, use the Assassin’s Cache. 150
Leap of faith in synchronization Have two players take a Leap of Faith at the same time. 200
Assassination with a Double Sync Allow two players to simultaneously kill two distinct foes. 200
Assassination using Triple Sync Allow two or more players to simultaneously kill three distinct opponents. 300
Assassination in Quad Sync Allow two or more players to simultaneously kill four distinct opponents. 500
Assassination of a Legendary Sync Allow two or more players to simultaneously kill five distinct foes. 1,000
Assassination in a Synced Hiding Spot Two players must kill two distinct adversaries from various hiding places. 250
Tagged with Kill Kill an opponent who has been identified by another player. 250
Stun Kill Sync Assassinate an opponent who has been stunned by a stun bomb thrown by another player. 250
Kill Cherry Bomb in Sync Kill an opponent who has been distracted by a cherry bomb thrown by another player. 250
Phantom Blade synchronization Allow two players to simultaneously incapacitate two distinct opponents. 500

Tips & Tricks for the Last Minute

Now that you know how to get Combat Points fast, here are a few last-minute tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your Assassin’s Creed Unity experience.

  • As quickly as possible, open up all of the Eagle Points. In Assassin’s Creed Unity, the Paris map is enormous. As a result, obtaining all of the Eagle Points is a simple method to reduce trip time.
  • Get the lock picking abilities as soon as possible. There will be many chances for you to lock pick your way inside buildings in order to complete a task in a different manner. You’ll be able to take advantage of these chances sooner if you learn this talent.
  • Remember to bring your Berserk Blades. Any NPC that uses this weapon will get enraged and attack people who are closest to them. If battle becomes too taxing, remember to utilize this weapon to tip the scales in your favor.
  • Keep smoke bombs on hand. There will be many times when you must escape from a horde of furious assailants. In these situations, a well-placed smoke bomb may be the difference between life and death.
  • Wait until Arno has advanced far enough in the game to become a true assassin before completing side missions. You will not be able to earn Creed Points until this point in the narrative. As a result, if you put off doing the side missions, you’ll have more chances to acquire this fictitious money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get upgrade points in Assassins Creed Unity?

You can buy upgrade points with real money or you can get them by playing the game.

How do you get unlimited skill points in Assassins Creed Unity?

There is no way to get unlimited skill points in Assassins Creed Unity.

How do you get max income in Assassins Creed Unity?

You need to complete the game and get all of its achievements.

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