Runescape is a source for the story telling of the ancient lore of the elves and dragons. It is a fantasy game based on the nineteenth century English fantasy novel “The Lord of the Rings”, and is played on the same world as the online-role-playing game “World of Warcraft”. Unlike “World of Warcraft”, “Runescape” is free-to-play, a digital game platform in which participation is voluntary, but players can buy extras such as in-game cash.

The main chamber of the ancient dragon Xeric, located in the RuneScape world of Falador, offers multiple methods of gaining its end-game loot. There are multiple ways to reach Xeric, but the most efficient way is to use the Falador TeleportPackage, which, if used in conjunction with the Ancient Magicks or Ancient Warriors Guild Teleports, will take you straight to the final chamber.

You collect your gear from the bank and head into the Chambers of Xeric in the last two floors of Falador. You know what to expect here. An enormous beast, a ton of loot and a bunch of XP. But how can you make it through the entire raid and get all the loot? How do you know where to run? And what is the best strategy to use? Read on to find out.

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Runescape is a one-of-a-kind gem of a game. Despite being divided across various communities and versions, the game has managed to attract a large and enthusiastic following. “Old School Runescape” is still alive and thriving thanks to the enthusiastic audience. To that aim, we’ve chosen to provide a comprehensive guide to one of Old School Runescape’s crowning achievements. The Chambers of Xeric, the first big Runescape raid, is examined in depth.

The Chambers of Xeric was Runescape’s first big raid, and it has a long and complicated system of monsters to fight for some significant treasure. As a result, for many players, the raid has become an essential component of their end-game experience. Take a look at the specifics of the well-known raid down below.

Where Are Xeric’s Chambers Located?

You must first go to Mount Quidamortem in order to access the Chambers of Xeric. Use the mine cart system from inside the Lovakengj House to get there fast. To utilize the system, you must gain 65 percent favor with the Lovakengj House and then deliver a mine cart control scroll to Stuliette, the mine cart system worker.

Things will be lot simpler going forward after you’ve made your way to the Chambers of Xeric for the first time. After completing the Chambers of Xeric raid, you will get an old tablet that may be placed on Xeric’s talisman to teleport return to Mount Quidamortem at any time.

If you don’t want to utilize the mine cart system, go to Shayziens’ Wall and start heading west. To create a journey path between the mountain and Shayziens’ Wall, speak with the Mountain Guide near Gnosi and the Natural Historian.

The position of the Chambers of Xeric atop Mount Quidamortem is shown in the image above.

How Does the Xeric Chambers Raid Work?


The Chambers of Xeric raid is a one-of-a-kind experience. Before calculating the strength of the raid’s opponents and skilling chambers, the game assesses the strength of your group. A raid may have up to 100 people, which makes it a unique feature.

To begin the raid, the raid leader must organize his or her group in the Clan Chat. The raid leader may confirm the clan conversation and enter the chambers once this is set up.

There are many puzzle areas and boss fights throughout the levels. Each raid will have three levels, with the major boss battle taking place on the third floor. All of the party’s members will be able to recharge their energies at an energy well after completing the first and second floors.

Each raid is randomized, ensuring that each playing is different.

A “Challenge Mode” is also available to play. This is the most harder version of the raid, since it has more difficult opponents. You’ll get metamorphic dust and a cosmetic cape if you complete this mode.

What Bosses Can You Find in Xeric’s Chambers?


The Chambers of Xeric include a total of seven monsters, but the amount of bosses you encounter throughout your raid is randomized. The one and only Great Olm, on the other hand, is the ultimate boss. Here’s some advice on how to take down the first six powerful members of Xeric’s chambers. Check out the following section for details on the last boss.

Boss Strategy
Tekton Protect from Melee should be used by the whole party. Because Tekton is resistant to ranged and magical attacks, the whole group should concentrate on dealing melee damage. Use crush weapons and concentrate your strikes anytime the monster is enveloped by an orange aura to get through Tekton’s formidable protection.
Vespula Protect against Missiles should be used by the whole party, as well as poison protection. Within the boss chamber, one of the party members will have to concentrate on feeding medivaemia flowers to the lux grubs. Otherwise, after the grub has starved and developed into vespine troops, the boss will get a large amount of healing from them. The party’s primary emphasis should be on dealing ranged damage. Finally, once Vespula’s health has fallen to 20%, concentrate your damage on the abyssal gateway.
Vanguard In all, there are three vanguard bosses. There are three types of vanguard bosses: ranged, melee, and magical. As a result, your team will need a little amount of each damage type and resistance during this battle. If your group concentrates too much of their damage on a single vanguard, they will heal themselves. As a consequence, you should equally distribute your damage output across the three monsters.
Ice Demon To thaw out the Ice Demon, you must first ignite surrounding braisers with wood. The demon has two attacks and will switch between them depending on whether the party chooses to employ Protection from Missiles or Protection from Magic. The boss will use AoE attacks in any case. Ice Demons are particularly vulnerable to fire spells.
Muttadiles There are two Muttadiles for your party to face, as they both guard Xeric’s chambers. Either cut down the meat tree or use Ice Barrage to keep the bosses from eating meat off the tree. Eating from the tree earns the bosses health. The larger Muttadile will remain submerged in water and unattackable until the smaller boss has been defeated. Protect from Missiles is effective against the smaller Muttadile, which uses both melee and ranged attacks. After killing the smaller Muttadile, the larger boss will exit the water and begin using magic, ranged and melee attacks. The party should be using Protect from Magic for this battle. If any player gets within melee range of the boss, the Muttadile will unleash a devastating shockwave attack.
Nistirio Vasa As soon since possible, employ stab strikes to destroy the surrounding crystal clusters, as Nistirio will utilize these crystals to heal. During this boss battle, Protect from Missiles comes in handy since Nistirio will hurl boulders at the players as he rushes for additional crystals. During the fight, though, your main emphasis will be on Magic Protection.

How Do You Defeat the Final Boss in the Chambers of Xeric?


The Great Olm, a gigantic white salamander, is the last monster in the Chambers of Xeric. Let’s get started. The Great Olm possesses a slew of hazardous powers that you’ll want to learn about.

Typical Attacks

A green orb magic attack and a crystal barrage ranged attack are the last boss’s two standard attacks. The Olm’s spherical assaults, on the other hand, are something you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Attacks by Spheres

There are three attacks in total: red, green, and purple. If a single sphere hits a player, they will lose approximately half of their health. However, you may weaken the spheres by blocking them with prayers. Use Protection from Melee when you’re struck by a red sphere. Use Protection from Missiles when you’re hit by a green sphere. Use Protection from Magic when you’re struck by a purple sphere. You will, however, have to worry about a few more maneuvers.

Additional Efforts


You should be on the lookout for three distinct assault techniques if Olm’s left hand is clenched. There’s the crystal explosion, for starters.

Olm will throw a crystal seedling beneath each participant in the group when his left hand displays a crystal icon. The seeds will burst for a significant amount of damage if the players do not move. Each player will then be pushed to a neighboring tile.

Olm’s left hand will present a lightning bolt just before he begins using his devastating lightning bolt attack. The lightning bolt will spread north and south, dealing a series of effects to any player struck by the attack. A struck player will have their overhead prayers disabled, will be bound and will suffer a significant amount of damage.

Finally, before committing to his switch strike, Olm’s left hand will display a swirl sign. If you’re playing by yourself, Olm will choose a random tile from the chamber. If you’re playing as a group, though, Olm will choose two tiles from beneath the feet of random party members.

You’ll want to get to these tiles as quickly as possible. Because the damage you receive from the ability grows as the distance between you and the tile grows, standing on one of these tiles will enable you to avoid taking damage from the attack.

Attacks by Phases

In addition to main strikes, sphere attacks, and a pair of extra attacks, the Great Olm has a number of phase-specific assaults to contend with.

In all, there are nine phase-specific assaults. You may learn more about them by looking at the graph below.

Attack Description
Spraying Acid Olm will vomit numerous acid pools, each of which does 3-6 damage each tick and has a mild poison effect.
Acid Drip Olm will saturate a single player with acid, causing acid pools to form all around them.
Deep Burn Olm will unleash a single green fireball against a single opponent. For every few ticks after five hits, that player will take five damage and have their stats reduced by -2. This assault has the potential to infect other players, resetting the duration on the ability.
Fire Wall Olm will encircle a player with two fire walls. You must perform a water spell on a section of one of the fire walls to be liberated from the fire walls without suffering a massive amount of damage.
Crystals Falling Olm will target a player with a red aura and have crystals rain down on them.
Bombs made of crystals Olm has the ability to drop up to three crystal bombs. After a short period, the explosives will detonate, creating 55 AoE damage zones. The closer you are near the explosives, the more damage you will take from the detonation.
Autoheal The Great Olm will repair any damage to his skull over a succession of ticks throughout the first three stages of the battle. Olm’s left arm also gains the Autoheal ability during the third phase. To symbolize the ability’s activation, the left hand will display an infinite symbol.
Syphon of Life Olm will fire two blue missiles during the last phase. As soon as these missiles strike the ground, they will generate shields. After a few ticks, any player who is not inside those shields will take severe damage. After that, Olm will be healed for five times the amount of damage he took.
Crystals Falling (Alternative) Olm will cause crystals to fall to the ground during the transition between stages and during the final phase. These crystals deal 33% AoE damage, with additional damage dealt depending on your character’s vicinity. Where the crystals will fall will be shown by shadows on the ground.

Stats from Great Olm

The Great Olm has more than simply a slew of lethal strikes. The last raid monster has an amazing set of stats as well. Take a look at the graphics below to see what I mean.

Level of Combat 1043
Styles of Attack Ranged and Magic
Immunities Venom and Poison
Weaknesses Ranged
Max Hit 33
Hitpoints 1600
Stats on Combat Attack Strength Defense Magic Ranged
272 272 272 272 272
Stats on Defensive Play Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+200 +200 +200 +200 +50

Breakdown of the Fight


The Great Olm battle had at least three stages. The number of stages, on the other hand, will rise as your party grows. You’re in luck if you’re battling Olm alone. You may prevent Olm from executing his assaults by continuously ignoring the direction of his head and general gaze.

The fight’s aim is to cripple Olm’s arms. Do not hit his head, since it has an Autohealing ability that lasts the duration of the battle. Begin by concentrating on the boss’s right arm. Then, assassinate the left arm. During a particular part of the fight, the left arm will also get an Autohealing ability.

If you don’t deactivate the Great Olm’s arms quickly enough during the final phase, they will completely regrow. Once a single arm has been deactivated, the timer will start. As a result, you’ll have to deactivate both arms at the same time. The boss battle will enter its final phase after both arms have been destroyed.

Defeating the Great Olm: Tips and Tricks


To accomplish this raid, you’ll need to wear some high-quality void armor to enhance your attacks. The defense levels of several of these raid monsters are very high. You need also have a minimum of 78 herblore, 55 farming, and 70 prayer. You’ll also need at least one party member with 99 mining, wood cutting, and building levels.

Super Combat Potions, Ranging Potions, Stamina Potions, and a large quantity of high-quality food are also required. Aside from that, just attempt to remember the offensive techniques and stages mentioned above. Being prepared for what is to come will enable you to respond more swiftly to specific assaults, which is critical to your success.

What Are the Benefits of the Xeric Chambers?


Participation points determine player prizes for the Chambers of Xerath raid. The more points a team gets, the more likely it is to gain access to rare and powerful goods. Each time a player dies during the raid, though, they will lose 40% of their points.

Points may be earned in three different ways. Players gain points by defeating monsters. Players get points for completing a puzzle area. Finally, gamers will gain points by using shortcuts in huge ruin chambers.

Each raid’s drop value has been calculated to be approximately equal to your total points multiplied by eight gold coins. As a result, you may be given a random item worth your Point Total X 8 at random. A little over 130,000 points is the highest amount of points any player may get from the raid. This equates to each player being able to acquire about 3,160,300 gold worth of stuff every hour. Your overall profits, however, may vary depending on your talent, speed, and luck.

Players may win one of a variety of goodies if a unique item drops after the final monster is vanquished. The following is a list of the items. Players that compete in the challenge mode will get metamorphic dust, while new raiders will receive the Dark Journal.

  • Prayer scroll with dexterity
  • Scroll of arcane prayer
  • Sword of the dragon
  • Harpoon of the dragon
  • thrownaxe of the dragon x100
  • buckler with a twist
  • Crossbow of the dragon hunter
  • Dinh’s fortification
  • Hat of the ancestors
  • Top of an ancient garment
  • Bottom of an ancestral robe
  • Claws of a dragon
  • Maul of the Elder
  • Insignia of Kodai
  • Bow with a twist

The end game for a lot of Old School players is a familiar one: raiding the Chambers of Xeric. This is a special area on Old School RuneScape that contains a series of special monsters. The Chambers are the hardest place to gain levels for a lot of players, simply because they are filled with such fearsome foes as the Eater of Worlds, greater demon and the Balors. This guide will show you how to make the most of this challenging place.. Read more about osrs raids gear setup and let us know what you think.

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The best way to get to raids is to use the fairy rings.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Can you solo Chambers of Xeric Osrs?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
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The stats you need for raids in OSRS are strength, agility, and defence.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to raids Osrs?

The best way to get to raids is to use the fairy rings.

Can you solo Chambers of Xeric Osrs?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What stats do you need for raids Osrs?

The stats you need for raids in OSRS are strength, agility, and defence.

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