Working on laptops may be relaxing as you choose where to work and how to work, but it has its fair share of cons. Laptops are the need of today’s generation because who wants to sit at a desk all day.

Around three out of four Americans own computer laptops because of their portable size, but all credit goes to the packed hardware. Moreover, laptops have fans to run smoothly and avoid overheating.

These fans disperse heat and help the laptop to work properly. You might hear a light whirl of air; that’s when you know your laptop is absolutely fine. However, when these fans struggle to keep your PC cool, it makes a bothersome noise like a plane is about to take off.

Reasons Why A Laptop Fan Fails To Cool Down The Device

Fans start making noises when they fail at circulating air inside the laptop, which can irritate them. Some of the common reasons for fan’s low performance are,

● Fans are bound to rust. They are worn out, get damaged, and eventually lose their functionality.

● If the atmospheric temperature is high, fans must take extra measures to maintain the laptop’s temperature. Hence they make such annoying noises.

● Blocked vents cause fan failure. When fans fail to circulate heat, the laptop heats up and becomes noisy.

5 Ways To Cool Down A Rattling Laptop Fan!

We have listed all the solutions to your problems. Wait no more; get started on how to make your laptop fan quieter in no time!

Clean Your Laptop

Sometimes, all your laptop needs is a self-care day. Clean the interior just like you tidy the exterior. Start off by dusting the inside of the laptop. Take a fine cloth or brush to get rid of the dust.

If you can’t get to the deep parts of the laptop, use an electric air blower. It provides efficiency in reaching the tiniest of places and removing dust everywhere. Another essential cleaning item is cleaning oils.

Cleaning oils refrain your laptops from corrosion and rust. They tidy all dust and harmful external particles. Make sure to clean the fan, making it as tidy as new!

Get A New Laptop Fan

The most effective way to shush your laptop is to replace its fan. Getting a new fan is the ultimate “10 problems, one solution” You may face one issue while getting a new fan, getting the exact copy of the initial fan.

Moreover, take it to a repair shop, or it can be done at home as well. Replacing a fan is not hard; quite tricky. Learn some tips and tricks from Google and YouTube and check the mandatory protocol. Voila! Your laptop fan just got a new repairer.

Use A Thermal Paste

Another way to eliminate the troublesome laptop noise is using thermal paste. All PCs and laptops use thermal paste. It aids in clocking all holes and gaps, so heat diffuses easily.

Thermal paste is usually used where heat sources are connected with the CPU, so heat transfers effortlessly. Initially, dismantle the laptop and clean the old thermal paste.

Subsequently, apply the new thermal paste in all heat sinks and sources to fill the gaps. Thermal pastes are accessible at all computer shops and online Get your hands on thermal pastes to avoid the alarm blaring fan noise now!

Control Your Laptop’s Fans

If you are also tired of the infuriating laptop noise, we are sure this method can come in handy. Most laptops have built-in software to help control the fans.

You can also download some software that aids similarly Control your laptop fan and reduce its speed whenever needed to lessen the noise. This method is a blessing and torture, all in one. Hence use it with extra care because it reduces the laptop’s sustainability.

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Cool Your Laptop

Laptop coolers are another successful way to eliminate irritating noises. Their job is to maximize laptop airflow. Coolers are an ideal option for people who play heavy video games, place laptops on a desk, or put pressure on laptops religiously.  

Final Thoughts!

It would help if you learned how to detect and fix your laptop problems as a DIY activity. About 218 million people will buy laptops in 2022, so laptop problems are quite expected. Learn to fix your laptop to save money and time. We are here at your service with top most effective ways to solve the most common laptop problem of noise.


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