In previous years, I’ve explored the best way to train the best Pokemon in 2019. Here are my findings.

Let’s face it, with Pokemon Go being a thing of the past, we don’t have to deal with our friends constantly complaining that they want to be a better trainer. While it is true that Pokemon GO is no longer a thing, there are still plenty of ways for players to train their Pokemon in 2019. One of the best way to do this is through the Pokemon Go Plus device. These devices are still readily available today, and have proven to be the best way to keep up with the game while you are away from your phone.

The Pokemon franchise has grown a bit since the days of battling it out with primitive monsters in the woods in your backyard. Today, the game is much more complex, and takes place in real life. If you want to be the very best, you need to train like the very best, and that requires the best trainers. Today, we’re going to look at the best way to hone your skills and master the Pokemon battle.

“I want to be the greatest, like no one else has ever been.” A phrase from the original show’s opening song lyrics that every Pokemon fan knows. To be the greatest, though, you must have the most strong Pokemon. Weaker Pokemon are often our favorites, but they don’t always make it. A recurrent motif in Pokemon is that the fight is won not by the strength of the Pokemon, but by how much their master loves about them. As any Magikarp will testify, this isn’t completely accurate, yet from another viewpoint, it’s also not entirely incorrect…

Even the most powerful Pokemon may be outshined by lesser kinds of Pokemon due to the manner they are nurtured. In that way, paying greater attention to how you grow your Pokemon is more important than just judging a Pokemon’s intrinsic strength. So, my excellent trainer, if you want to know how to grow the greatest form of your Pokemon, look no further! Today, we’ll go over the most important aspects of growing your finest Pokemon, such as effort values, individual values, natures, egg moves, and egg hatching. Let’s get started!

Values of Effort (EVs)

In basic terms, Effort Values, or “EVs” (not to be confused with Eevee, the Pokemon), are additional stat improvements gained by a Pokemon via combat. This implies that a Pokemon is born with no effort values: Pokemon are born with a blank slate in terms of effort values, and they must exert effort to acquire these metrics during their trip. The games don’t teach you much about accumulating EVs, but knowing more about how it all works will be very beneficial.


When a Pokemon enters combat, it must earn experience points by beating another Pokemon. The effort values are hidden inside these experience points and will be officially earned by your Pokemon when you level up. This indicates that your Lv. 100 Mewtwo has EVs, but they can’t gain any more since they’ve reached their maximum level. The key is that various Pokemon give you different types of EVs. Given that some Pokemon emit EVs that boost certain stats, this may offer you a huge edge in terms of tailoring where these stat boosts go.

Do you want Attack effort values to boost your Garchomp’s Attack stat, for example? After that, you’ll need to get EXP from a Pokemon that provides you Attack EVs. Luxray is an example of such a Pokemon. While you can use internet resources like Serebii or Bulbapedia to figure out which Pokemon give out which EVs, you can save time by remembering that the EV a Pokemon provides you is the same as its highest basic stat. Luxray’s highest stat is Attack, thus beating it will reward your Pokemon with Attack EVs. Consider it as absorbing its greatest strength!

For the EVs, your Pokemon does not need to beat the other; it just has to be present in combat with it. So, instead of using a Magikarp, you might use a Drampa to faint the Pokemon, and both Magikarp and Drampa would gain EVs.

Individual Values

Personal Values (IVs)

While effort values seemed to be difficult enough, IVs may be much more so. Individual values, unlike effort values, are stats that your Pokemon inherit. Even before it is born, when it is only an egg, it possesses these statistics. Individual values are so named because they are unique to each Pokemon, even within the same species, and unlike effort values, they cannot be altered along the route.

While it is true that IVs cannot be altered, they may be manipulated. It’s difficult to predict the IVs a Pokemon will have at birth, but you can influence things by having the correct IVs in the right stat on your Pokemon.


Each stat category has its own IV, which ranges from 0 to 31. The greater the IV, the more strong the Pokemon is in that attribute, thus a Pokemon with an IV of 29 in Speed will be much quicker than one with an IV of 4.

So, how can you figure out what a Pokemon’s IVs are?

It everything boils down to heredity, just as in real life. In real life, if you have a kid with tall parents, that child will most likely grow up to be tall as well, since their parents passed on the gene. Similarly, IVs are the Pokemon world’s genes. The more strong a Pokemon’s parents’ IVs are, the more likely that Pokemon will have those same high IVs. Given that a Pokemon’s parents are primarily responsible for that Pokemon’s IVs, choosing the proper parents for your Pokemon is critical. The mother’s offspring are always the same species as the mother (unless the mother is a Ditto). This is also true in real life (unless you’re a mule or a zebroid, of course).

Inherited IVs, on the other hand, are not always guaranteed to be identical to the parent IVs. There is always a “luck” element involved, just like with actual children, that you can’t control. This is the main theme of IVs because you may find yourself hatching more and more eggs until you find one with the IVs you need (which you can find out by consulting your game’s IV Judge, a character who varies from game to game and can be found in the Battle Tree after completing the main story in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon). The Destiny Knot item is one tool you may use to assist you get the most IVs from the parents. When you put this on your Pokemon at the daycare where it will lay its eggs, it will get five IVs from its parents, guaranteed. Power items (Power Belt, Bracer, Anklet, Weight, and Lens) are also useful, since they ensure that a parent Pokemon’s IV is passed down in the stat category that the selected Power item influences. This is helpful if you’re aiming to obtain an IV in a certain stat, like 31 Special Attack for a strong Psychic blast from your Alakazam.

IVs are a complicated mechanism, and breeding for them requires patience – even with the Destiny Knot and Power goods, you can never be certain that you’ll get several IVs from any one egg hatch. Passing down the correct IVs from parent to parent and getting the perfect mix of IVs on that one last Pokemon that you’ve been working for may take a very short period, or a very long time. If you desire an abnormally strong Pichu or a Snorlax that is far faster than it has any right to be, try to enjoy the process as you hatch your way to it.



Natures were first introduced to the Pokemon series in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, and they play a far bigger influence than what your Pokemon’s personality seems to be.


In a word, Natures offer your Pokemon a ten percent boost to one stat and a ten percent reduction to another (some natures do both to one stat, resulting in a 0 percent change). This is a crucial characteristic for your Pokemon to master, since dealing 10% more damage, resisting 10% more damage, or being 10% faster (or slower, if that’s the objective) may all help you change the tide of a fight. Similarly, the disadvantage of the tradeoff, being 10% lower in some areas, may be expensive in certain circumstances.

A chart displaying all of the natures and their effects.All of the natures and their consequences are shown in this graph.

Before you may breed a particular nature onto your Pokemon, you must first figure out which one you want. An Adamant nature, for example, boosts Attack but lowers Special Attack. Once you’ve chosen a nature, you’ll need to locate a Pokemon with that nature to serve as your Pokemon’s father or ancestor. Have that Pokemon carry an Everstone item after that. Why? The Everstone, on the other hand, ensures that the Pokemon’s nature is passed on to its children. This is an excellent method to save time while still getting the nature you want on your Pokemon.

Additionally, if you have a Pokemon with the nature you desire as the leader of the party with the ability Synchronize, you may search for a wild Pokemon with that nature. As a consequence, there’s a 50% chance that the wild Pokemon will have the same nature as your main party Pokemon.

It’s up to you to choose which nature your Pokemon will have and whatever stat tradeoff you’re willing to accept as a result. There is no nature without usage, so figure out how you want to utilize your Pokemon and which natural features will help it perform better.


Egg Moves

Another important aspect of getting the most out of your Pokemon. Some Pokemon moves can only be learnt if they are passed down from a parent. This implies that no matter how powerful a Pokemon becomes, if they didn’t learn these moves from their parents, they won’t be able to learn them on their own. These egg-exclusive moves are frequently extremely helpful moves that make the Pokemon far more flexible to a broader range of opponents, and they would be a secret inside the game (don’t make me call them easter eggs) if it weren’t for guides like this informing you about them. For example, Infernape has an egg move called Thunder Punch that covers its vulnerability against water-types. As you can see, egg movements may be a game changer at times.


The idea is simple: teach an egg move to a parent Pokemon, and the baby will inherit it. The practice, on the other hand, may be a bit more time-consuming. To begin, you must ensure that the Pokemon you wish to learn the egg move from is of the same species as its mother Pokemon. For example, a Chimchar with Thunder Punch would be born from a female Infernape mother and a male Electabuzz (who knows Thunder Punch) father.

It’s easy in that case, but you’ll sometimes come across egg moves that need you to descend through many Pokemon only to get to your final Pokemon’s moveset. This means you’ll have to go out and acquire many Pokemon you don’t have yet, teach them new moves, breed them, and repeat the process until you’re finished.

It is, in the end, worthwhile; just be aware that you may wind yourself constructing a whole family tree before you are through!

Hatching of Eggs

This entire process of training your finest Pokemon may have a “zen” aspect to it if you’re in the proper mental condition. But the egg hatching is probably the most boring aspect… no, the most tedious part of all of this is the egg hatching. Because eggs hatch after a certain number of steps, and you might have to go through a lot of eggs to find the right IVs and get those multi-generational egg moves, hatching each egg just to see if it has the right stats can take a long time, and running around in circles to hatch eggs should be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

However, having a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body at the head of your party is one method to accelerate this and speed things up. The party egg(s) will hatch considerably quicker because to the heat from that Pokemon. They’ll hatch 50 percent quicker, in fact. This is a no-brainer that will significantly aid your quest to become the greatest global killer Pokemon.


Pokemon is a much more complicated game series than it seems on the surface, as these profound mechanics demonstrate, whether you’re playing on your 3DS or your Switch (or the rumored upcoming Switch Mini). Any Pokemon may be a champion in its own right, and if you have a team in mind, there is always a better version of the team you want to build. If you just want to enjoy the game on its surface level, that’s OK, but if you want to bring out the best in your Pokemon, there’s a lot more to it, and understanding the fundamentals is the first step toward being the greatest. Good luck, and I hope to see you on the battlefield!

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