Imagine that you have the opportunity to become part of the gaming industry shortly. What if you had the honor of writing about PC games and even found a great AAA title to start exploring gameplay. But the problem is that beginners don’t always know where to start. What aspects are especially important, and what should you pay attention to start writing like a pro? Here’s what matters most to a professional reviewer.

Make a Solid Plan

To begin with, you should create a plan and define key points in order not to get confused in the order of your actions. Many beginners start writing reviews spontaneously and quickly switch to opposed aspects of the game. Unfortunately, such a strategy is extremely negative for creating a detailed review. By structuring your activities, you can avoid writing gaps and stay on track.

Play the Game for 5-10 Hours

Under ideal conditions, you should complete the entire story campaign to understand how the game met your expectations. The fact is that many game titles are especially interesting 3-5 hours after the start of the first mission. For example, many journalists gave Days Gone an unfairly low rating because the prologue lasted a couple of hours.

If you want to be a pro, you should play for at least a couple of days to form your opinion. But what if you are a student and such long gaming sessions are unacceptable for you? Maybe you should find writing service. Order essay online and forget you’ve ever had problems with assignments. Surely you will have more free time to achieve your writing goals.

Start With Plot Analysis

You can already form your independent opinion about many aspects of the game. At the same time, you should avoid spoilers because quite a few people have not yet played the game of your choice. Describe plot aspects in a way that doesn’t reveal key twists and secrets. In some cases, you can focus on basic information and describe the main characters’ motivations.

The Next Step Is Gameplay

People want to know how interesting the game is. What game mechanics are available to your character? Do you have to fight enemies, travel the world, or is it your goal to create settlements?

Start with a description of the genre and the key gameplay mechanics that allow you to experience the excitement of spending time in the virtual world. And don’t forget to describe the so-called leveling in terms of equipment and skills. You can also describe your experience and subjective feelings, especially if your review is not published on sites like Kotaku or IGN.

Graphics Matter

The next stage is the description of the game engine, shaders, visual assets, and locations. Describe the graphical aspects and animation patterns that make your chosen game special. For example, you can note the detailing of faces and natural animation of movements.

Pay attention to weather aspects, the open world, and destructible objects. The description of graphic and animation features depends on your desire. Focus on what you think is worth your attention.

Don’t Forget About Optimization!

Optimization is the Achilles’ heel for every game studio. The fact is that the game development process is becoming more complex and multi-stage every year.

Game developers, animators, and testers are forced to polish many levels, animations, and story scripts. As a rule, each game has some bugs or broken scripts on the day of release. You should objectively evaluate how playable the game title you have chosen is at the initial stage.

Music and Voice Acting

Music is what makes gamers’ hearts beat faster. Surely you felt the excitement during the battles with dragons in TES 5 or witcher fury in The Witcher 3. Music helps determine the impending danger, artifacts, or a change of location. But the voice acting level has the strongest influence on the gaming experience. Sometimes the character’s voice can be out of tune with the animation on the screen.

Voice actors must be professionals; otherwise, the gaming experience will be negative. Evaluate the quality of dialogues, voices, and intonations, depending on a particular scene. This information is extremely important for gamers.

Final Words

Creating a game review is a rather complex and multi-stage process. You have to test different aspects of the game and analyze dozens of parameters before evaluating the quality of the game. In addition, you should be impartial to give your readers the freedom to choose.

At the same time, no one forbids you to criticize the game if any aspect does not meet your standards. But do not forget to give the right arguments and point out what objectively does not correspond to the promises of game developers. This strategy will allow you to create the perfect article or a game review.


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