I Am Setsuna – All 15 Spritnite-Eaten Monsters Locations (Worldly Wisdom) Trophy Achievement Guide

There are 15 Spritnite-Eaten Monsters in all, unlocked through the game’s story. This guide will show you every monster location in the game, including locations of Spritnite-Eaten items that can be found throughout the game.

For the long time and loyal fans of I Am Setsuna, Worldly Wisdom will now be parting with 15 new locations of monsters that can be taken to the Spritnite-Eaten Trophy in the game.

Many players have spent hours upon hours grinding away at Spritnite-ridden enemies in Setsuna, the latest Zelda spinoff from Square-Enix. However, after reaching a certain point in the game, it becomes clear that the only way to unlock the trophy (which requires you to kill every last one of the game’s 15 Spritnite-Eaten monsters) is to go back to the beginning of the game—which could take many hours of grinding.

You may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments in I Am Setsuna, including Worldly Wisdom.

Players must locate and kill all 15 Spritnite-Eaten creatures in order to gain Worldly Wisdom. Some of them are very difficult, and you may need to continue the narrative and toughen up a little.

Anyway, here’s a video that should show you how to locate each one.


This movie depicts the locations of all 15 Spiritnite-Eaten Monsters. I’ll confess that for a lot of stuff, I was definitely under-leveled xD

Maloompa (Frost Caves – Boss Area) 0:00–6:08 (Floneian Territories)

Atomic Puff-Puff (Serendale – Boss Area) (Near boat/Floneian Territories) from 6:08 to 6:55 

6:55 – 13:12 : Magna Valley Crystal Shroomback – Use Entrance Near Gatherington) (Fridging Mountain Range)

(Northern Frontier/near bridge) 13:12 – 15:24 : Silvara Twallusk Mountain – Near entrance, keep heading north, avoid route uphill)

Glowly-Poly (Morbrisse Mountain – Enter from rear door and follow trail.) 15:24 – 17:00 This one is seen in the story) (Northern Frontier/near Kirs Forest)

17:00 – 17:35 : Zoot-Hoot (Floneian Territories/near bridge) (Mysleigh Wood – Go to hidden section of the woods that Kir shows you)

Rocky Floeburg Waters (boss area) from 17:35 to 19:15 (Look for Ice scattered all over Ocean)

Southpaw Fridging Caves (exit at Fridging Heights) (near Gatherington/Fridging Mountain Range) from 19:15 to 21:43

Fallout Shell Blackwhelm Cave (Northern Frontier/Near Gatherington Region) 21:43 – 23:06

(Near Gatherington/Fridging Mountain Range) 23:06 – 25:39 : Dinotaurus Crystallus Magna Valley (near ruins where you battle Rhydderch and get the airship)

Stoniel Last Lands – Village Area (25:39–31:58)

Digi Deermon Last Lands – Village Area (31:58–33:53)

Magiconda Archimell Ruins (33:53–35:50)

Stone Flapper Forgotten Shore (36:20–37:30)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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There is a lot of talk about the new core game, “I Am Setsuna”, but little is known about the game’s spin-off, “Spritnite-Eaten Monsters Locations”. The spin-off is a side story that takes place after the main game’s ending, and it is only accessible by exploring the world of “I Am Setsuna” in particular ways. The spin-off is a deep experience in its own right and has its own trophies as well. This guide will explain all of the 15 spin-off-related trophies that can be obtained by finding and exploring each of the 15 monsters.. Read more about i am setsuna missable trophies and let us know what you think.

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