Some people have told us that they would like to find the reason for Setsuna being a Fide; the hidden trophy in the game that requires you to collect the five orbs in the game (later on, you can collect 25 total). To help you find the reason for Setsuna’s Fide, we’ve created this set of guides to help you through the main quest for the Fide.

I am Setsuna is  Fide Side Quest (Dragnarok Spritnite – Reason For Being) Trophy Achievement  Guide. It is a  Complete Guide  to help you get the Fide Side Quest (Dragnarok Spritnite – Reason for Being) trophy.

This guide is for those who want to obtain the “I Am Setsuna – Fide Side Quest (Dragnarok Spritnite – Reason For Being)” trophy on Fide Side Quest (Dragnarok Spritnite – Reason For Being) for PlayStation 4.

You may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments in I Am Setsuna, including Reason for Being.

Reason for Being necessitates the acquisition of the Dragnarok spirit, which can only be obtained by completing the Fide side quest.

The following is a step-by-step approach to achieving this goal.


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