I Am Setsuna is an RPG, made by Square Enix and published by Nintendo. It’s a game about love, loss, heartbreak and everyday trials. It won awards at E3 2017 and at Tokyo Game Show 2017, and is the first Square Enix game to be released on the Nintendo Switch.

[Alternative] There are three different ways to get the 3 “Roots” in the “Roots” System World. [Alternate Method 1] – This is the quickest method. [Alternate Method 2] – This is slightly faster than the first method. [Alternate Method 3] – This is the fastest method to getting the “Roots” in the “Roots” System World. [Alternative Method 1] – Use the “Eye” Beast/Moth Beast/Flame Beast as you Progress through the “Hollow City” Dungeon/Dungeon. [Alternative Method 2] – Use the “Eye” Beast/Moth Beast/Flame Beast at the Hub “Shrine” in “Hollow City”.

This week we are going to tackle another of the game’s harder trophies, “I Am Setsuna – Realm Of Sealed Love / Courage / Hope (Laniff / Apparth / Moolbeld Ruins) Trophy Achievement Guide”. This calls for a bit of preparation, but will be well worth it in the end to gain the trophy, and if you are following us on Twitter or other social media, you will have seen us post about the game’s achievements from time to time.

Realm of Sealed Love, Realm of Sealed Courage, and Realm of Sealed Hope are just a handful of the trophies and accomplishments available in I Am Setsuna.

The player must visit several ruins in Realm of Sealed Love, Realm of Sealed Courage, and Realm of Sealed Hope, including Laniff, Apparth, and Moolbeld.

Here’s a little tutorial that should help you do this job!







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I Am Setsuna is a game I can genuinely say I fell in love with. It’s one of those games that despite its quirks, it still stands the test of time. It’s got a great story, some very memorable characters, and the plot was structured in such a way that you really felt like you were making an impact on the world, even if it was just a minor one.. Read more about i am setsuna trophies and let us know what you think.


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