A Quick Tips and FAQ’s Guide for the new game Imperator: Rome.

Imperator: Rome 15  is an online game that allows everyone to take control of the Roman Empire. It is based on the real-life historical Imperator: Rome game series.

Imperator: Rome 15 is a new game that was developed by the G15 team as an expansion of the game Imperator: Rome 14. The game takes place during the period between 15 BC and 9 BC, starting with the start of the great expansion of the Roman Empire in Greece and its expansion into the Balkans and parts of Anatolia. The game is incredibly detailed and has a lot of new features, which makes it a true successor to Imperator: Rome 14. Here are the most important improvements:

For both veterans and newcomers to the genre, we’ve compiled a list of useful hints to know before you begin. Imperator: Rome is a grand strategy game in which you control a map and make internal (how much to pay people, what to trade where, etc.) and exterior (who to invade, who to ally with, etc.) choices that affect your game success.

The most important piece of advice is that Imperator Rome is like a good wine that improves with age. Even for seasoned fans of the genre, the first few playthroughs often include spectacular random failure due to subsystems that were neglected or events that were triggered. That’s part of the fun of the game.

You’ll discover a range of suggestions below that you should go through before starting your next game.

  1. You can only ally with nations of the same level as you, but you may seek out ally-like relationships with higher and lower ranked powers.
  2. When a city has 15 slaves, it will produce one extra trade product. Cities have a set trade good, thus whatever that city’s trade good is will be used. The initial duplicate made by slaves is kept in the city, but later copies may be sold.
  3. Although there are many similarities between Europa Universalis IV and Imperator: Rome, they are two distinct games with numerous differences and modifications. In the community, there is debate about whether it is a successor to EU4 or EU: Rome.
  4. The game’s objective is straightforward: convert more of the map your color. Navigating the subsystems to achieve success is the difficult part. Combat isn’t anything to be scared of.
  5. As much as possible, avoid uncontrolled development. Extend with purpose. Because the game is all on resource management, you should always be aware of your current maintenance, what resources you have, and what resources you need.
  6. It’s critical to maintain loyalty if you wish to prevent a civil war at all costs. Tyranny is the same way. If you’re going Republic, don’t be too hard on the Senate.
  7. Enter fights knowing you’re going to win. To make the fight a success, be sure to set wargoals in reachable places. Consider your plan and what victory looks like on the map; if you don’t see it, don’t go into combat.
  8. When you colonize, the city from which you colonized can’t recolonize for a time, but the newly colonized city may. You can instantly colonize the new city if you transfer enough people into it.
  9. Your government bonuses double when you achieve regional power (25 cities).
  10. Only if your nation is conquered by another country or if you lose a civil war do you lose.
  11. Slaves may rebel, and controlling them is crucial since they can account for a significant part of your economy. Slaves produce duplicates of trade items and taxes (see tip 2).
  12. The army’s pace is determined by the slowest unit. The army as a whole will be slowed down by only one sluggish unit.
  13. Mercenaries are formidable opponents. You may purchase mercenaries from your opponents, causing them to lose power while you gain, and they can be a fast method to finish a conflict that you need to end.
  14. Keep in mind that the A.I. When they are angry with you, they may not always break a trade, but if you go to war, they will, and this may cause havoc with your economy. When you go to war, have a plan for trading products.
  15. Play, play, play, and don’t give anything away! Finding new events and methods to grow is part of the game’s appeal.

If you’re prepared to put some work into it, Imperator: Rome 15 can be a really great game. You can spend a handful of hours with the game and get a pretty good feel for what it’s like to settle the Romans into the empire. But if you’re starting from scratch, this brief guide will help you avoid some of the pitfalls you may encounter along the way.. Read more about imperator rome starting experience and let us know what you think.

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