Improve gaming setup in 17 ways

A new era in gaming has begun, with the introduction of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The future is bright for gamers, but there are still some hurdles to overcome. This blog will discuss how gaming can improve in 17 ways.

The things to make your setup look better is a series of tips that can help improve the gaming experience.

Congratulations if you’ve recently built a gaming setup! You’ve taken the first step toward joining the PC master race, but when you compare your setup to the one you saw on Reddit, you’ll see a number of flaws and gaps.


Don’t worry; now is the time to fix those problems with some adjustments you may or might not have heard about. The following is a list of items you should now pay attention to in order to make your setup seem like others you see on the internet, particularly on Edgar’s Setup Wars.

The first step in perfecting and organizing your gaming setup is to handle those unsightly wires that are dangling beneath your desk and laying on the floor. It’s probably the most challenging step, particularly if you have a lot of gear and peripherals, but this step alone will enhance your gaming setup by 70%.

Sleeves with cables

Cable management sleeve

If you have a lot of wires flowing from one location, the best option is to tie them together, however cable wraps work better than basic straps. The cable sleeve encases the whole bundle of cables, making them seem as if they were one. This is highly recommended for avoiding the clutter of various cable sizes.

Zip Ties for Cables

You can’t use cable sleeves for tiny cable management, therefore Zip Ties are the finest option for securing the hanging wires. You may utilize them both inside and outside of your computer. These work well with thin wires as well as a small number of them. To separate the cables after they’ve been knotted, you’ll need to use a cutter.

Rack for cables

Cable management rack

The cable rack allows you to keep all of your cords on one platform and prevent them from dropping to the floor. You may place all of your switchboards, extension cables, and device adapters on the same cable rack beneath the table.




Get an estimate of how much space you’ll need before you purchase all of your PC components, peripherals, and accessories. It is preferable to get a larger desk than you will need. On your workstation, you should have at least 1 foot of additional room for future expansions.

Also, ensure sure your workstation has enough depth to accommodate a large display and keyboard/mouse without being cramped. For optimal compatibility, your desk depth should be at least 2.5 feet. Make sure your workstation and chair are at the same height. Your chair hand rests should be the same height as the top portion of your desk so that you can easily place your hands and wrists on both the hand rest and the table without bending your wrists.

Your thighs should be parallel to the floor and your feet should fall precisely on the floor when you sit in your chair, and this is how you should measure how tall your table should be.

Cable management system built-in

Desk cable management

If you’re already familiar with cable management and want to create a long-term solution, you may have certain features added to your table to make it easier to handle the wires. To begin, arrange your components on your table and choose where you will route the cables, then drill several routing holes in your table.

You should also seek assistance in keeping your wires hidden under your desk. You may keep your adapters and cords beneath your desk with a piece of wood, plastic, or whatever your desk is made of. Another excellent alternative to the wire rack is this.

Ample seating space

Desk spaceImgur is the source of this image.

In order to adjust your legs, you’ll need a lot of room beneath your desk. If your table isn’t big enough, don’t bother with a storage system; otherwise, you’ll feel cramped. At least 2 feet of free space underneath your desk should be available for you to rest your legs.

Drawers for storing things

It would be simpler for you to keep your utilities if you can devote one side of your desk to storage drawers. These drawers are very useful and may be used to store a variety of items that aren’t used on a daily basis.



Always invest in an ergonomic chair that supports your lower back. Sitting all day on a regular non-ergonomic chair in front of your computer may cause severe lower back discomfort that can last a lifetime. An ergonomic chair is not only beneficial for your health, but it also looks nice in your gaming setup. There are many other kinds of seats available nowadays, and they don’t have to be “Gaming Chairs,” but regular office mesh chair can suffice.


Of course, if you’re putting up a gaming setup, you’ll have all of the required accessories, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The notion is that by updating and modifying your current peripherals, you may enhance the potential of your gaming setup. Consider the following factors to improve your setup.

Keyboard, mouse, headset

HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard Mouse

If you’re in the market for a keyboard and mouse, go for an LED-backlit keyboard and mouse combination that will complement your setup. Saving some money and purchasing a mechanical keyboard and a gaming mouse with extra buttons for different gaming purposes would be even better.

If you have a basic keyboard and mouse, arrange them so that their wires don’t seem to be strewn over the desk. You may connect them by routing them via the closest routing hole on your desk and tying their wires together to make them seem as one.

Mouse pad


While a normal mousepad will do for most users, a large mousepad is needed for gaming since you will be moving your mouse much too much, especially in fps games where you must decrease your mouse sensitivity. A big mouse pad, or one large enough to accommodate your keyboard and mouse, is suggested.

Peripherals with wireless connectivity

Many gamers utilize wireless keyboards, mice, and headsets due to the abundance of wireless accessories on the market. Yes, they are costly, but they are also a one-time investment that makes your setup more organized and manageable.

Stand for your headset


This may free up more room on your desk, but it also improves the symmetry of the arrangement. If you’re on a budget, any inexpensive headset stand will do, but an RGB stand, such as the Corsair ST100, not only supports your headset but also offers various lighting effects and an extra USB port into which you can connect your headset, resulting in a cleaner setup.

Stand for your phone


A phone stand is usually inexpensive and is an excellent addition to any arrangement that makes it easier to utilize the phone. The majority of them include a routing hole through which you can route your charger wire and charge your phone without having to take it off the table.

Location of the speakers

If you don’t use speakers, you may skip this step; but, if you do, the ideal spot to put them is in the corners of your room. Wall corners are ideal for 3D sound quality while also saving room on the desk.


At night, you’ll certainly need some illumination. For a gamer, the default room illumination is excessively bright, and a totally dark atmosphere is unhealthy. You should light up your space with appropriate lighting accessories, and luckily, we have some extremely popular RGB lights that alone elevate the appearance of the setup to a whole new level.

Strips and bulbs made of LEDs

LED Gaming Setup

LED strips are the most cost-effective way to light up your home and workstation. These are readily accessible and may be mounted on the wall or placed on/under the desk. A remote control may be used to operate LED strips, and some luxury LED strips can also be controlled through phone applications. Table lights may also be used to create a cozier atmosphere.

Aurora Nanoleaf


These are currently the most costly RGB lights available. Despite their high price, they are unlike any other, and as a user, I can’t describe how captivating they seem. These triangle/square lights may be used to create a variety of designs and are very simple to install and maintain.

Because the LED light is diffused, the illumination is consistent and pleasant. These feature a pre-programmed pattern and may be controlled by voice. If you wish to download limitless effects created by users, you’ll have to utilize the Nanoleaf app.

How to Use Different Lights in a Gaming Setup (Related)



Those who can afford to spend more on LED strips but not enough on Nanoleaf may choose for the LIFX Beam, a premium lighting option for gaming settings. The illumination is extremely consistent, and it may be placed behind, beneath, or behind the display.

What changes are you making to your gaming setup?



The how to make your gaming setup look better for free is a blog post that includes 17 ways to improve the quality of your gaming setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my gaming setup?

There are a few things you can do to improve your gaming setup. First, make sure that you have a good pair of headphones and a good microphone. Second, invest in a comfortable chair or bean bag. Third, get a headset with a built-in mic.

What should I add to my gaming setup?

A good gaming mouse and headset are a must for any gamer. If youre looking to buy a new system, the best option is to go with an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.

How can I make my gaming setup look better cheap?

The first thing you should do is buy a new monitor. Monitors are very important for a good gaming setup because they allow you to see whats going on in the game and not be distracted by other things. The second thing you should do is buy a new computer. New computers have better graphics cards that can handle more complex games, which means your games will look better.

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