Grand Theft Auto Online is world famous for its never-ending amount of content; yes, most of it has to do with criminal activities with the ultimate aim of amassing huge amounts of wealth. On the contrary, there are some in the Grand Theft Auto community who feel the need for a change, even if it is for a short duration. And the below list serves the very same purpose; in other words, it will introduce my Grand Theft Auto community fellows to some awesome new Grand Theft Auto Online activities. And, in case you have gone through all the activities that we are going to talk about below, then you, my friend, are for sure a Grand Theft Auto veteran.

Stunning Hidden Gems in GTA Online You Need to Know About

Contact Companions Using Your Phone

Technology has been an integral part of all the Grand Theft Auto iterations. They are famous for integrating the best tech available in the market in their latest release, and this is one of the USPs of Grand Theft Auto. Whether it be unpopular remote control vehicle segments to the urban myths of jetpacks and UFOs, the basic recurring theme to highlight the progress of technology in each Grand Theft Auto iteration has been your trustworthy cell phone.

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For instance, while CJ walked with a huge block of a phone, Niko, on the other hand, walked with a more modern mobile that allowed him to call his partners in crime. To be straightforward, in the context of Grand Theft Auto V, these phones have a universe of their own.


Things do not just stop at that; when it comes to mobile phones in Grand Theft Auto Online, they are blessed with several unique features. Yes, you can use it to reach out to in-game characters, and set up missions, click pics, and a lot of other things. But you can also use these mobile phones to call your near and dear ones while playing the game.

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Split Money During Heists

When we are talking about money, nearly every Rockstar Games product keeps that at the centre, but in the context of Grand Theft Auto V, the importance of money has reached its peak.

Like robberies become the USP, with you arranging for a crew, followed by training them all throughout the game, and everything then proceeding towards the final scene.

Yes, things were pretty exciting up until only in-game characters were involved, but when your near and dear ones became a part of this mess, things went south. It is a complete chaos that looks so real in comparison to anything that has been developed in the past. Want to buy your modded accounts from an online retailer that offers same day (instant) delivery, CSGOSmurfNinja is the right choice.

Yes, they were not a part of the original release of Grand Theft Auto Online, but they were finally integrated, and further additions were made with the help of updates. Central to this is that the organiser of the robbery must finance it with their own earnings, with no possibility of a refund.


To be precise, it means they have the power to decide how the ROI aka profits are distributed. In other words, ready yourself for a lot of fights, in case you have a hunger for more cash.

Operate Your Own Nightclub

Rockstar has designed Grand Theft Auto Online with a single intention, and that is to force the Grand Theft Auto community (not against their wishes) to spend the maximum amount of time inside the game, like it is their real life, where they can make an earning and thrive in life, like one does in real world. Want to buy modded accounts from a seller whose after-sales support takes no holidays? CSGO Smurf Ninja is that business.

And to make this happen, there are a lot of things available at your service inside Grand Theft Auto Online, like you can purchase your very own night club to have the maximum amount of fun possible.

Final Words

As per the norm, we will wrap up today’s session with a short summary of everything we have learned. To begin with, Grand Theft Auto V’s smaller sibling, Grand Theft Auto Online, has no shortage of things for your entertainment, and this post will introduce you to some of them in detail. Last but not least, remember it is not always about crime.


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