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NexusMods is a fantastic site where you may fulfill many of your non-canonical dreams. Some of it is screwed up, like altering an NPC’s race or other anomalies like placing dicks in games where dicks aren’t supposed to be.

However, certain modifications can’t help but make you feel something. That’s the case with this mod, which transforms Geralt, the grizzled old monster hunter, into a youthful lad. As a consequence, we get a youthful, sultry Witcher who is wonderful despite the fact that his presence contradicts our knowledge and enjoyment of Geralt.

The Geralt we know is a grumpy old guy whose sex appeal stems from his weathered appearance and voice actor Doug Cockle’s gruff delivery. It’s how he manages to attract all of the women. This mod, made by user Atherisz, reimagines Geralt as a sultry Scandinavian supermodel with a weathered voice to match.

If you want to be pedantic, call it that. All I know is that this Geralt is interrogating me about my sexuality.


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