Hevo is an innovative no-code data pipeline platform that helps companies to discover real-time insights from their data. It provides an easy-to-use platform with powerful data processing and analytics capabilities that enable customers to quickly analyse and visualise their data.

Recently, the company raised $30M in its Series B funding round to continue to grow its platform and expand into new markets. In this article, we will provide an introduction to Hevo and talk about its features and benefits.

Overview of Hevo

Hevo is a no-code data pipeline platform designed to help businesses unlock real-time insights from their data. It is engineered to help organisations become truly data-driven with advanced integration capabilities, a robust infrastructure and powerful analytics capabilities. As a result, Hevo enables businesses of all types and sizes to deploy a reliable, secure and efficient data pipeline in minutes.

At its core, Hevo lays the groundwork for an automated data pipeline that harnesses the power of cutting edge technologies such as Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and Google BigQuery. This allows businesses to get up and running quickly without complex coding or technical setup from IT teams. Moreover, companies can access datasets from various sources such as databases, APIs or files in real time without requiring manual effort from the users.

Moreover, Hevo facilitates fast discovery of real-time insights through its machine learning based intelligence layer. Its predictive capabilities are powered by algorithms trained with historical patterns based on massive datasets that can simulate user behaviour and provide actionable recommendations for businesses to best optimise their operations across different facets like customer engagement or financial performance optimization.

These features make Hevo an invaluable tool for modern day businesses striving towards leveraging the latest advancements in technology while overcoming manual processes associated with traditional ETL pipelines when it comes to big data initiatives like analytics or marketing automation.

Hevo’s mission and vision

At Hevo, we aim to provide a no-code data pipeline platform that helps companies discover real-time insights from their data. In addition, we strive to make data integration easy and accessible to anyone who needs it – regardless of technical expertise.

Our vision is to be the go-to platform for machine learning and data analytics solutions that enable businesses to better understand their customers, create meaningful products, automate processes and leverage the power of data. We are creating automation-first solutions, meaning our platform eliminates manual work as much as possible so you can focus on strategizing and staying ahead in the constantly changing business world.

We provide numerous features like automated ETL (extract, transform and load) processes for all source systems, real-time monitoring for any issues with the existing pipelines, simple yet powerful widget tools used for quickly creating customizable dashboards from your data based on user preferences. We also support robust Security Data Governance (SDG), which helps ensure that all your company information remains secure while still being able to use it efficiently without sacrificing speed or quality.

We firmly believe Hevo will become an indispensable part of any organisation’s strategy by helping bring real value through automation of manual workflows; something essential in today’s ever-evolving digital business landscape!

Hevo’s Key Features

Hevo is a no-code data pipeline platform that helps companies discover real-time insights from their data. The platform simplifies the data engineering process, allowing companies to easily extract, transform, and load data into their data warehouses and lakes without code.

Hevo recently announced that it has raised $30M in Series B funding to support its growth.

This article will examine some of Hevo’s key features and how companies can benefit from them.

Automated Data Pipelines

Hevo helps companies streamline data operations and enables them to build automated pipelines to automate the collection and movement of data from source systems to target systems. This modern, cloud-based data ingestion platform accelerates all aspects of creating, running and monitoring real-time data pipelines with its easy-to-use no-code data pipeline interface.

Hevo’s automated end-to-end pipeline functionality provides seamless integration from various popular third party sources such as Dropbox, Salesforce, MySQL, S3 buckets or Google Analytics. Once the desired connection is established it can be directly exposed within Hevo with no code setup required. Hevo also offers a wide range of transformations allowing users to adhere to their ETL best practices by converting incoming data formats into outbound ones within the pipeline. Such capabilities enable customers to take full advantage of the scalability and flexibility provided by Hevo’s cloud infrastructure while freeing them up from manual setups or hand coding ETLs.

In addition, Hevo offers a comprehensive audit trail that allows users to gain complete visibility into the activities performed within their pipelines at any given time. Customers can track changes such as source updates or errors from within their pipelines in real time and trace back different versions of past changes for more detailed investigations if needed. On top of all this, Hevo supports different values for different development environments using environment variables, making creating multi environment and devOps style deployments easier than ever before.

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Real-time Data Ingestion

Hevo is a no-code data pipeline platform that helps companies quickly connect, curate and analyse their data. Utilising Hevo’s real-time data ingestion capabilities, companies can easily access precise and timely insights from their databases.

With Hevo’s real-time ingestion services, organisations can easily integrate various data types for better analysis and more accurate insights. In addition, real-time ingestion helps make information available faster than ever. It captures and ingests incoming data as soon as it arrives in the source repository – no matter where that may be. This eliminates the need for manual processes, helping to improve efficiency in analysing large volumes of critical data.

Hevo offers configurable support for batch and streaming ingestions with comprehensive profiling of incoming records to help businesses gain complete control over the content they ingest. Full support is also provided with automated detection systems to recognize new objects being created or updated in the source systems while simultaneously updating schemas in response to any changes made in the underlying records over time – further increasing accuracy and relevance of gathered analytics results.

Additionally, having operational metrics for monitoring ingesting process performance for each source system provides valuable insight. The real-time ingestion capabilities offered by Hevo allow businesses to enrich their pipeline with unparalleled quality and scalability – essential components when making fast yet informed decisions from collected data.

Data Transformation and Enrichment

Data transformation and enrichment are critical components of building a modern data stack. Hevo provides the tools to prepare data for analytics and machine learning pipelines. Data transformations allow organisations to modify their source data from its raw form into a well-structured format, easily consumable by analysis tools and machine learning models. Hevo supports mapping source fields to destination fields, string transformations including upper/lowercase conversion, splitting, joining and defining custom expressions using Python.

With Hevo’s built-in machine learning algorithms like Enrichment Detectors, users can easily infer missing information from existing attributes or build predictions based on the performance of their models across transactional and sensor data. Hevo also integrates with third-party services such as Google’s Auto ML or Looker Transformations. This allows users to apply sophisticated functionality like image recognition or deep classification to transform operational datasets into insight-driven predictions that can power impactful business decisions.

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No-code Data Pipeline Platform, Hevo Raises $30M in Series B to Help Companies Discover Real-time Insights from their Data

Hevo has recently raised $30M in Series B funding, positioning itself as a no-code data pipeline platform that helps companies discover real-time insights from their data.

With this new funding, Hevo can expand its platform and empower organisations to gain actionable insights by connecting and automating data pipelines.

In this article, we will explore the key features of Hevo and the impact that Series B funding will have on its growth.

Details of the Series B Funding

Hevo, a no-code data pipeline platform announced today that it has raised $30 million in Series B funding. This brings Hevo’s total funding to $45 million and will help the company expand its customer base, develop new solutions for customers, and build its engineering and marketing teams.

The Series B funding round was led by Sequoia India and attracted participation from existing investors Tiger Global Management and Matrix Partners India. Mahesh Murthy of Sequoia India said of Hevo’s comprehensive product suite: “Hevo makes it easier to extract insights from Data with their powerful suite of products – this is becoming increasingly important in today’s world but difficult to do at scale due to the complexity of managing different sources. Hevo is an exciting example of technology helping businesses unlock their potential from the huge data wave. We’re proud to support a team that can help us overcome data challenges large enterprises face.”

A Data Pipeline as a Service (DPaaS) company, Hevo offers its users an automated platform designed to collect, integrate, model and visualise data in real time without requiring manual coding or scripting. Most of the raised funds will go towards expanding Hevo’s product capabilities, such as building new integrations between third-party services like Google AdWords and other analytics platforms. They will also dedicate funds towards optimising customer experience through additional support channels.

Over 70 enterprise customers have pulled insights with Hevo across 30+ industry verticals, including eCommerce, education & intelligence firms. With this new round of funding powering the engine for growth & expansion for Hevo – more enterprises are set to discover real-time actionable insights in months rather than years!

How Hevo Plans to Use the Funds

Hevo Inc., the no-code data integration and transformation platform, has announced a $30 million Series B round of funding. Two early-stage venture investors led the round: GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Tiger Global. In addition, it included participation from existing investors such as Sequoia India and LightSpeed India Partners, as well as Four Rivers Group.

The funds will support Hevo’s continued acceleration in enterprise growth worldwide and the development of new capabilities across its core data integration product offering. In addition, Hevo plans to further innovate its platform with features that leverage machine learning for enhanced automation, reduce manual labour for manual transformations, and enable more efficient data streaming for real-time insights.

Hevo is also investing in expanding its customer service organisation, growing international presence with dedicated local support staff and increasing international language coverage. The new funds will allow the company to enhance customer onboarding experience so understanding the value of integrated data is achieved more quickly. Hevo is also launching on-demand training open to customers worldwide with video content that introduces users to best practices in non technical formats.

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Benefits of Hevo

Hevo is a no-code data pipeline platform that helps companies discover real-time insights from their data in minutes. The platform is easy to set up and can instantly connect to hundreds of sources and sync data to data warehouses in real-time.

Hevo recently raised $30 million in series B to help further its mission to democratise data and make data accessible to everyone.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of Hevo and how it can help companies.

Cost Savings

Hevo provides significant cost savings to organisations due to its no-code, self serving solution:

1. Hevo eliminates the need for expensive engineering resources to develop and maintain data pipelines;

2. It enables efficient usage of budget and fast deployment of ETL/ELT jobs;

3. It eliminates the need for additional cloud infrastructure costs associated with maintaining and securing your data pipeline;

4. The platform has customizable scalability that ensures you pay only for what you use – meaning you have complete control over your usage cost at any given time;

5. You eliminate costly licensing fees or extra costs of a professional services partnership;

6. Additionally, there is no need for long-term contracts or commitments with Hevo, as there are flexible payment options available which include pay-as-you-go and monthly/annual options at discounted rates.

Improved Data Quality

One of the major benefits of Hevo is its ability to improve data quality. Data is essential for any company’s success and needs to be of the highest quality to make accurate decisions.

Hevo offers a suite of tools that enable a single source of truth by collecting and consolidating data from multiple sources. With Hevo, companies can ensure their data is flawless by monitoring pipelines in real-time, validating integrity with rules-based processes, and reconciling between sources. This helps them keep track of their data and ensures accuracy and reliability when analysing it.

By maintaining clean data systems, companies can make clearer decisions that reflect the most accurate version of reality.

Increased Efficiency

Companies using Hevo’s no-code data pipeline platform enjoy several benefits that can help them extract real-time insights from their data. One of these advantages is increased efficiency in the way their data is managed and handled. With Hevo, companies can quickly and easily ingest data from various sources, automatically transform it into an understandable and usable format, and efficiently integrate that information into centralised storage locations. This can reduce the need for manual coding or complexities of using third-party tools to extract meaningful insights from company data.

Additionally, Hevo allows users to use its pre-built connectors for popular technologies such as Amazon S3, MongoDB, PostgresQL databases and more to maximise efficiency. This means that companies can create reliable pipelines without wasting time on troubleshooting issues like version incompatibilities or authentication failures which would otherwise lead to delays in their analysis process.

Finally, using Hevo’s no-code solution for collecting valuable company data in one easy dashboard, employees can save time on tedious tasks by automating actions such as loading new datasets or updating existing data sources with latest versions. This helps organisations be more efficient while cutting down costs related to manual labour and maintaining up-to-date datasets.


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