Today, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the next character coming to Overwatch: Brigitte Lindholm, a support hero who is the daughter of Torbjörn, a Support hero who is already part of the game.

In the current Overwatch meta, Torbjörn, one of the most popular heroes, is a hard counter to one of the most popular heroes: Junkrat. With his right-click dynamite, Torbjörn’s turret shreds through shields and barriers and pops off enemies like a clapper. This makes him a natural counter to Junkrat, who is a very popular hero because of his ability to get behind enemy lines, shank people with his traps, and blow enemies to bits with his mines.

Torbjörn is a brilliant inventor and a member of Overwatch’s founding family. He’s also a father. In recent years he’s been a bit too busy tending to his daughter, something he’s been trying to manage with the help of his wife. Overwatch legend Brigitte Lindholm Torbjörn, also known as “Brig”, is the daughter of Torbjörn Lindholm, Overwatch’s founding inventor.

I don’t watch Overwatch very carefully, but someone got it into their minds that the next Overwatch hero had to be Brigitte, Torbjörn’s daughter, whose most memorable appearance came in the “Honor and Glory” short starring Reinhardt. Blizzard has since verified that their teasing was correct. It’s all there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brigitte related to Reinhardt?

Brigitte is a character from Overwatch. Reinhardt is a character from Overwatch.

Who is Reinharts daughter Overwatch?

Reinhardts daughter is named Brigitte.

Why is Brigitte with Reinhardt?

Brigitte is a support hero that can heal allies and provide shields. Reinhardt is a tank that provides protection to his team by absorbing damage.