“Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix” is the best Kingdom Hearts game, and it is also the best way to experience the magical world of Kingdom Hearts on the Nintendo 3DS. The game adds a ton of content to the original story, and features some of the best boss fights in the series—the battle against DiZ in the beginning of the game is just one of many strong moments.

Ever wonder how the Kingdom Hearts 3 demon towers work? This guide will help you defeat the final boss of the game, but is it cheat proof? Read to find out!

In this part of the game, Sora and the gang have to fight a boss inside the Demon Tower . It is guarded by the Demi-fiend, and it looks like he is blocking the way to the Gates of Darkness . But the demon lord has a bare chest, and he has a cloak that looks like a woman’s dress , so people think he is a female.

If you’ve made it this far into the Dark World, you’ll almost certainly run across the Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower boss battle.

Riku teams up with King Mickey to save Aqua from the forces of darkness. The Demon Tower monster in Kingdom Hearts 3 is made up of heartless that band together to surround the two, and you’ll be playing as the new Keyblade Master to take down this boss. Unlike Sora, who is still striving to restore his own strength, Riku will have a plethora of abilities for you to utilize. The good news is that the control scheme will be the same whether you play as Riku or Sora.

Riku’s skills, on the other hand, have a distinct play style/feel to them; you’ll note that his attacks are quicker, as well as his evading ability and, again, his more potent magic. As you would imagine, King Mickey is on hand to help you defeat the Demon Tower monster in Kingdom Hearts 3 and cure you.


How to beat the Demon Tower boss in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Demon Tower fight in Kingdom Hearts 3 has six full bars of life. This may sound intimidating, but with Riku’s enhanced damage, you’ll likely have the upper hand.

Riku will be able to utilize techniques like the devastating Double Duel strike if he keeps striking with his Keyblade and tallying up combos, similar to Sora’s form changes.


Keep hitting the Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower monster in the same manner, and those six bars will soon disappear. If your health begins to deteriorate, check your items for a potion to utilize. After defeating the boss, a cutscene will appear, and you’ll be able to view what’s going on through Sora’s eyes again.

If you thought this was simple, Square Enix has a lot more boss battles in store for you! Check out our Kingdom Hearts 3 guide for additional information, which includes a list of all the locations where gamers have experienced difficulty.

Enjoyed the Demon Tower Boss Fight in Kingdom Hearts 3? I’ve decided to spend a little time in the comments section below to detail the best strategy I’ve come up with in this battle. I’ll also include a link to the video I created to go along with my guide, so you can watch it and try out my tips.. Read more about demon tower defense codes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat the Demon Tower in kh3?

You have to use the Demon Tower.

How do you beat the Monsters Inc boss in Kingdom Hearts 3?

You need to use the keyblade and then hit the boss with a combo of three or more hits.

Where can I take a picture of demon tower?

You can take a picture of the demon tower in the game by pressing the O button on your controller.