Kingdom of Heroes (KOH) is a popular Mobile RPG developed by Tencent Games and originally released in China in 2012. It is a popular game in China and has been released for Android and iOS worldwide. It is also a fan favorite for Tencent’s mobile games and has been ranked the #1 Mobile RPG in China and #1 Mobile Game in terms of revenue in 2016. I will be discussing the game in terms of the game, the classes, rerolling, and getting stronger.

Kingdom of Heroes is a MMORPG made by Paragon Studios and published by Nexon. It is an action-based game where players can level up and get stronger as they play. This game has many thing that players can do, but some of the most important is getting stronger and obtaining stronger equipment

This is a blog about Kingdom of Heroes, a MMORPG/MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) developed by Tencent and published by Garena. The goal of this blog is to provide a comprehensive guide to the game, as well as a place to ask questions, post guides, and discuss the game.

Have you started playing Kingdom of Heroes yet? This Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War tutorial and advice will help you get started: Increasing your strength, creating a tier list, rerolling, and more

Tips and Tricks for Kingdom of Heroes Tactics

This Kingdom of Heroes Tactics battle guide includes information on advancement, in-game currency, farming, and how to improve your strength. It also discusses topics like as rerolling, the Kingdom of Heroes tier list, runes, and battle. So, let’s have a look!


In Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War, you don’t need to reroll since the game offers you a free 5-star hero straight away. At least for the time being. The game has recently been launched, and those who pre-registered will get a 5-star hero choose summon chest. Receive the pre-registration incentives by going to the mailbox. It also contains a summon chest with a 5-star hero selection. Tap the storage option in the same mailbox menu and utilize that chest to receive a free 5-star hero straight now.

Heroes’ Handbook

In the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War game, heroes are the primary characters. You may get them via summoning. To obtain the random characters, go to the summon option -gt; spend the gems or scrolls. 5-star and 4-star heroes are difficult to come by, yet they are very valuable.

Characteristics of Heroes

In the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War game, there are five kinds of heroes: guardian/tank, fighter/melee-DPS, archer/Ranged-DPS, mage/Ranged-DPS, and priest/supporter/healer. Guardian/Tank class heroes have strong HP and DEF values, allowing them to survive for long periods of time. The majority of them have shield and protection abilities that may be beneficial to both friends and oneself. Heroes of the Fighter/Archer class excel in inflicting damage. These heroes are the ideal to add to your squad if you want to clear the waves fast.

The heroes of the Mage class are also adept at inflicting damage on their foes, and the majority of them have CC abilities (crown control skills to control enemies). Priests are heroes who have supporting abilities like as healing and boosting.

Aside from the courses, they’ve been categorized into a one-to-five-star star rating system.

Element of Heroes

Fire/red, water/blue, nature/green, light/yellow, and dark/purple are the elements that all of the highlighted heroes and villains belong to. Enemies and heroes have fundamental ties. Certain elements have an advantage or disadvantage over others. The water element, for example, is powerful against the fire element. Nature element units are at a disadvantage against fire element troops. Units of the natural elements have an advantage over units of the water elements. Units of the Light and Dark elements have an edge over one another.

When you touch an opponent during a fight, you’ll notice if you have an advantage or disadvantage. You will deal greater harm if you have the upper hand. You will deal less damage if you are at a disadvantage. As a result, it’s a good idea to verify the enemy’s element before beginning the fight and adjust your team’s line-up accordingly.

The Runes Guide

Early in the game, don’t improve low-star runes. You’ll start earning high-grade/star runes as you conquer more levels on the global map. You may also harvest high-quality runes in the rune dungeon after you’ve unlocked it. The greater the rune’s star level, the more stats it bestows to the character.

Using Runes

There are many different kinds of runes, each of which gives the player various attributes. For example, if you wish to raise the character’s damage build score, you should wear the rune set that increases the character’s attack/damage. Go to hero -gt; pick a hero character -gt; rune -gt; from there, you may choose which runes that character should wear.

Rune Sets

The rune set bonus, which provides extra bonus stats to the character, may be activated by equipping a certain kind of runes to the character. Check all details -gt; hero -gt; rune -gt; set effect option in upper-right side -gt; hero -gt; rune -gt; hero -gt; rune -gt; hero -gt; rune -g

  • Runes of Life — Increases maximum HP
  • Charge runes boost a hero’s ATK.
  • Runes of Havoc – boosts the hero’s CRI.
  • Swift runes – enhances the speed of the hero.
  • Prophet – improves the accuracy of the hero.
  • Stone Skin – boosts a hero’s protection.
  • Resistance – boosts the hero’s defenses.
  • Vampire – get the ability to recover HP from a part of the enemy’s damage.
  • Revenge – opportunities for retaliation
  • Earthquake: Chances of Being Stunned
  • Explosion – the hero’s CRI damage is increased.

Make sure to choose your runes carefully.

Increasing Your Strength

The difficulty increases as the player progresses through the global map stages or other game types. As a result, it’s preferable to improve your strength as you go in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War game. We’ve discussed how to become stronger in this section.

Heroes should level up.

To provide EXP to the hero, you may utilize the EXP fairy or grind world map stages. Complete the major objectives, achievements, and missions to get EXP fairy. Select a hero character -gt; EXP transfer -gt; utilize the EXP fairy or heroes that you don’t need.

Unless you’re using this technique, go to the battle map -gt; pick a stage that you’ve completed with x3 stars -gt; and repeat. As you go through various combat levels, the heroes you recruit to your squad will earn EXP. In the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War game, it’s the simplest method to make the heroes strong.

Improve Your Skill

To improve the abilities, you’ll need a skill fairy or an identical hero. Skills are essential since they allow you to do a lot of damage to your opponents or enjoy other skill benefits while in combat. As a result, it’s critical to update them.

We suggest that you complete the daily tasks; if you accomplish all of them, you will get free skill fairies, which you can spend to improve the skills of the major heroes.

The Heroes Must Awaken

Awakening heroes need awakening materials, which may be obtained via the game mode Awakening Valley. Go to the combat map -gt; awakening valley -gt; there you’ll discover element-themed dungeons where you can harvest awakening ingredients and awaken your character to their full potential.


Equip and improve your runes. It’s important to keep in mind that updating low-star runes is a waste of money. You can grind the high-grade runes at higher levels. Alternatively, go to the rune dungeon and harvest high-quality runes. Also, for extra benefits, activate the rune set effects.

Tips and Battle Guide

We’ve given a few pointers on how to win combat stages in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War: –

First and foremost, do not play auto on difficult levels. Manual activities are preferable than AI actions. Second, familiarize yourself with the heroes you’ll be utilizing. Make sure you know all there is to know about their abilities. It will be difficult to utilize them effectively if you do not grasp their skill specifics. Select a hero from the hero section -gt; skills -gt; touch the skill icon for more information.

-gt; Take use of the elemental advantage. Certain components have an edge over others, as stated in the heroes guide above. Check the enemy’s element before starting the battle and prepare your squad for an edge depending on it. If there is a fire element opponent, for example, you may add a water element hero to the team; see the hero guide for more information on elemental relationships.

-gt; Another essential job is to guide the team properly. Fighters do melee damage, archers deal ranged damage, the priest heals and supports, the guardian tanks, and the mage deals magical damage and has CC abilities. Check the full list of rosters at hero -gt; section -gt; codex -gt; you may filter it by elements and roles.

Now, let’s get down to business: make sure you create your team wisely. Your squad should be able to do adequate damage without adding DPS troops. A healer or supporter unit that aids in the healing of allies. The role of the tank/guardian is to absorb damage and defend the other heroes in the squad.

In certain of the levels, you’ll also require CC abilities that stun or weaken the enemy to prevent them from unleashing devastating attacks. Heroes with CC abilities would be advantageous. Examine your hero inventory and read up on the heroes’ abilities.

If you are stuck on a level, you may adjust your squad by adding another healer, eliminating a healer and replacing it with a damage unit, and so on. If you’re stuck, try experimenting with various heroes’ synergies. To improve your strength, go through the suggestions above.

Guide to Farming

  • To farm summon scrolls and runes, repeat the combat stages on the global map (you can set it on repeat mode once you have finished it with x3 stars)
  • Farm runes in the Rune Dungeon.
  • Farm honor points and crystals in the arena.
  • Farm awakening materials in elemental dungeons in Awakening Valley.
  • The Rift – farm food heroes (whom you may utilize to grow the main heroes), EXP fairies, silver, and other items by playing general and event stages.

Guide to Progression

  • Play the combat map stages and advance through them; there are three difficulty levels to choose from.
  • Keep track of the major missions (main menu -gt; achievement -gt; path guide -gt; main quests)
  • Complete the daily tasks to get free prizes on a regular basis.
  • Check out the current events to get freebies.
  • More heroes are needed.
  • Play rift, arena, tower, rune dungeon, and more game types.
  • For more prizes, join a guild and complete guild tasks.
  • Do the accomplishments
  • To stay up with game updates, join the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War group on Reddit, Facebook, and Discord.

Tier List for Kingdom of Heroes

Ingway, Vivian, Titania, Gabriel(PvP), Esperanza, Hildegard, and Lakshmi are the top tier characters in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War, in our view.

The tier list may be seen here. Games like Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War are also worth checking out.

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This is a beginner’s guide to the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War. Leave your tips and techniques in the comments section.


If you’re just getting into Kingdom of Heroes, and are curious about the various character classes, skills, stats and so on, this guide is for you. In this page you will find a Tier List, as well as a list of the best re-rolls and best abilities for each class in the game. This guide also includes videos on how to gear up and reroll, and how to gear up and get stronger in your character.. Read more about kingdom of heroes combine and let us know what you think.


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