How many times have you wanted to know how to get that elusive achievement, or how to unlock a cheat code that’s been eluding you? Here’s the trick: you won’t find any online. That’s because this game was released in 2002, and it seems that Rockstar never intended people to be able to cheat in it. That’s why this game is still shrouded in mystery. A handful of cheats have been found online, but they are hard to find, and they are easy to get banned. At the time of this writing, though, there is no actual reliable cheat code for the game.

The latest game in Rockstar’s detective series is the gritty police procedural set in 1940s LA, and there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. We’ve done the digging and found a range of seemingly inconsequential things that can be done to alter gameplay and guide the player through the story.

LA Noire is a very underrated game, with a lot of potential that was not realized by the most recent console release. Every time I think about it, I end up with a feeling of disappointment.

Here are some cheats, codes & secrets for L.A. Noire, Rockstar’s investigation crime thriller for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. Unlockable Outfits: Here are the different outfits which are available to be unlocked throughout the game.

Outfit How can I get the outfit?
Uniform for Beat Cops For beginning Beat Cop missions, you’ll get this award.
Button Man is a character in the film Button Man As a result of the Badge Pursuit Challenge, you’ve been awarded this badge.
Suit for the Chicago Lightning Awarded for becoming a member of the Rockstar Social Club.
Golden Child Awarded for arriving at the Traffic Desk on time.
Hawkshaw’s Look After achieving level 18, this award was given to you.
Outfit for the Sunset Strip After achieving level 8, this award was given to you.
Outfit of the Sword of Justice After achieving level three, this award was given to you.
Broderick is a Broderick character. Bonus for pre-ordering on Amazon
The Outsider’s Look After achieving level 13, this award was given to you.
Sharpshooter is a character in the film Sharpshooter. Best Buy and Zavvi are offering a pre-order incentive.

Trophies and Achievements:


Title of Achievement How to Achieve Success GS
Every corner has a cop. Complete a single instance of a street crime. 15
Jungle of Asphalt As an LAPD Detective, track down and apprehend a fleeing criminal on foot. 15
Collector of automobiles 40 different cars to drive. 15
Auto aficionado Drive five different types of cars. 15
Fan of automobiles Take every car in the city for a spin. 30
Dead Men Weigh More Shoot and kill 100 evil dudes in total. 15
Golden Child As an LAPD Detective or Investigator, solve a case by tracking down every clue. 15
Hollywoodland Locate and examine all gold film reels. 30
swindler (secret) When debating Leland Monroe’s projects or advertising strategy at Elysian Fields, outsmart him. 15
On the Spot, Johnny Respond to 20 instances of street crime. 30
Keep the lid closed. As an LAPD Detective or Investigator, complete a brawl without losing your hat. 15
Lead Foot While driving, keep the needle over 80 mph for more than 10 seconds. 15
Magpie 95% of all hints must be found and examined. 80
The Clock Is Ticking Drive a total of 194.7 miles. 15
Like A Moth To A Flame (secret) Finish all of the cases on the Arson desk. 70
The Wicked Have No Rest (secret) Finish all of the cases on the Vice desk. 15
Not in such a hurry As an LAPD Detective, use a warning shot to stop a fleeing subject. 15
One for the record As an LAPD Detective or Investigator, find and examine a clue. 15
With the Best of Intentions (secret) Fill out all of the cases at the traffic desk. 15
Police Training Institute (secret) Fill out all of the cases on the Patrol desk. 15
Threat to the Public During a single tale case, you may rack up $47,000 in fines. 30
Roscoe and his pals With each gun, kill at least one evil person. 15
Heels with a Round Shape (secret) Obtain the license plate of Celine Henry’s male partner from Dick McColl at the Bamba Club. 15
To The Stars, Shamus Give a five-star rating to all of the narrative instances. 80
Stab-Rite is a brand of Stab-Rite (secret) On your initial scan of the murder scene at Ray’s Cafe, look for the bloodstained knife. 15
Star Map Discover all of the city’s famous landmarks. 15
The Brass Obtain the highest possible rank. 30
The City Of Angels is a city in Los Angeles, California. Complete the game to a hundred percent. 80
The Defending Sixth (secret) Talk Felix Alvarro into handing up the Marines engaged in the Coolridge theft during the Bus Shooting. 15
The Hunch In a single interview session, use four intuition points while properly branching each question. 30
The Legal System’s Long Arm Complete all of the instances of street crime. 30
The Moose Except when beginning or picking up the trail, follow Candy Edwards without utilizing cover or incognito. 15
The Plot Consolidates Locate and solve a puzzle about inspections. 15
The Darkness In a single instance, follow a suspect without being seen. 15
Murder Is a Simple Art (secret) Finish all of the cases in the Homicide desk. 15
The Honest Truth As an LAPD Detective or Investigator, use evidence to prove a falsehood. 15
The Degree of the Third In a single narrative scenario, correctly branch every question in every interview. 30
The Ascension Give a five-star rating to a narrative case. 30
Stop the car! With the assistance of your companion, disable a suspicious car. 15
Overcoats made of wood Headshots are used to take out a total of 30 evil men. 30


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There are a lot of secrets hidden in LA Noire – in fact, there were so many that it became difficult to discover them all. This guide contains all known cheats, codes, hints and tricks for LA Noire. The majority of these are discovered by myself, but some have been brought to my attention by users of other LA Noire sites. I hope this guide will be useful to you, and if you know of any more tricks, please contact me and I’ll add them here.. Read more about la noire first interrogation answers and let us know what you think.

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Yes, there are cheats in the game.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the classic cheat code?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The classic cheat code is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Why did cheat codes disappear?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Cheat codes were removed due to the fact that they are not allowed on the Beat Saber servers.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LA Noire have cheats?

Yes, there are cheats in the game.

What is the classic cheat code?

The classic cheat code is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right

Why did cheat codes disappear?

Cheat codes were removed due to the fact that they are not allowed on the Beat Saber servers.

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