A new Zelda game is around the corner, and it’s coming to the Nintendo Wii. This time, the hero is Link in his latest adventure. He’ll be venturing to new places and exploring new worlds. Skyward Sword is a new Zelda game, which is the latest in the franchise.

Look, we know you were pretty psyched about seeing the full scope of the game before it was even released. We don’t blame you, either. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is an expansive game, released to critical acclaim back in 2011. The game is a hybrid of adventure and action roleplaying video games, featuring all the key elements that make these games great.

Skyward Sword is a game that requires you to explore every corner of the massive land of Hyrule, and that’s just what I did. But I have no idea where the hidden treasures are, or how to start each of the three puzzles. In this article I am going to list everything I have discovered about Skyward Sword, including all the hidden items, secrets and unlockables.

Unlockables, Secrets, and Cheats for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.


Gratitude Crystal Rewards are obtained via the townspeople’s gratitude requests. Bring them back to Bareux once you’ve found them all to get the following rewards:


2 Rupees de Oro 70 Gratitude Crystals can be found.
Cursed Medal and a Big Wallet (Holds 1,000 Rupees) 30 Gratitude Crystals may be found.
Wallet for the Giant (Holds 5,000 Rupees) Find a total of 50 Gratitude Crystals.
Rupee de Oro 40 Gratitude Crystals may be found.
Heart’s Desire Find a total of ten gratitude crystals.
The Wallet in the Middle (Holds Rupees 500) 5 Gratitude Crystals may be found
Wallet of a Tycoon (Holds 9,000 Rupees) I discovered 80 gratitude crystals.


Activating Hero Mode: (Discovered by mtpfreak)


By overwriting your finished game save and starting a new game in Hero Mode after completing the game, you will be able to start a new game in Hero Mode. Hearts will drain twice as quickly in Hero Mode, and hearts and heart blossoms will not appear unless you have a heart medal. You’ll also get a fully charged Skyward Strike attack at the start of the game, as well as all of your previously gathered insects and riches. Because you’ve previously finished the game, the Sheikah Stone will give you full access to all of the clues. Finally, the last boss will be an adversary in the boss rush challenge.

Thunder Dragon’s Lightning Round Rewards: You will get a prize for each win in the Thunder Dragon’s Lightning Round.

Rupees 100 3 battles won
Rupees 2,000 9 battles won
20 Rupees 1 combat victory
3 Unusual Treasures 10 battles won
Rupees 3,000 11 battles won
Rupees 300 5 battles won
500 Rupees 7 battles won
Rupees 9,900 12 battles won
Shield of Hylian 8 battles won
200 Rupees for a piece of heart (after that it’s 200 Rupees) 4 battles won
Uncommon Treasure (Random) 6 battles won
a little treasure (Random) 2 battles won

Potion Upgrades: You must capture Bugs using Bug Nets located around the Overworld and deliver them to the Potion Lady’s husband in the Skyloft Bazaar to make better Potions. To obtain improved potions, you must have both a potion purchased from the Potion Lady and the correct amount of bugs.

20 Rupees for Air Potion+ (Upgraded from Air Potion) 2 Lanayru Ants, 2 Sky Stag Beetles, 2 Skyloft Mantises
40 Rupees for Guardian Potion+ (upgraded from Guardian Potion). 2 Eldin Rollers, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 3 Starry Fireflies, 1 Faron Grasshopper
20 Rupees for Heart Potion+ (Upgraded from Heart Potion) 1 Volcanic Ladybug, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 1 Woodland Rhino Beetle
Heart Potion++ (an improved version of Heart Potion+) 30 Rupees (about) 1 Eldin Roller, 3 Deku Hornets, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 1 Sand Cicada
20 Rupees Revitalizing Potion+ (Upgraded from Revitalizing Potion) 2 Woodland Rhino Beetles, 3 Deku Hornets, 2 Skyloft Mantises
30 Rupees Revitalizing Potion++ (Upgraded from Revitalizing Potion+) 1 Sand Cicada, 3 Lanayru Ants, 2 Woodland Rhino Beetles, 1 Gerudo Dragonfly
20 Rupees Stamina Potion+ (Upgraded from Stamina Potion) 1 Faron Grasshopper, 3 Volcanic Ladybugs, 2 Sky Stag Beetles, 2 Gerudo Dragonflies

Upgrading your gear: Upgrade your weapons and equipment by finding random riches in the overworld. To improve, speak with the proprietor of the Scrap Shop in Skyloft.

30 Rupees Banded Shield (Upgraded from Wooden Shield) 1 Monster Claw, 2 Amber Relics, 1 Jelly Blob
100 Rupees for a Big Bug Net (upgraded from a Bug Net). 1 Evil Crystal, 3 Tumbleweeds, 2 Ancient Flowers
50 Rupees Braced Shield (Upgraded from Banded Shield) 1 Ornament Skull, 2 Monster Claws, 3 Amber Relics, 2 Tumbleweeds
100 Rupees Divine Shield (Upgraded from Sacred Shield) 2 Bird Feathers, 3 Ornament Skulls, 1 Dusk Relic
100 Rupees Fortified Shield (Upgraded from Reinforced Shield) 1 Blue Bird Feather, 3 Eldin Ores, 3 Monster Claws, 3 Tumbleweeds
150 Rupees Goddess Shield (Upgraded from Divine Shield) 1 Blue Bird Feather, 3 Monster Horns, 4 Dusk Relics, 3 Bird Feathers
50 Rupees for an Iron Bow (upgraded from a Wooden Bow). 1 Evil Crystal, 3 Tumbleweeds, 3 Monster Claws, 2 Eldin Ores
100 Rupees for a Large Bomb Bag (upgraded from a Medium Bomb Bag). 1 Golden Skull, 3 Lizard Tails, 4 Jelly Blobs, 2 Hornet Larvae
100 Rupees for a Large Quiver (upgraded from a Medium Quiver). 1 Goddess Plume, 2 Monster Horns, 3 Dusk Relics, 1 Golden Skull
100 Rupees for a Large Seed Satchel (upgraded from a Medium Seed Satchel). 1 Blue Bird Feather, 5 Amber Relics, 3 Monster Claws, 1 Golden Skull
50 Rupees for a Medium Bomb Bag (upgraded from a Small Bomb Bag). 3 Ornament Skulls, 1 Blue Bird Feather, 1 Lizard Tail
50 Rupees for a Medium Quiver (upgraded from a Small Quiver). 5 Amber Relics, 3 Monster Horns, 3 Dusk Relics
50 Rupees Medium Seed Satchel (Upgraded from Small Seed Satchel) 3 Monster Claws, 4 Amber Relics, 3 Ornament Skulls
50 Rupees Quick Beetle (Upgraded from Hook Beetle) 2 Hornet Larvae, 2 Ancient Flowers, 1 Golden Skull
50 Rupees Reinforced Shield (Upgraded from Iron Shield) 2 Ornament Skulls, 2 Monster Claws, 2 Eldin Ores
100 Rupees Sacred Bow (Upgraded from Iron Bow) 1 Goddess Plume, 5 Tumbleweeds, 3 Lizard Tails, 2 Evil Crystals
50 Rupees Scattershot (Upgraded from Slingshot) 3 Jelly Blobs, 2 Dusk Relics, 2 Amber Relics
50 Rupees Tough Beetle (Upgraded from Quick Beetle) 4 Ancient Flowers, 3 Ancient Flowers, 3 Ancient Flowers, 3 Ancient Flowers, 3 Ancient Flowers

Secrets of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Healing Chairs: Small stools or chairs may be found in dungeons. Sitting on them for a few seconds will begin to replenish your hearts.

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One of the more interesting aspects of Skyward Sword, for me, was the ability to unlock new gear and weapons. This was a feature that was omitted from the previous Zelda titles, as I believe Link had more than enough weaponry for his adventures. Still, the idea of having some extra tools for Link to use was cool and the unlocked gear gave you something new to play with.. Read more about skyward sword hacks and let us know what you think.

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