Today, Lido, the Ethereum staking platform, announced that it has raised $70 million from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

Lido is a protocol layer enabling the automated staking of digital assets on Ethereum – it currently has an estimated 80%+ market share in Ethereum liquid stacking, and the assets staked on Lido are worth $10 billion or more.

This is a major milestone for the Ethereum community, and for Lido – let’s take a closer look at how and why Lido made such a large investment.

Background of Lido

Lido, a startup based in San Francisco, is an enterprise platform company fostering collaboration and workflow between teams. Founded in 2018 by engineers Amir and Sachit Gupta, Lido is the latest provider of tools to help all types of businesses increase productivity.

In October 2020, Lido closed a $70 million round of venture funding, led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz & General Catalyst. This new funding brings the total raised to date by the company to over $120 million. With this latest investment, Lido plans to expand its platform capabilities globally through investments in partnerships and people.

The primary mission of Lido is to improve the way teams work together to drive better business outcomes. The platform helps employees collaborate more effectively by providing real-time updates on project status across functions & departments and reducing time spent searching for data across multiple sources. This leads to increased knowledge sharing among employees and improved decision making for managers across organisations. In addition, Lido provides powerful insights into team performance that let users measure productivity more accurately than traditional methods allow.

Overview of Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) is a venture capital firm founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. The firm has offices in Menlo Park, New York City, San Francisco, Palo Alto and Los Angeles and is most well-known for its investments in LinkedIn, Airbnb, and eBay. With an investment portfolio of more than 260 companies, it has become one of the leading venture financial investors in Silicon Valley.

The company focuses on mid- to late-stage investments to help technology companies grow quickly and sustainably. In addition to traditional venture capital funding, a16z provides entrepreneurs access to various resources, including talent acquisition and technology services. It also offers mentorship through its “Founders’ Circle” program which is tailored to guide capital raising strategy, business development strategy, hiring processes, IP protection positioning and M&A negotiations.

Recently a16z led a $70 million Series B round into Lido Markets. This trading platform seeks to address some of the common challenges faced by institutional traders and Wall Street firms looking to improve their trading infrastructure. With its latest funding round from a16z Lido plans to expand its focus on providing institutional traders with high paced algorithmic trading services and enhancing its market data offering.

Investment Details

Lido has an estimated 80%+ market share in Ethereum liquid staking and has just secured $70M from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a global venture capital firm.

Currently, the assets staked on Lido are worth around $10 billion and the firm is determined to take the Ethereum network to the next level. The investment is set to enable Lido to create a more efficient, secure and compliant product for users.

Let’s get into the details of this investment.

Investment Amount

On December 4th, 2020, it was announced that Lido had closed a $70 million investment led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from Sixth Street Ventures, Brigade Capital and existing investors including Grey Lock. The new funding round brings the company’s total raised to $101 million. It will drive the development of new products, build out international operations and accelerate talent hiring across all levels.

The recently raised funds puts Lido’s valuation in the hundreds of millions, as per a source close to the deal. Lido’s financial health is expected to remain strong as it establishes its presence in retail and institutional markets under the guidance of its new investors.

With this latest funding launch, Lido aims to give customers more access to financing solutions built around their needs. This includes providing better rates of liquidity coupled with more sustainable capital funding solutions for small businesses and individuals.


The new financing round for Lido, a software company specialised in creating secure investment processing tools, was led by V.C. firm Andreessen Horowitz with a $70 million investment. With this investment, the company’s latest valuation is estimated to be around $670 million.

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The primary focus of Lido’s technology platform is to eliminate manual ‘risk and gaming’ processes to create a secure and highly efficient investing environment enabling traders to manage their investments better and more efficiently than ever. With this increased efficiency level, funds can be redirected into other areas, allowing for further growth within that organisation while maintaining the proper controls and risk tolerances needed to remain compliant with the ever-evolving accounting regulations protocols.

Use of Funds

Lido, a San Francisco-based startup developing an AI-powered workflow automation platform for the Exchanges & Clearing and Non-Bank Financial Services industry, has announced it has raised $70 million in a Series B round of funding led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

The new funds will be used to support product and infrastructure investments and accelerate efforts to continue to innovate in workflow automation tools. The additional capital will also be used to expand its customer base, drive adoption of its enterprise services, and support operations to scale effectively. Additionally, the company intends on hiring more expert personnel in key team positions such as data science, engineering, product management, sales and marketing.

In addition to offering its enterprise services through its comprehensive platform designed for the finance industry modernise operations functions such as trading analysis, market access risk management with advanced performance monitoring capabilities.


The recent news of Lido raising a $70 million Series A funding round from Andreessen Horowitz has sent shockwaves across the Ethereum community. Lido, which accounts for an estimated 80% market share in Ethereum liquid stacking, now has assets worth more than $10 billion staked on its platform. This investment signals Andreessen Horowitz’s commitment to the Ethereum space and their belief in the longevity of this blockchain network.

Let’s explore the impact this investment could have on the Ethereum landscape.

Market Share

The successful raise of $70 million from Andreessen Horowitz in a recent funding round for Ethereum-based DeFi platform Lido has been one of the major developments propelling the Ethereum network to further gains. As a result of this news, the market share of Ethereum has grown significantly over the past few weeks.

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Following this, there have been significant increases in Ethereum transactions and transaction costs on decentralised finance applications over its rival networks such as Tezos and Cardano. This is largely due to the rising popularity of DeFi which has seen an explosion in interest and adoption over recent times. This is mainly attributed to its capabilities such as allowing users to borrow and lend with greater liquidity; allowing users to use their cryptocurrencies as collateral for loans; providing new opportunities for users in yield farming; and expanding trading options via Decentralised exchanges (DEXs).

This surge in activity involving Ethereum has provided it with a much-needed competitive edge, pushing it ahead of other competing blockchain networks. Consequently, these activities suggest that the current market share held by Ethereum could well see further gains in the upcoming months as more investors come onboard its growing suite of services. It also suggests that Etheruem’s growth trajectory could potentially outpace its rivals in terms of market capitalization and daily transaction volume – something which could benefit holders of its native cryptocurrency Ether (ETH).

Assets Staked

An exciting milestone was reached earlier this year when the Ethereum-based Layer-2 scalability platform, Lido, announced it had completed a $70 million Series A raise round led by Andreessen Horowitz. The funding will help Lido scale up their product and accelerate the growth of their protocol.

One of Lido’s innovative features is their use of staking for asset security. By staking assets on Ethereum, users can prove the ownership of their digital tokens without needing to trust any third party institution or account creator. Such a feature is especially important today; it gives users complete control and assurance that their digital holdings are secure from malicious actors, exchanges or theft.

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Staking on Ethereum generally requires collateral to be held in escrow by a reliable entity as guarantees or insurance for token holders. Staked assets also help provide liquidity for DeFi protocols, preventing them from being paralyzed by a single malformed transaction – reducing risk and promoting prosperity within the ecosystem.

In exchange for proof of ownership, token holders will receive rewards such as rewards points and other incentives that add further value to your tokens. In contrast, banks provide only traditional savings accounts with low returns on the interest earned which limit long-term investments. As more capital flows into DeFi development funds, staked assets will demonstrate beneficial behaviour encouraging users to look beyond traditional means for financial yield generation.

The surge in injectivity provoked by Lido’s funding round has set off an exciting new wave of innovation within the Ethereum space; not just paving the way for more secure technology but unlocking new possibilities previously unavailable through traditional processes.

Network Security

With the recent capital influx from Andreessen Horowitz, Ethereum’s network security is bolstered as more and more funds are directed into the project’s developers and protocols. This further demonstrates the esteem with which Ethereum is held by venture capitalists and other influential financial stakeholders, providing further evidence of its ongoing success.

The funds raised give developers access to resources to create innovative solutions for scalability, high-performance finance, decentralised governance, and proof-of-stake protocols. As a result, transactional speed is expected to increase significantly due to better product development and enhanced technical infrastructure support. Additionally, improved network security helps protect against malicious attacks while offering users greater privacy and full control of their digital assets.

These new resources also help support the ecosystem by adopting blockchain technology so that users can securely store their credentials on the blockchain while reaping its associated benefits – such as increased efficiency and cost savings – to remain competitive within a rapidly changing market environment. With this new development, Ethereum stands poised to be a leader in improving network security through decentralised application development technologies for years to come.

Future Plans

With the latest funding of $70 million from Andreessen Horowitz, Lido has established itself as one of the top players in the Ethereum liquid staking space, with an estimated 80%+ market share. In addition, this round of funding has opened up many possibilities for Lido, allowing them to develop and innovate further in the space.

Let’s look at some of the plans Lido has for the future.


Lido, a startup focused on making enterprise software deployments simpler, has announced the successful completion of a $70 million Series A funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz.

This new investment will accelerate the company’s business and technology development. Lido’s mission is to enable enterprises to quickly and easily build, deploy and operate their applications, removing the complexity of their IT operations.

The funds will enable Lido to build upon its current platform by accelerating product launches and expanding its engineering, sales and marketing teams. This comes in addition to developing its existing partnership portfolio, including companies such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Azure Active Directory.

With this investment, Lido also looks forward to leveraging its automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to improve IT operations processes for better efficiency. In addition, the company plans on leveraging data science to create predictive models that can help organisations minimise downtime during deployments so they can focus more on innovation instead of maintenance workflows. This will also ensure better reliability for production systems and improve end-user experience with faster response times for digital applications or services.

New Products

Lido, a biotech startup focused on precision medicine, announced that they have raised $70 million in their latest round of funding from Andreessen Horowitz. This additional investment brings the total investments raised to $90 million. The company plans to use this funding to develop new products and services to make precision medicine more accessible and affordable.

The initial focus of this funding injection will be directed towards advanced diagnostics. This includes expanding existing product lines such as the Lido Pocket Controller which allows patients to take an active role in their care by helping them monitor their health in real-time. Additionally, Lido intends to use these funds to develop artificial intelligence-powered diagnostic tools for patient and physician use.

Additional plans include the development of comprehensive treatments for specific conditions, drug delivery systems for more personalised therapies, and data analysis tools which allow healthcare providers access to insights gleaned from a larger population base – thereby enabling precision medicine at scale.

The team also plans to invest resources into further developing its secure cloud platform. It allows hospitals and providers worldwide to securely store data from which results can be analysed and shared with applicants’ consent, improving quality assurance across different lab testing procedures. In addition, with greater access to contextual information about patients’ histories alongside high quality testing protocols – outcomes should improve significantly moving forward.

Strategic Partnerships

Lido recently secured $70 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz to help fuel strategic partnerships and propel its growth. The investment aims to build and scale the industry’s leading software suite for autonomous systems.

With this new capital, Lido intends to expand its strategic partnerships with industry-leading businesses in transportation, logistics, manufacturing, life sciences, energy, etc. Partnering with Lido offers customers a comprehensive solution dedicated to driving autonomy and enables them to participate in developing the industry’s future standards. Alongside an agile approach and automated tools like AI-driven vision components, LiDAR perception intelligence or AI sensor fusion algorithms, Lido works closely with partners to design a robust yet cost-effective user experience tailored exactly to their needs.

Lido’s mission is building safe autonomous technologies that change the world. As part of this effort, they are investing heavily in R&D efforts—the success of which will drive greater market penetration across industries and lead to measurable advances in safety standards worldwide. This latest funding helps bring that vision into focus.

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