This is a guide for “Life Is Strange – Before The Storm” Season 2 Trophy, which is “All Graffiti Locations (Collectibles) Episode 2 – Brave New World (Trophy Achievement)”.

There are many places and a lot of things to collect in Episode 2: Brave New World. In this guide, you will find a complete list of all the graffiti location, including their locations on the map and the pictures of each graffiti.

As the second chapter of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, Brave New World, begins, the Los Angeles of your dreams looms before you. A place to explore, meet new friends, and try out new things. The world of Los Angeles is rich with history and, as seen in the previous episode, there’s a wealth of opportunities for exploration. As you seek out new graffiti locations, you’ll have to uncover unique stories and anonymous messages, each with their own meaning.

Stagehandwriting, Radical Piratical, Feels on Wheels, Canon Wall, Wishlist, Friendly Forest Friends, Tread Harshly, Permanent Record, Vanity Fare, and Creature Feature are just a few of the medals and accomplishments available in (LIS) Life is Strange – Before the Storm.

Radical Piratical, Stagehandwriting Feels like it’s on wheels, Wishlist, Canon Wall, Friendly Forest Friends Tread carefully, Creature, Vanity Fare, and Permanent Record The feature demands players to discover and identify all of the graffiti spots inside the game, which are regarded collectibles. 

We’ll go through all of the graffiti places in Episode 2 – Brave New World on this page. This episode has a total of ten graffiti sites, which the instructions below should assist you in finding.






We all know that one of the best parts of Life is Strange is the graffiti. In the original game you had to find a graffiti artist that was willing to paint your message for you. Now, in the game before the storm, there are multiple locations that you can find a graffiti artist and if you are lucky, you can get that person to paint your message for you. There are six graffiti artists in four different locations.. Read more about life is strange: before the storm missed graffiti and let us know what you think.


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