It’s been a month since the world was shattered by the storm that is Life Is Strange 2 episode five. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to talk about the last chapter. Well, it’s not really the last chapter at all, but it sure feels like it. After a final storm, Max and her BFFs return to Arcadia Bay in time to be the first to discover the aftermath of the tornado. The town is in ruins and divided by those who support the old ways and those who want to move on. There are new people in town—Max’s friends from Blackwell have come to town, as well as some familiar faces from the first game. But you’ll have to wait for those until next week

As this week’s episode of Life Is Strange 2 finally came to an end, it left many fans in a state of melancholy. The game’s quick-tempo style of storytelling, or lack thereof, left us all with an unsatisfying sense of closure. We don’t want our heroes to leave us – hell, we just finished an entire season of their story! But it seems that there is a next time to come.

The Wolves loose in the city is the final episode of the Life is Strange 2  series. In this episode, Max, Chloe and the entire Arcadia Bay Police Department (ATF) are forced to come together to save the town from the Wolves. This is the last episode for the entire cast. At the end of this episode, you’ll get two choices, that can lead two different endings. Will you lead the Police force to victory, or will you help the Wolves? … This guide will be a last chance for you to get the collectibles and souvenirs of the entire series. Blog. Read more about life is strange 2 souvenirs episode 2 and let us know what you think.

Wolves is the fifth episode. There are plenty of treasures to locate and acquire, six to be exact. 

Obtaining all of them will get you the following trophies and achievements.

She Wolf * The Age of Reason * Remorseful * Dead Man’s Bones * Boundaries * Specks of Dust * Out of Ink * The Magic Place * She Wolf * The Age of Reason * Remorseful * Dead Man’s Bones * Boundaries * Specks of Dust


1) DRAWING: When you’re putting your belongings into your luggage while staring into the sun, turn left and you’ll see a Sketchbook next to you that you may use to sketch. (I’ve run out of ink)

2) Shining ROCK: As you descend the rocky mountain, you should see some weed on the ground and a tiny fork in the path; if you choose the left branch and go all the way to the bottom, you should see a shiny item on the mountain opposite. To obtain this object, use Daniel. (The Mysterious Location)

3) STICKERS: When you arrive at the caravan park, you should see several wooden boxes full of plants and herbs, with some stickers on the side of one of them. (Wolf She) 

4) SUN KEYRING: Daniel will want to go on a Scavenger Hunt after chatting with everyone and building a new model robot. Accept. We’ll have to look for many other maps now. One is among the mill’s rocks, another is behind David’s caravan, and the third is under the wrecked vehicles. (According to the Age of Reason)

5) BOTTLE OPENER: David’s Caravan has this one (may only appear after inspecting the Police Radio). (Remorseful)

6) ROCK: To the north east of the border wall, there will be a big rock with the collectable and several blue canisters. (The Bones of a Dead Man)

7) AMERICAN PIN: After disposing of the Police Officers and convincing Daniel to unlock the door so you may recover your belongings, look down and you’ll see an American Pin on top of the Vigilante’s bag (Boundaries)





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