Lost Sphear – Galdra Side Quest (Unquestioned Loyalty – Isolation Spritnite) Trophy Achievement Guide

Lost Sphear is an upcoming JRPG developed by Tokyo RPG Factory. This Summer, they will publish the game for PS4, Switch and Steam. We have some useful tips for you to earn the Unquestioned Loyalty and Isolation Spritnite trophies in Lost Sphear.

The Lost Sphear is an JRPG game that is currently available for the PS4, but not for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a direct sequel to the first two games in the series, ‘ Stella Glow ‘ and ‘ Luminous Arc ‘.

Here is a quick guide for the Lost Sphear Side Quest (Unquestioned Loyalty) and Isolation Spritnite trophy. The side quest is pretty straight-forward. You’ll be asked to kill some enemies and you’ll gain some points. After certain amount of points, you’ll also gain a relic. After locating the location of the relic, you’ll have to fight a lot of enemies and you can obtain the trophy at the end of the fight.

You may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments in Lost Sphear, one of which being Unquestioned Loyalty.

Unquestioned Loyalty necessitates the acquisition of the Isolation Spritnite, which can only be obtained by completing the Galdra side quest.

The following is a step-by-step approach to achieving this goal.