Mega Man X4 is the final chapter of the classic X series. While the previous games were very action-based, X4 is more a puzzle game in its genre. It’s something of a hybrid with some quick-time action mixed in. The game has a lot of levels and is pretty long, but it never gets boring because of the challenges you can tackle as you go along. The game also has the best ending of the series, which is a good way to end it.

In Megaman X4, while riding Armor form, MegaMan can shoot his Dragoon sword. It can hit enemies easily and is good for starting attacks. Magma Dragoon is a variant of Armor Form that is different color, it is stronger than the Armor Form and has more attacks.

Magma Dragoon vs Ride Armor – Mega Man X4 |

This may not be news to you, but it certainly is to me. I had no clue that you could fight Magma Dragoon through a secret chamber utilizing the riding armor for all the times I’d defeated Mega Man X4. With the X buster or the twin cyclone weapon, I’ve always defeated him.

I’ve defeated MMX4 many times with all of X’s forms (Ultimate armor, the normal X4 armor set, ordinary X) and all of Zero’s forms (red Zero and black armor Zero), yet I was unaware of this hidden chamber in Magma Dragoon’s level. I used to play this game a lot at an internet café near where I used to live back in the day that had consoles you could play on, and I suppose I was just so focused on beating the boss due of the time restriction that I never glanced around the surroundings.




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