Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch: equip 4 of the same fighter, level up faster |

Recently, G15Tools user [GamersClub] has been experimenting with how the game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 preloads various classes, and found a glitch that for some unknown reason racks up the experience more quickly.

The new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game is a solid contribution to the Marvel fighting game series, but has a few notable issues. First of all, leveling up doesn’t take as long as previous games in the franchise, and that’s a big bonus. Second, some of the characters aren’t as balanced as others–for example, Gamora can equip the Blade weapon for an attack that’s more powerful than Thor’s, and with some modifiers, she can even equip the Infinity Gauntlet.

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, level up faster by equipping 4 of the same fighter. Here is a quick trick to do so, and it works on the easiest mode.

To be successful in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you must first ensure that you have a strong team to play with from the wide range of characters available. It’s very commonplace to train characters by doubling or even quadrupling them in order to shape them into the warrior you need. A new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 bug allows you to double down on fighters, resulting in your whole roster being made up of four of the same character.

Details about the glitches in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

It’s worth mentioning that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 bug is only active in challenge mode, but it will save you a lot of time when it comes to shaping up your selected hero. Okay, so you’ve come to learn how to use this bug. Let’s face it, leveling up your heroes without abusing this bug would be a lot more enjoyable, but we realize that grinding may be tiresome at times, so needs must and all that jazz!


The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 bug was discovered by Redditors GaijinGhost and ShinobiSekiro, and YouTuber Xiphos Gaming demonstrated it.

First, go to the game’s main menu and choose Infinity Trials mode, then start a Solo Challenge. The hero you choose in the Solo Challenge will be the hero with whom you may execute the glitch.

  • Make sure you fail the task before returning to the lobby.
  • Next, go to your squad selection screen and change your first slot character to a character of your choice.
  • Make sure you don’t fail the Solo Challenge a second time by following the steps above.
  • Return to your team roster, where two Captain America fighters should now be visible. To increase this to four of the same, just repeat the previous procedures, and your team should now have four Caps.

The wonderful part about this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 bug is that the four characters may be used in both story mode and most challenges by selecting the level choose menu option. If you choose the “continue” option, your squad will be reset, and you will have to repeat the procedures above. If you wear an ISO-8 XP Boost, this bug will double your character grinding by four if you use four of the same hero. Thank you very much!

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, you likely already know the canonical way to get more experience points and experience faster, but I wanted to share it anyway. So without further ado, here is how you can equip 4 of the same fighter, level up faster in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3!. Read more about ultimate alliance 3 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you level up fast in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3?

You can level up by completing quests.
Q: How do you get the best weapons in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3?
You can find them throughout the game, but they are most commonly found in chests and as loot from enemies.

What is the max level in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3?

The max level in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is 100.

Who is the mystery character in Ultimate Alliance 3?

The mystery character in Ultimate Alliance 3 is the one who has been watching you throughout the game.