The following guide will reveal the requirements of each Marvel’s Avengers : Condition – Green (All Collectibles – Comics, Intelligence) Trophy

The Marvel’s Avengers Condition is a difficult achievement in Marvel’s Avengers that requires you to collect all the comics, intelligence and collectibles specific to the Avengers title for the Marvel’s Avengers games. In this guide we will guide you through everything you need to know about this achievement, including where to collect the comics, intelligence and collectibles, as well as how to unlock the achievement in the game.

Yes, you read that right. Green. You’d think that a green trophy would be the most boring looking of the lot. In fact, it’s the most unique looking of the bunch as it takes the form of a green ring. The ring itself can be found in the game as well. It’s the one you have to find at the start of the game to unlock the minigame based on the movie.

While playing Marvel’s Avengers, you may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments, two of which being Prized Collection and Information Overload.

Players must acquire a complete comic set in Prized Collection, whereas Information Overload necessitates the collection of 50 intelligence files in Information Overload.

While a result, in order to get these trophy accomplishments, you will need to keep a close watch on them as you explore your surroundings; fortunately, we can always assist you with this.

Anyway, let’s get started.

For the sake of this guide, we’ll just look at the items that may be discovered during the Condition – Green quest. There are a total of 9 distinct collectibles to locate and acquire in this quest. Although many of these collectibles are story-related, there are still a few that aren’t, making them easy to overlook.


Fly left from the picture above, and you’ll be heading in the opposite direction of the mission’s real goal.

You may need to press the green light here to get the next chest.

  • 1626574157_239_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

The chest may be located close to the green light in the chamber.


Head left from the final chest until you reach the enemy hideout.

  • 1626574157_267_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

There will be a yellow light on the enemy building here (as shown in the picture above), destroy it with Iron Man so that it becomes green.

Then the door down here will open, so hurry down. Inside this chest is the following chest.


  • 1626574158_794_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

We’ll need to access the AIM building for this one (shown above)

  • 1626574159_463_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

Here’s where you’ll find the chest: inside the building.


Heading north and away from the AIM building, we’ll soon come upon another AIM building on the left.

  • 1626574160_591_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

We must now eliminate the two turrets in this area, as well as the robots underneath them (as seen in the image above)

  • 1626574160_782_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

Then, above this entrance, there will be two additional devices that must be destroyed.

  • 1626574161_350_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

The entrance that the Turrets were guarding will then open, and the next chest will be found beyond it.


  • 1626574162_181_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

You can find a guy in the same building who can be rescued in the chamber immediately above the room with the previous chest. Simply go up the stairs and turn right.


  • 1626574163_716_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

Another hostile stronghold was highly armored.

  • 1626574164_724_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

Fly under the bridge and to the right until you reach a chamber into which you may fly (as seen above)

  • 1626574165_596_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

Continue on to the next platform in front of you, where you will find the next chest.


As you enter another another AIM base, you must first activate the computer console, which will then activate the lift. Take the escalator down.

You’ll need to reactivate the machine at this point (the same ones that you activated earlier near the bonus objective and enemy Turrets) Here, at the end of the walkway that you leave the elevator onto, you’ll discover one.

  • 1626574166_349_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

The next one is adjacent to the Hazardous Suits in the next room, cutting north through the room.

The third is in the chamber across from the previous machine you triggered and close to additional suits. After you’ve activated that one, you’ll want to proceed down the only route you haven’t taken yet.

  • 1626574166_355_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

Here’s where you’ll find another machine that you can use.

  • 1626574167_602_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

After you’ve completed all of that, return but stay to the right to discover a set of open yellow doors, behind which lies the treasure.


  • 1626574168_15_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

To unlock the yellow doors, return to the machine that you triggered earlier. Now, if you look to your left, you should see a door that you can smash through, which you should do.

  • 1626574169_753_Marvels-Avengers-Condition-Green-All-Collectibles-%E2%80%93-Comics

By slamming this door open, you’ll get access to a guy who can be rescued.


Follow the task marker to the location shown in the first picture, then continue until you reach the chamber shown in the second image. It is here where the next and last chest may be found.





This blog is a reference guide to all trophies and achievements in Marvel’s Avengers: Condition Green, which includes all collectibles, comics, and intelligence. The guide will provide step-by-step instructions for all trophies and achievements, as well as a list of all collectibles, comics, and intelligence locations.. Read more about avengers game endgame guide and let us know what you think.

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