With the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy Legendary Edition, many gamers are finding themselves without answers. The game is hard for some and easy for others. To make things worse, there are a lot of people in between. This is why the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Side Quest List is here. The side quests listed here are not the only side quests you can do in Mass Effect 1-3. Some people believe these side quests will make the game easier for them. This is not true. The side quests listed here are those side quests that give you cool rewards which can be used in Mass Effect 1-3.

The Mass Effect franchise will continue to live on in the form of the highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda. Like many fans, I was really excited to learn of the new direction this game would take. However, that excitement quickly turned to disappointment, as I watched the game get delayed, then pushed back, until I finally had to accept that it would be released in Spring 2017.

This article is a guide to Mass Effect: Andromeda side quests and the assignments they give you. This is an expansive list of all the assignments and their respective rewards. I will not be covering the story of Mass Effect: Andromeda, however the assignment rewards can help you with this.

The long-awaited Mass Effect Trilogy collection, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, includes a full remaster of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. This also contains all of the game’s downloadable DLC.

The possible assignment side quests for each game are listed here, along with instructions on how to accomplish them.


  • Asari Consort Citadel
  • Doctor Michel, Citadel
  • Citadel: It’s All About Family
  • Citadel: The Return
  • I Remember You, Citadel
  • Fears of Jahleed at the Citadel
  • Citadel: Request of the Negotiator
  • Old Friends at the Citadel
  • Citadel: Things that are old, unhappy, and far away
  • Citadel: The Worst Enemy We Have
  • Planting A Bug in the Citadel
  • Presidium Prophet, Citadel
  • Citadel: A Request from a Reporter
  • Rita’s Sister Citadel
  • Scan the Keepers in the Citadel
  • Schells the Gambler, Citadel
  • Signal Tracking at Citadel
  • The Fan of the Citadel
  • The Fourth Estate (Citadel)
  • Xeltan’s Complaint at the Citadel
  • Feros: Recovering Data
  • Geth in the Tunnels, Feros
  • Feros: Feros: Feros: Feros: Feros: Feros: Fe
  • Feros: Varren Meat Feros: Varren Meat Feros: Varren Meat
  • Feros: Restoring Water
  • Garrus: I’m looking for Dr. Saleon.
  • Espionage is a novel by Noveria.
  • Smuggling is a new term for Noveria.
  • Tali: I’m going on a pilgrimage.
  • Asari Diplomacy at UNC
  • Asari Writings at UNC
  • UNC: Under Siege
  • Cerberus, University of North Carolina
  • UNC: The Dead Colony (also known as “Investigate Samples”)
  • UNC: Dead Scientist (also known as “Doctor at Risk”) is a documentary about a scientist who has died.
  • UNC: Sigma-23 Depot
  • Derelict Freighter (UNC)
  • Distress Call (also known as “Unusual Readings”) is a game developed by the University of North Carolina.
  • Espionage Probe (also known as “Investigate Shipments”) at the University of North Carolina
  • ExoGeni Facility (also known as “Investigate Facility”) at the University of North Carolina.
  • Geth Incursions at UNC
  • Hades’ Dogs (UNC)
  • Hostage at the University of North Carolina
  • The University of North Carolina is undergoing a hostile takeover.
  • UNC: Alpha Listening Post
  • UNC: Theta Theta Theta Theta Theta Theta Theta The
  • UNC: Look for Battle Signs
  • UNC: Freighter Disappeared
  • UNC: Module Is Missing
  • Major Kyle (also known as “Strange Transmission”), University of North Carolina
  • Marines have gone missing at the University of North Carolina.
  • UNC: Survey Team Is Missing
  • Privateers (UNC)
  • Prothean Data Discs (UNC)
  • Rogue VI is a game developed by the University of North Carolina.
  • Turian Insignias at UNC
  • Light Metals UNC: Valuable Minerals
  • UNC: Rare Metals and Valuable Minerals
  • UNC: Gases and Valuable Minerals
  • Heavy Metals, UNC: Valuable Minerals
  • Virmire: Kirrahe’s Team’s Assistant
  • The Genophage, Virmire
  • Wrex: Wrex: Wrex: Wrex: Wrex: W
  • X57: Bring the Sky Down
  • X57: Engineers Who Have Gone Missing
  • X57: Stay away from the Blasting Caps









  • Cerberus Labs (N7)
  • Cerberus Assault (N7)
  • Cerberus Abductions (N7)
  • Cerberus Fighter Base (N7)
  • Fuel Reactors (N7)
  • Communication Hub (N7)
  • Alien Medi-Gel Formula Citadel
  • Asari Widow’s Citadel
  • Barla Von’s Citadel
  • Batarian Codes (Citadel)
  • Biotic Amp Interfaces (Citadel)
  • Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics, Citadel
  • Cerberus Ciphers, Citadel
  • Cerberus Retribution is a Citadel game.
  • Cerberus Turian Poison, Citadel
  • Chemical Treatment at Citadel
  • GX12 Thermal Pipe, Citadel
  • Diplomat Hanar Citadel (Kasumi)
  • Citadel: Stabilizers for Heating Units
  • Improved Power Grid at Citadel
  • Citadel: Inspiring Narratives
  • Kaklisaur Fossil Citadel
  • Krogan’s Dying Message (Citadel)
  • Citadel: Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Medi-Gel Sabotage at the Citadel
  • Citadel: Code Fragments of the Reaper
  • Target Jamming Technology (Citadel)
  • Volus Ambassador, Citadel (Zaeed)
  • Wounded Batarian Citadel
  • Apien Crest: The First Regiment’s Banner
  • Ex-Cerberus Scientists Arrae (Jacob)
  • Aria: Pack of Blood
  • Blue Suns, Aria
  • Aria: There will be an eclipse.
  • Hesperia-Period Statue of Athena Nebula
  • Krogan Team’s Attican Traverse (Grunt)
  • Benning: I have proof.
  • Dekuuna: The Ancient Code
  • Elcor Extraction in Dekuuna
  • Emergency Evacuation at Grissom Academy (Jack)
  • Hades Nexus: Karza’s Obelisk
  • Nexus of Hades: Prothean Sphere
  • Prototype Components on the Ismar Frontier
  • Plenix’s Book of Irune
  • Mesana: This is a distress signal.
  • Ardat-Yakshi Monastery in Kallini (Samara)
  • Pillars of Strength in the Kite’s Nest
  • Nimbus Cluster: Asha’s Library
  • Admiral Koris, Rannoch
  • Geth Fighter Squadrons, Rannoch
  • Prothean Obelisk: Shrike Abyssal
  • Alune’s Rings in the Silean Nebula
  • Tuchanka is a bomb.
  • Tuchanka is the name of a Turian platoon.
  • Prothean Data Drives: The Valhallan Threshold





Mass Effect: Andromeda is the latest addition to the Mass Effect series. The game was released on March 21, 2017, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X. It is the first Mass Effect game to be developed by Bioware, the same team that created Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect: Andromeda is set in the Andromeda Galaxy, where players assume the role of either Scott or Sara Ryder, twin recruits of the Andromeda Initiative and the daughter of the Pathfinder that led the expedition to Andromeda. While exploring the newly discovered Andromeda galaxy, players will discover that some of its inhabitants are hostile to the Andromeda Initiative and its inhabitants.. Read more about mass effect side quests and let us know what you think.


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