You’ve seen it happen before. Your striker is charging toward the goal, winding up for the shot. This is it – the moment that decides the game. But then, disaster strikes. The ball sails right over the crossbar or weakly into the keeper’s gloves. Talk about anticlimactic. If this sounds familiar, we feel your pain. Scoring should be thrilling, not frustrating. That’s why we put together this complete guide to power shots in EA FC24. With our tips, you’ll go from flop shots to top shots in no time. We’ll cover everything from proper form to aiming and timing so you can start smashing screamers past stunned keepers. By the time you reach the end of this guide, the back of the net will be ripped to shreds. So lace up your boots and get ready to make the goal shake, because class is in session for unleashing your inner Ronaldo.

Timing is everything

To nail a power shot, timing is key. Wait until the ball is slightly in front of your player and hold down the power shot button. Release it just as your player’s foot makes contact for maximum power and accuracy.

Aim for the corners

Power shots are most effective when placed in the top corners of the net, away from the goalkeeper’s reach. Aim for the space between the post and goalie. Don’t just blast it down the middle!

Use players with high shot power

Choose players with a high shot power rating to increase your chances of scoring with power shots. Players like Ronaldo, Bale and Ibrahimovic can rocket shots from almost anywhere. Their shots are tough for any keeper to stop.

Practice the technique

Like any skill, practicing power shots will make you better at them. Spend time during training modes and practice matches perfecting your timing and aim. Start close to the goal at first, then move further out as you get more accurate.

With practice, you’ll be nailing power shots from anywhere and dominating your opponents in no time. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start honing your skills! The power shot master trophy has your name on it.

Tips and Tricks for Executing Power Shots

Aim for the Corners

The corners of the goal are the hardest for keepers to reach, so aim your power shots for the upper 90. Curve your shot into the side netting or blast it right under the crossbar. Either way, tucking your shot into the corners gives you the best chance of scoring.


Get Your Body Behind It

To get power on your shot, you need to put your whole body into it. As you strike the ball, step into the shot and rotate your core. Follow through across your body to get maximum momentum. Leaning back and just kicking with your foot won’t cut it. Use those strong leg muscles and core to drive the ball forward.

Strike the Ball On the Laces

For power, you want to hit the ball with your laces, the area where your shoelaces are. Striking with your laces, rather than your toe or instep, allows you to make solid contact and drive through the center of the ball. Keep your ankle locked and strike the ball with your laces for the most powerful shot.

With practice, you’ll be blasting unstoppable shots into the corners and scoring more often. Focus on technique, aim small and miss small, and put your whole body into each shot. Before you know it, you’ll be striking fear into keepers everywhere with your power and precision. Now go out there are start firing rockets!

How to Add More Power to Your Shots in FC24

Once you’ve mastered the basics of shooting in EA FC24, it’s time to add some extra power and precision. A powerful shot can be the difference between scoring and missing the goal. Here are some tips to put more power behind your shots:

To get extra power on your shots, hold down the shot button longer before releasing. The longer you hold, the more power will build up. Release the button when the power meter is in the red zone to unleash your most powerful shots. Be careful not to hold too long, or your shot will go wildly off target.

Aim for the corners of the goal. Shots placed in the upper and lower corners are harder for keepers to save. Aim small, miss small. Place your shots precisely in the corners to maximize your chances of scoring.

Use skill moves before shooting. Performing a skill move like a stepover, roulette or feint before shooting can shift the ball onto your strong foot and create space to get a shot off. The extra space and better shooting angle, combined with the momentum from the skill move, will generate more power and accuracy.

Shoot first time. Taking a shot immediately after receiving the ball, without controlling it first, generates extra power through momentum. First time shots are harder for keepers to react to and save. Look for opportunities to shoot first time, especially from close range.

With practice, these techniques will become second nature and your shots will become increasingly powerful and precise. Powerful shots, combined with good finishing ability, will make you a scoring threat in EA FC24.

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You’ve now seen all the ins and outs of mastering the power shot in EA FC24. From getting your player in the perfect position to aiming and timing your shot just right, you’ve got all the tools you need to start nailing power shots and lighting up the scoreboard. Don’t be afraid to put in the practice to get the technique down. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll have a secret weapon to beat any keeper and make a name for yourself in your league or team. So grab your controller and your favorite striker, then head to the practice pitch. With power shots in your arsenal, you’ll be unstoppable on the field in no time.


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