Although I’m not the author of the game, I will do my best to help everyone find the Assignments, Quests and Side-Quests within Mass Effect 2. I have been playing Mass Effect 2 since its initial release, and I have been trying to find every single Omega Assignment and Omega Quest within the game. I have read every forum and comment thread I could find, as well as any thread on Bioware’s official website for Mass Effect 2.

Omega Assignments are special assignments completed in Mass Effect 2 that reward each player with a sum of credits and some sort of items. The Omega Quests are the special assignments given by Shep Sheppard and are the normal way to get these rewards. This guide will list all the Omega Assignments and Omega Quests.

(ME2) Mass Effect 2 includes a number of optional side missions or Assignments that you may perform, some of which will only open once certain criteria are met.

The following is a step-by-step approach to completing all of the Omega Assignments.




  • QUEST GIVER: Mysterious Man
  • Omega / Aria T’Loak is the location.
  • INFO: Datapad Recovered: The Datapad may be found during the Archangel recruitment operation. To complete the task, pay a visit to Aria. After Freedom’s Progress, this will happen.

Professor: Let me tell you something. 

  • QUEST GIVER: It is automatically provided once you have completed Freedom’s Progress.
  • Omega / EDI / EDI / EDI / EDI / EDI
  • INFO: Daniel Mordin’s Helper Has Gone Missing: You will be informed that Daniel Mordin’s assistant has gone missing during the operation to recruit Professor Mordin. After you’ve located Daniel, speak with Mordin to finish the task.

Bartender Batarian: 

  • GIVER OF THE QUEST: A bartender (Afterlife Nightclub)
  • INFO: A bartender at Omegas Afterlife nightclub, Forvan, is poisoning his patrons. Make the decision to purchase a beverage. When you wake up, speak with Forvan to finish the assignment.

The Patriarch says, 

  • Grizz (Afterlife Nightclub / Upper Level) is the QUEST GIVER.
  • LOCATION: Afterlife Nightclub, Omega.
  • INFO: Talk to Grizz in Omega after completing either the Archangel or Professor missions. Aria’s former adviser is Patriarch. Either inform Patriarch that you will battle the Mercs or that you will hide until the mission is completed.

Ish’s Packages:

  • Ish, Ish, Ish, Ish, Ish, Ish, Ish
  • Ish is a Salarian that can be found on the right side of the Market/Apartment.
  • INFO: First, finish the ‘Stop The Collectors’ assignment on Horizon. then speak with Ish You may give the packages to Ish or Anto to finish the task. If you opt to provide Ish the packages, the assignment may still seem incomplete; however, this is a known bug.

Quarian in Peril: 

  • Kenn’s Salvage is the location. Lower Level Omega
  • INFO: Offer Kenn assistance by either paying him to depart or persuading Harrot to release him to finish the job.






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