If you have not played Metro Exodus yet, I would recommend you play it before continuing on with my guide. This is one of the best games in last few years. I won’t spoil any of the story, but I will tell you how to get the trophy, “Duke”.

In Metro Exodus , there are many achievements , a trophy , and a duke . Duke is important because he is the Big Bad Wolf that will take Duke to the next level. Duke is the strongest character you can get and once you have him, you are ready to go for the Metro Exodus trophy . Now if you are going to grab him, you need to know where he is and how to get him .

Metro Exodus is an upcoming first-person shooter video game to be developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. It is a sequel to the 2013 video game Metro 2033 and a prequel to the 2018 video game Metro Last Light. Players assume the role of Artyom in the first part of the game, and the role of a Ranger in the second part.

We’ll show you how to rescue Duke, one of the game’s protagonists, in this guide. The Duke Trophy / Achievement will be unlocked as a result.

First and foremost, you must be on Chapter 3, Volga. There are a few ground rules here: you cannot murder any of the cultists, otherwise Duke’s chances of survival would be jeopardized. However, you are free to murder any of the Bandits.

You may murder the guards who shoot you but not anybody else in the beginning when you are assaulted after meeting up with a lady and a young child. If those said guards began to submit for me, I decided to ignore them, which meant that I ceased murdering them at that moment.


1626574051_57_Metro-Exodus-How-To-Save-Duke-Trophy-Achievement-GuideTo further increase your chances of saving Duke, there are at least 2 Bandit Hideouts which hold prisoners that you can rescue.  One of which will be getting taunted in a cage by a group of Bandits, whilst the other is in a Cage inside a building and will actually give you a set of keys for rescuing him. 1626574054_812_Metro-Exodus-How-To-Save-Duke-Trophy-Achievement-GuideAfter doing that you can proceed through the story until you reach a section where you need to board a small boat. At this point, you will want to stealth through this section meaning you cannot get caught. Also, killing anyone here will also decrease the chances of saving Duke so I strongly suggest you keep your gun un-equipped.  To make things easier you can knock the guards here out and restart the last checkpoint if need be. You will also need to stealth through the section after that too, the section which you find yourself on yet another boat alongside Duke.  

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This trophy guide will help you obtain “Duke” the bear. It is an optional trophy that you must obtain to get this trophy and The Hunter achievement (which requires killing a minimum of 100 animals and collecting their tails). Duke is a Russian Bear that is found in the Cerastes Metro Station where he is wandering around. You may have to reload the game to get him to appear, or you may have to kill him first (he is very tough).. Read more about metro exodus how to save alyosha and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to save Duke in Metro exodus?

No, Duke is not in Metro exodus.

How do you save Demir?

You can’t.

How do you save Duke in Volga?

You need to get the key from the Duke’s room.


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