TooManyItems is a mod that gives players much more control over their Minecraft world. The mod has an incredibly long list of features, including: an in-game alchemy table, an in-game furnace, auto-travelling, a new way of eating and cooking, new crafting recipes, and so much more.

Ever wanted to have too much stuff? Then TooManyItems 1.8 is the mod for you. What it does is keep track of everything you have in your inventory and on your person and displays it on a GUI that you can sort and filter by any item or even by type. Each time you open the GUI, the amount of items you have increases by one. TooManyItems is super useful for modpack makers as well, as it keeps track of the amount of items in each modpack.

Marglyph’s TooManyItems mod for Minecraft 1.8.

In-game objects, including mod items, may be created and deleted. Entire inventories may be saved and loaded. Create as many stacks and tools as you like. Mods may be tested, large survival worlds can be created, and more. Quickly updated!

It’s playable in both singleplayer and multiplayer (if you’re an op). Many individuals prefer it to creative mode (and it works in survival mode too, of course). Unlimited stacks are available (shift-click), but you’ll need ModLoader to keep them refreshed. If it crashes, please file a report. You won’t receive assistance if you simply say “it doesn’t work.” Make sure you use the right version. META-INF should be removed.

Minecraft-Mod-TooManyItems-18Except for a tiny section taken from the original Minecraft game, everything of TooManyItems is © 2011 Marglyph. TooManyItems is solely available for personal use. TooManyItems should not be redistributed, even in mod bundles.




MinecraftForum has a download available.




As far as modifications go, TMI is very easy to install. To avoid any misunderstanding, you must copy the classes into your minecraft.jar rather than putting them in your mods folder. This section has been updated since there are now hundreds of instructions for installing modifications in general and TMI in specific. (If you’re using a mod manager, please go to the program’s instructions instead!)

A good installation video for ModLoader (also applies to other mods — Windows only)




Beginner’s guide to installing mods (Windows only)

Uninstalling: If you manually installed a mod, the only method to remove it is to restore your minecraft.jar backup (you did create a backup, right?). simply remove minecraft.jar and relaunch the game to have a fresh minecraft.jar downloaded. Refer to the instructions if you utilized a mod manager.

Modification Instructions:


Press the “o” key on the inventory screen to turn it on or off. In single player, it’s turned on by default, but it’s turned off in multiplayer. The status of on/off will be remembered. In the config file, you may modify the key (to anything other than “o”) (see below).


Add things: To add complete stacks, left-click on items in the right sidebar, or right-click to add one at a time.


Configuration: Locate the directory containing your minecraft saves folder and options.txt, as well as TooManyItems.txt if you have previously used TMI. This section includes changeable options, not all of which are described yet. (It’s important to note that spawner should only be set to the name of a mob, such as Skeleton or Sheep.) Your game will crash if you change it to anything else, such as a boat.)


Unlimited stacks/tools (single-player only): Shift-left-click on items in the right sidebar to add unlimited stacks OR unlimited-use tools or flint and steel. ModLoader is required for “true” unlimited stacks. Without ModLoader the quantity of >64 stacks will refresh when you open your inventory.


Trash (single-player only): To remove an item stack, drag it to the item sidebar or the trash icon. Toggle “delete mode” on and off by clicking the trash symbol (in “delete mode” you will delete any item you click on — useful for selectively deleting a lot of items). To clear your inventory, hold down the Shift key while clicking the trash symbol.


Next to the Trash symbol are icons that enable/disable creative mode, enable/disable rain, and set the time to dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight, respectively. Set itemsonly:true in your config file if you don’t want this feature in your TMI.


Save states (single-player only): You may save your whole inventory and recover it later in many slots. (Clicking the “x” next to a stored state will delete it.) This may be used to save your “actual” inventory before editing, save a blank inventory to wipe away everything you’re holding, save a complete inventory of materials, and so on.


You must be a server op to play multiplayer. Furthermore, each non-vanilla server operates in a unique way. In TooManyItems.txt, the command sent to the server to offer you things is set as “give-command.” You should provide 0 for the player’s username, 1 for the item ID, 2 for the quantity, and 3 for the damage amount in this command. Items with damage values other than 0 will not appear if 3 is not included in the command.


/give is a vanilla server command. 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2


* Because the vanilla server didn’t enable item damage with the give command, TMI will most likely keep /give 0 1 2 as the default. You may now add the number 3 to the end. In a future TMI version, the default will be changed.


/item 1:3 2 /item 1:3 2 /item 1:3 2 /item 1:3 2 /item 1:3 2 /item 1:3 2 /item 1:3 2 /i


When crafting, right-click on the output square to produce the greatest quantity possible. (Works even if the inventory overlay is turned off.)


Hold shift when putting an item into a chest or into your inventory from a chest to transfer all items of the same kind and combine stacks (single-player only). (ConvenientInventory is better at this, and TMI will take use of its features if it is installed.) Ensure that just ConvenientInventory.class is installed. Troubleshooting On a purple and white screen, crashes display an error report, which you may copy and paste into a message. Most problems that would have caused TMI to crash now display a chat message stating that a report has been saved to a file in your Minecraft folder, and that you may copy and paste from that file into a post. Not removing META-INF from your minecraft.jar, mod conflicts, incorrect versions of modifications, and poorly installing mods are the most common causes of black displays. Please double-check these items and, if required, restart minecraft from scratch. An old installation issue with jar may still be creating problems. You must start Minecraft from the command line, as explained in this article, to obtain error information from a blank screen. “TMI does not appear”: To toggle TMI on and off, use the “o” key on your inventory screen. “Items do not appear in Bukkit”: The issue has been resolved in the newest 1.8.1 and higher versions. It will not be fixed in versions prior to 1.7. TMI’s code isn’t activated until you access your inventory. Problems with game development are a different story. TMI has no effect on any crafting recipes. TMI has no effect on the way that things work. You are not obligated to utilize rapid crafting; just left-click instead of right-click. Yes, TMI works in multiplayer, but make sure you read the directions first. It isn’t a server mod at all. Finally, the number of pages of items depends on the size of your Minecraft window, so you won’t be missing anything because the pages aren’t the same as in the screenshot. Compatibility TMI may be used with a variety of modifications. Mod-added items will appear automatically. Because items are ordered by their ID value, you may have to search a little to find them. Mod Pack for Zombes: Install Zombe’s first, then TMI, which will overwrite a class file. In the config file, disable the Zombe’s Craft mod. ConvenientInventory: Only ConvenientInventory.class should be installed. Alternatively, if both of its classes have already been installed, install TMI over top of them to overwrite the other.

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