The Aether II mod is the latest and greatest mod to hit Minecraft at the time of writing. It includes a new world, as well as a new set of blocks, mobs, and items.

The Aether II mod adds more than 50 new items, blocks, mobs, and structures to the game. Each of these enhancements is designed to make your playing experience more immersive and fun. Below is a brief description of some of the features included in the Aether II mod.

Here’s the follow-up to the recently published Aether Minecraft mod.


The Aether team is pleased to offer… after months of hard effort.

Collaboration with the Aether Team


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What is Aether II? The Aether II is the sequel to the Aether I. Much has changed since the days of the Aether I, but it still remains a collaboration between people from various different disciplines with a shared goal of creating a new and unique dimension. Why are there so many bugs? The current version of the mod is in its first Alpha stage. This means that it could be highly unstable in some areas. But don’t fret, we’ve tried our best to make this initial release as bugless as possible. As usual, make sure to post any bug reports you find to the forum Posted Image Our team roster is as follows: Project lead and coding: Kingbdogz Coders: Jaryt, Saspiron Artists: Dark, Oscar Payn Musician: Emile van Krieken Lore Writer: Liberty The official Aether server is provided by  Our goal is to rework the Aether to be the best experience it can be in a multiplayer context and to improve on where we fell short previously. In addition to adding a new dimension, the Aether adds a number of different features, items, mobs, music, dungeons and blocks. As is, this is the first Alpha release for this version of the Aether, and it is for Minecraft 1.5.1. I repeat, it is for 1.5.1. We haven’t added all the features we want to yet, but we will definitely be working on more content updates in the future. The Aether is a “hostile paradise”, composed of floating sky islands filled with strange creatures and great mysteries. Brave adventurers who wish to explore this forgotten paradise merely only have to compose a portal out of glowstone and ignite it with a bucket of water. Posted Image For various Aether-related questions, please refer to this document: Staying up to date with development Wondering how the mod’s coming along? We use Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to share development updates. Please refer to the links below: Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Myself and Jaryt also regularly stream our development on Twitch: My stream: Jaryt’s stream:


The Aether adds a number of significant mechanical improvements that improve the overall experience in Minecraft, both in the Aether and elsewhere. System of Parties The first is the political party system. Previously, overlaying plugins like factions or towny over a Minecraft server was the only true method to create a group with people without having to worry about things like friendly fire. You may now create a party with your friends using the party system, which includes an overlay UI that allows you view who’s in your party, their health, hunger, armour, and the amount of money they have without the need of plugins! The maximum party size is ten members, and each player may name their own party. Dungeons The dungeon system is one of the things we worked on for this version. This system separates dungeons from the rest of the game environment and works in conjunction with the party system. If a dungeon block is broken, it regenerates immediately, thus even in creative mode, no one can enter. Rather of dashing into a dungeon and plundering everything they find, the dungeon system forces players to first create a group. When everyone in the party is ready, right-click on the dungeon entrance and everyone verifies their readiness. Dungeons will be a good challenge for gamers since a party may only have up to 10 members. In a dungeon, only one party may be present at any one moment. There are three types of dungeons. The first mode is “available,” which means that any party may enter the dungeon. The second option is “occupied,” which indicates that a party has already entered the dungeon. The final option is “conquered,” which starts when one of your party members has completed the dungeon. When a player finishes a dungeon or leaves it three times, the dungeon becomes tired for that player. This discourages gamers from repeating dungeons in search of easy riches. After a party exits a dungeon, the treasure, mini-bosses, and bosses regenerate, making material accessible to future parties. This guarantees that everyone, not just the first person, has a chance to enter dungeons. The Sliders’ Labyrinth is the first dungeon introduced by this mod. This dungeon covers the whole island, so there will be plenty of treasure to find, monsters to battle, and rooms to explore! There are three minor monsters in the dungeon that must be vanquished before you may face the ultimate enemy, the Slider. This boss has a number of new twists, so be cautious! Not only do we have new monsters, new skyroot tree variations, new blocks, new things, new loot, and redone models and skins, but we also have new mobs, new skyroot tree variants, new blocks, new items, new loot, and reworked models and skins on top of these new systems! We have a lot more stuff in the works.


Donors to the Aether receive their own unique UI, allowing them to utilize exclusive cape and moa skins! Donating helps the developers improve the mod, and you get some cool skins in return, so it’s a win-win situation, right? You may donate using the button at the top of the article, or go to and click the Donate option to make a Paypal payment. Send a message to our Facebook Fanpage ( with your Minecraft ingame name and Paypal email address after you’re done. When you play the Aether, you’ll get unique in-game capes and skins for the Moas. To qualify for the incentives, you do not need to contribute a certain amount of money. Posted Image


Soon to be released!


Instructions for Installation

Forge, Player API, and Player Render API are required for this mod. 

  • Type percent appdata percent into your search box and press enter. 
  • Go to the.minecraft folder once you’re in the Roaming folder. 
  • Then, in the bin folder, open the minecraft.jar file using WinRAR or any software capable of doing so. 
  • Remove the META-INF folder from your Minecraft.jar using a software like WinRaR.
  • Place the Forge, Player API, and Player Render files in your Minecraft folder. the jar file (in order of Forge first, Player API and Render Player API second).
  • Return to the.minecraft directory. Please make a modifications folder if there isn’t one already. 
  • Place the “AetherII Alpha v1.0.0” file in the mods folder. After that, everything should be good! Enjoy the Aether while keeping an eye on the cliffs.

A video of the installation will be available shortly!


AETHER II Alpha v1.00 – MC 1.5.1 is available for download.


MinecraftForum has a download.

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The Aether mod is up to date as of the time of this writing.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I install Aether 2 mods?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
For the most part, mods are installed through Steam. However, some mods may require a third-party program to be downloaded and installed first before they can be used.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What version is the Aether mod in Minecraft?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The Aether mod is currently in version 1.12.2″}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Aether mod up to date?

The Aether mod is up to date as of the time of this writing.

How do I install Aether 2 mods?

For the most part, mods are installed through Steam. However, some mods may require a third-party program to be downloaded and installed first before they can be used.

What version is the Aether mod in Minecraft?

The Aether mod is currently in version 1.12.2

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