Starting with the basics, here’s how to make a basic stonecutter.

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If you’ve been playing Minecraft recently, you’ll know that it’s got a pretty robust crafting system – if you know how to work it, that is. If you’re new to the game though, and you’re looking for a guide, we’ve got the cheat sheet for you: Crafting Guide For Minecraft: Stonecutter & Recipes (2021).

As a Minecraft player, I understand the importance of keeping the time length in survival mode.

That’s when Minecraft’s incredible Stonecutter block came in handy.

In Minecraft, what is a Stonecutter?

The stonecutter is a unique block in Minecraft that can be used to make smaller and more exact quantities of stone blocks than the traditional crafting technique. Furthermore, the stone cutter may be utilized in place of traditional craftsmanship.

Remember that the crafting table may also be used to make slabs and other shaped stone bricks.

I’ll teach you all you need to know about the Minecraft stone cutter to help you advance faster in Minecraft.

In addition, get a few pointers on how to make rails in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, what does a Stone Cutter do?

In Minecraft, the stonecutter creates a variety of stone-related items, such as polished stones, stone slabs, Ladders, stone staircases, and so on.

In Minecraft, though, it may also be utilized to make composites. Take a look at how to use Minecraft Composters correctly.

The block is very simple to use. It’s just like the crafting table. Stone cutters will help you save time by allowing you to quickly create a variety of stone blocks.

You’ll need 6 stones if you open up your crafting table and attempt to build four stone steps. If you utilize this block, on the other hand, you will obtain the same stairs in a 1:1 ratio. That implies each stone will have its own stone step.

Making stone steps is a two-step procedure once again. You must first create stone bricks before constructing stone brick staircases. However, with the assistance of this block, the stone brick stair may be built in only one easy step.

I assumed that if the converted stone steps were put in the cutter, they would change shapes as well. However, I nearly forgot that it is just a cutter and not a gluer.

This block is commonly found in stonemason homes in the local communities.


To mine this item quickly, you’ll need a pickaxe. If you don’t use a pickaxe, mining will be sluggish, and the block will be destroyed without any goods being dropped.

This block, in my opinion, is a fantastic alternative to a crafting table in Minecraft.

This block has a hardness of 3.5 and can cut wood, iron, diamonds, netherites, gold stones, and other materials.

The stone cutter, in fact, can be used on most stone-related blocks.

What I enjoy most about this Minecraft block is that it enables you to bypass some construction stages.

If you open your crafting table and place a stone block on it, you’ll need to take many steps to convert it into a chiseled stone brick.

You may skip those stages if you utilize this block since it converts the stone block into chiseled stone bricks right away.

However, I pity people who own an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3. Stone-cutter is not accessible in certain versions, as you should know.

Learn how to utilize a Minecraft Blast Furnace as well as a Potion of Weakness. 

In Minecraft, how can you get the Stonecutter?

Mason settlements are where stonecutters usually spawn. This block is available in Minecraft versions 1.14 and above.


This block may seem to be ineffective since it makes stone block manufacturing simpler, but it is more costly than the traditional technique.

It should, in fact, be less costly to make. This block can only be used to make Ladders and Chiseled Stone Bricks in Minecraft. There aren’t as many variations in timings for other blocks.

The most significant distinction is in the amount of stages.

Although the cutter is the greatest time-saving block, I believe Minecraft should upgrade it to include a resource saver as well.

It sounds absurd, I know. But believe me when I say that you may utilize this block in a variety of ways. I’ll get to it later.

In Minecraft, the stonecutter is relatively easy to find in neighboring settlements. You may also build your own with some stones and an iron ingot.

You also don’t have to memorize the precise crafting formula every time you create a new plan, such as stairs, fences, walls, or ladders.

You will get one block if you break this block from a Stone MASON village. You must, however, utilize a pickaxe. The stone cutter will not drop anything if you don’t use a pickaxe.

So, here are some simple methods to get a stonecutter in Minecraft:

1. Locate the Item in a Surrounding Village

The village Mason’s home is where the stone cutter may be located. Holding the pickaxe and mining it inside Mason’s home is the best way to obtain it.

NB: You are not required to bribe the Villager, so relax.

This is the most important phase. But don’t panic if you can’t locate any in Masons village. You can do it by hand.

Some materials are required for this manual technique of creating one. As a result, read the recipe thoroughly.

Easily get the goods by looking for hidden treasure and Spawn pieces.

2. Get the Stonecutter in Minecraft by using Minecraft commands.

Giving instructions in Minecraft is a simple method to get this item.

On some versions, however, this command may not function.

@p stonecutter 1 /give

This block may also be discovered with this easy command, despite the fact that you can create one manually. A Command block may be used to run the command.

3. Using the Crafting Table, build a Stone Cutter manually.

This recipe has a simple step-by-step process. Only 3 stones and 1 iron ingot are required. So far, this is the easiest recipe. It’s essentially a one-step process.

Let’s go on to the next stage.

How to Make a Stonecutter in Minecraft 

Only two components are required for the stonecutter Minecraft recipe. You may use the blast furnace to smelt irons to create ingots and to smelt three cobblestones to make three smooth stones.


Almost every version of this machinery block works. So, what do you have to lose?

Make one using the ingredients you have on hand.

To build a Stone cutter in Minecraft, follow these steps:

1. In Minecraft, gather cobblestones to make a stone cutter.

Cobblestones may be found in almost every Minecraft area. A pickaxe may be used to mine cobblestones. After you’ve located the cobblestones, aim them towards the furnace and put them there.

The first ingredient in the recipe is this.

2. Using Minecraft Cobblestones, create smooth stones

Assemble the cobblestones by pointing them towards the furnace and waiting for it to smelt.

The ore will be smelted into a polished stone. Collect all of the smooth stones.

3. To create the Block, smelt Iron Ores.

A furnace or a blast furnace can readily smelt iron ores.

Place the iron ores and smelt them till an iron ingot is formed.

In fact, there are just four ingredients in this recipe.

The furnace, brewing platform, iron ingots, and smooth stones are all included.

After you’ve gathered all of the ingredients, put them together to finish the dish.

Also, be sure to check out our Minecraft saddle and Curse of disappearing recipe instructions.

How to Use the Stone Cutter in Minecraft 

You’ll need some cobblestones and iron ingots to build it.

It’s extremely simple to use. The object must be placed on a smooth surface.

This block may be used in a variety of ways in Minecraft:

1. Dig a hole in the earth and place the block there.

2. Open the object and put the stone you’d want to change in its place.

3. Convert the stones to the chosen variant and add it to your inventory.

Last Thoughts

When compared to the stonecutter, the normal crafting table takes a long time. However, there were a few drawbacks that made this block less popular among enthusiasts.

Let us know what you think of the stone cutter in Minecraft and what additional features you believe it should have in the comments area.

With the Minecraft 1.14 update, the new stonecutting recipes were introduced, but not all of them were easy to understand. If you want to take advantage of these new recipes, you’ll need a lot of experience in the game to understand what each of the new recipes does. In this article, I will explain the recipe for a really useful tool for any kind of minecraft player: The Minecraft Stonecutter.. Read more about minecraft recipes potions and let us know what you think.

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The easiest thing to craft in Minecraft is a wooden pickaxe.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the recipe for a stonecutter in Minecraft?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

You can find the recipe for a stonecutter in Minecraft by using the search bar on the games website.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the hardest thing to craft in Minecraft?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The hardest thing to craft in Minecraft is a diamond pickaxe.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest thing to craft in Minecraft?

The easiest thing to craft in Minecraft is a wooden pickaxe.

What is the recipe for a stonecutter in Minecraft?

You can find the recipe for a stonecutter in Minecraft by using the search bar on the games website.

What is the hardest thing to craft in Minecraft?

The hardest thing to craft in Minecraft is a diamond pickaxe.


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