Miramar is a tropical, beach-themed map in the upcoming update of PUBG Mobile. It’s a free map for all players and will be available on March 27th. The new map is set in a fictional South American country where players can expect to find more vibrant colors and different environmental settings

The pubg mobile new map 2021 is a new update to the popular game, PUBG Mobile. Miramar was added in this update and it has been met with positive reviews from players.

A new update for the Mobile edition of PUBG was published yesterday, and it was over 10MB in size. However, seeing the screen as the program was being updated indicates that it has finally arrived: Miramar, PUBG Mobile’s long-awaited gaming map.


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Update 0.5.0 is now available for download on Google Play and the App Store, and it adds new features, gameplay enhancements, and additional material to the game. However, it can be stated that this is the largest update for the PUBG mobile edition to far, since it adds a whole new map before the Xbox One version is officially launched. Previously, there was only one map that could be played on the mobile version; now, with the addition of the new map, players will be able to play their preferred map. PUBG Corp. has yet to announce when the desert map Miramar will be ready for the console version of the game, but it was just discovered that the developer conducted its third Miramar test on Xbox One last week, suggesting that the map will be released soon.

Along with Miramar, the update introduces new vehicles and weaponry, as well as the start of PUBG Mobile’s second season, which will provide players a mixed reward for weekly progress objectives. They’ve now introduced a quick-team function to the gaming, which enables gamers to join up with close pals by giving a six-digit number. Aside from that, small changes have been made to make gameplay, spectator mode, and the parachute camera more fluid.

Visit the Google Play Store for a complete changelog of the latest version.


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The pubg mobile article is a blog post about Miramar getting added in the new update of PUBG Mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats new in Miramar update?

The new map, Miramar, is a tropical paradise with sandy beaches and lush jungles. It also features a new game mode called Capture the Core which pits two teams against each other to control a central point on the map.

When did Miramar come to PUBG?

Miramar was released on December 12th, 2018.

When new PUBG Mobile update is coming?

We dont know when the next PUBG Mobile update will be released.

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