Moons Of Madness is a Chemical Analyzer (Lab) Puzzle game that will put your analytical skills to the test.

Moons Of Madness: Chemical Analyzer (Lab) Puzzle Solution Guide is a mobile app that will help you solve Moons Of Madness chemical analyzer puzzle.

Moons of Madness is a fun and challenging game in which you need to solve a series of puzzles to get out of the evil chemical lab. In this guide, you will learn how to solve the Chemical Analyzer lab puzzle and win the game. If you succeed, you will unlock the bonus game, Void Of Reality, and win the game.

You will ultimately find yourself inside a Lab as you continue your journey through the Moons of Madness.

In order to make many distinct mixes, you must properly put several different chemicals into a machine.


This section of problems occurs when you are charged with finding and locating a teammate named Lukas.

First and foremost, before attempting to make a chemical sample, you must examine and analyze the surrounding computer.

You must then go to the option Analyze Sample on the computer, where you will be given a picture of what you must represent using the various chemical formulae, which you must duplicate.

However, before we can actually do this you need to collect all of the nearby Test Tubes. There should be a total of 7 Test Tubes to pick up altogether. ALSO don’t forget to pick up the gun too. All 7 Test Tubes and the Gun are all located in this very room and all quite close to each other too.

  • 1626573795_558_Moons-Of-Madness-Chemical-Analyzer-Lab-Puzzle-Solution-Guide

1626573796_787_Moons-Of-Madness-Chemical-Analyzer-Lab-Puzzle-Solution-GuideOnce you have everything you can then head to the small machine which sits on the table, this machine is where we will begin mixing the different chemical formulas.

Now all we have to do is place the appropriate Test Tube in the appropriate areas. Here are some examples of what each person must accomplish.

  • 1626573796_169_Moons-Of-Madness-Chemical-Analyzer-Lab-Puzzle-Solution-Guide
  • 1626573797_940_Moons-Of-Madness-Chemical-Analyzer-Lab-Puzzle-Solution-Guide
  • 1626573799_187_Moons-Of-Madness-Chemical-Analyzer-Lab-Puzzle-Solution-Guide
  • 1626573799_602_Moons-Of-Madness-Chemical-Analyzer-Lab-Puzzle-Solution-Guide

You may now begin mixing the chemicals after entering the final one, and you should be rewarded with the Poison, allowing you to continue the game.

What exactly do you mean when you say there’s more? What happens now that we’ve produced the Poison? Actually, as the narrative progresses, you will be required to return and combine more chemicals and formulae. 

As you go through the narrative, you will discover that Lukas is no longer alive; in fact, he has become one of the monsters you will or have recently met.

Anyway eventually you will come across another computer, this computer belonged to a person named L.vanBuren. Next to the computer should be some new Test Tubes that you can use, make sure to collect them and then return back to the chemical mixing machine.

Okay lets continue mixing shall we?… You can start of by removing all of the Test Tubes that you placed prior to now, we will need to insert new ones anyway…

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  • 1626573802_749_Moons-Of-Madness-Chemical-Analyzer-Lab-Puzzle-Solution-Guide
  • 1626573802_217_Moons-Of-Madness-Chemical-Analyzer-Lab-Puzzle-Solution-Guide

After inserting the last Tube you can once again mix the formulas together. This time you will be rewarded with the Stronger Poison and more importantly you should now be ready and prepared to continue the game, we have a monster to kill or rather you have at least ha!

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A chemical analyzer (lab) puzzle is a type of logic puzzle that requires attributes of a chemical analyzer and chemical reactions. The objective of this puzzle is to connect the chemical analyzer with the chemical reactions to form a new chemical analyzer with additional chemical reactions. This article solves the puzzle Moons Of Madness: Chemical Analyzer.. Read more about moons of madness find a way into the greenhouse and let us know what you think.


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