Welcome to Moons Of Madness! This guide is for the latest version of the game, Moons Of Madness: Tree (Tree Hugger) Inna Volkova (Boss Fight). Moons Of Madness is a free game that was created by GAMMA, a PC Gaming Community. The game was created on the basis of my own RPG project, ‘Moons Of Madness’.

What if I told you I could give you an edge in the new DLC for Moons Of Madness, called Tree Hugger Inna Volkova? Her DLC is fairly hard, but it’s very rewarding for those who can beat her. Tree Hugger Is A Real “Boss Fight” As you can imagine, the DLC involves a lot of dodging and attack dodging, but in order to make it even a little bit easier, I’ve put together a simple “Boss Fight” guide to help you get through it.

As you go through the narrative, you will encounter a strange-looking half-person, half-tree opponent that you must kill.

In all honesty, it’s a very simple battle. However, there is only one way to really vanquish it…


As previously stated, the Tree Hugger trophy accomplishment is tied to a narrative. It’s here that you’ll have to overcome poor Inna Volkova, who, let’s face it, was already acting weird and senile back in the Greenhouse.

After clearing the Greenhouse by pushing the lever, you’ll be faced with the challenge of defeating a Tree. This will be your first true boss battle, but it’ll be a breeze.

As soon as you attempt to poison her tree roots the boss will appear and grab hold of you, here you will have a limited amount of time to aim for her weak spot.

With the pistol in hand, keep pressing (X – PS4) while the boss’s indicator lights green, timing it perfectly to truly put the pain on her.

Otherwise, after you’re free of her grasp, just follow the straight route. REMEMBER TO USE YOUR BIOGAGE SCREEN (R1 – PS4) ON THE BLACK AND PINK Blooms. If you go too near to the flowers, they may explode and inflict damage, so use your Biogage. Also, if you happen to stumble across any white Spores, be sure to inject them!

Continue down the narrow and straight route, destroying her treasured plants; she will try to capture you at every opportunity, but if you time your attacks properly, she won’t be a serious danger.

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