MSI has released a new case for gamers that is designed to keep your expensive components cool and safe. The MAG Pylon comes with an integrated fan controller, so you can control the speed of the fans on your PC.

MSI has brought a new mid tower case for those who are looking to build a PC. The msi pylon is a good option for those who want something that is affordable and not too flashy.

2017 was the year of tempered glass cases, however the most frequent feature was the tempered glass front panel, even if the case included three 120mm or 200mm case fans for intake. Even though these cases get a lot of criticism and thumbs down since they impede adequate airflow, the trend seems to be continuing. MSI just added the “MAG Pylon” to their catalog, which is a comparable situation. MSI announced this case’s debut in the tempered glass case market yesterday. is the source of this image.

MSI is known for its motherboards and Gaming X graphics cards, but as many OEMs have begun to branch out into new hardware categories, MSI decided to begin with a tempered glass casing. I’m not sure why they chose this design, which many people dislike. Let’s have a look at the MAG Pylon’s specifications.


The case, like the Corsair 570X, is a mid-tower chassis with four tempered glass side panels. Apart from that, the whole body is constructed of 0.6mm SECC steel. The side tempered glass is tinted, and a complete PSU shroud with an MSI logo covers the bottom of the case. The logo is RGB, and the front 120mm fans include RGB lights as well, allowing them to be synced with one another. Up to two 140/120mm fans may be installed on the top panel, and one 120mm fan can be installed on the back panel.

There are two 3.5′′ hard drive bays at the bottom that can hold two hard drives each, and up to four 2.5′′ drives may be installed below the motherboard tray. The case’s inside has a wide motherboard tray cutout as well as numerous rubber grommet-equipped cable routing holes for excellent wire management.

MSI MAG is the source of this image.

With all of these characteristics, it seems to be a good case, but it’s suffocating since there’s no adequate front intake clearance save for a centimeter gap on the sides. I’m not sure whether the case designers are even aware of what’s going on in the market.


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The msi mag pc case is a new case from MSI that is accompanied by suffocation.

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