Eden Rising is a fast-paced, competitive multiplayer shooter set in a post-apocalyptic future. The game features a single player campaign and PvP matches against AI bots.

The New Game ‘Eden Rising: Supremacy’ is coming for Early Access on Steam this May is a new game that will be released in early access. It is a 4 player co op tower defense.

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Eden Rising Supremacy is a fresh new game by Nvizzio Creations and Meridian 4 that will be available on Steam for early access on May 17th, 2018. The game is a multiplayer-based open world/tower defense hybrid that seeks to provide a unique co-op experience as well as a refreshing ideal blend of exploration, crafting, action, combat, and tower defense. Here’s the most recent teaser from there:



In the game, you will be able to team up with your friends in a fully action-packed multiplayer co-op where you will enter the luxurious and savage world of Eden, which is full of strange ruins and home to wild creatures, and your arrival has reawakened the violent creatures and ancient machines known as the Crucibles, which have been dormant for centuries following a devastating war. You must defend the sanctuaries against waves of terrible assaults, and if you succeed, the Crucibles will turn you into the new Gods of their planet.

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On Steam, the game will be offered for $14.99 as an introductory price. The game will start with a number of features that are currently accessible, including a 4 square mile globe with four different biomes to explore, with the biomes growing in size and breadth as the game progresses through early access. The early access version will include over 30 hours of gameplay as well as end-game content that will allow users to team up and put their skills to the test. It will be hazardous to travel alone while fighting swarms of alien monsters, therefore teamwork will be important in this game.

More information about the game may be found on their official website. The game will be released in early access on May 17, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist now.


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The local co-op tower defense is a new game that is coming to Early Access on Steam this May. This game has been in development for over 2 years and will soon be released to the public.

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