If you are a fan of the new “New Pokemon Snap” game for the Nintendo 3DS and you want to learn more about Frolicking Furret, you can find all the information you need here. I have been playing the “New Pokemon Snap” since the release of the game and I have collected many fantastic tips for you to learn how to capture fantastic new Pokemon.

As the star of the new Pokemon Snap game, Furret is pretty adorable. (Why do we say “star”?) The first critter you catch unlocks the ability to groom the little fella, which you can do by rubbing the rear of his body with a bit of grass. (This is known as “Furret’s Furret” in the Pokemon community.) Other than that, the same old Pokemon Snap mechanics are in place. (We’re not exactly sure why you’d want to groom Furret, but it’s pretty cute so we’re not complaining.)

New Pokemon Snap includes a variety of requests known as LenTalk Requests, one of which has you snapping pictures of Furret.

A picture of Furret dancing is required for this particular photo.

  • 1626573720_56_New-Pokemon-Snap-Frolicking-Furret-Furret-Request-Guide
  • POKEMON: Furret
  • REQUIREMENT: Photograph Furret dancing.
  • SETTING: Snowfields (Day)
  • Rita is the QUEST GIVER.
  • DESCRIPTION: I just came upon the most adorable Furret! I wish you had been able to watch it dance as well!
  • You should see an adorable bundle of joy running about at the start of the course. Simply ignore the overabundance of sweetness over there and look to the left to see a Crystabloom.
  • Aim an Illumina Orb at this stated Crystabloom, which will force the Furret to flee and jump into a hole in the snow.
  • In order to get the Furret out of the hole it just leapt into, we’ll have to throw a Fluffruit into it.
  • When you get a hole-in-one, the Furret will reveal its adorable furry face, and you’ll want to start playing the Melody Player.
  • As if the Furret couldn’t be any sweeter, it suddenly begins to dance.
  • Take a picture of the Furret while he dances.





Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fulfill requests in Pokemon new snap?

You can fulfill requests by catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and completing tasks.

How do I fulfill LenTalk requests?

LenTalk requests are fulfilled by the LenTalk team.

How many requests are in New Pokemon Snap?

There are a total of 1,000 requests in New Pokemon Snap.


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